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kim kardashian

  • Question:-Kim Kardashian?
    Okay, so im not complaining at all. But I get I look like Kim Kardashian or am related to the Kardashians.

    How do I get Kim Kardashians eye makeup?

    PS- we have the same color eyes, hair color and skin color
    all im asking is how to do the eye makeup..

    Answer:-STEP 1: I always start with a clean face. Then I put on Intuit 'Photo Shoot.' Intuit is a great company and I love the names of their products. Photo Shoot is a make up primer. I put it on after my moisturizer, which basically is like a moisturizer that will fill the pours on your face which will help set the foundation so it will last longer.

    STEP 2: I use Cle De Peau concealer stick (it's super expensive, but works for me). It comes in two colors, I use Ocre, which is the darker of the two. I also use M.A.C. concealer (which comes in a little pot) if I run out of Cle de Peau. Everyone's color is different but I use NW25. I put the concealer under my eyes because I absolutely hate dark circles! I also use concealer to cover up blemishes!

    STEP 3: After I put the concealer on I put on Make Up Forever liquid foundation. I mix one pump of No. 5 and two pumps of No. 4. I also have No. 3 for the winter time when I am really pale. I mix the foundations to get the perfect color. I blend them with the coolest make up brush. Its the M.A.C. brush No. 180.

    STEP 4: Since I hate dark circles, after the foundation, I put on a little more concealer just under my eyes since the foundation makes it darker under my eyes. I use a lighter concealer from M.A.C. NW30 in a little lipstick tube-looking container and I select 'moisture cover.'

    STEP 5: To set the foundation I lightly brush on with a big powder brush M.A.C. Select Sheer Pressed Powder NC 30, then to make me a little tanner I lightly brush on M.A.C. Powder NW 45.

    STEP 6: Now its blush time! I'm obsessed with blush! I use a color called Gingerly to warm me up and give me a little color and then add a pink color called Cheek to give me rosey cheeks. I just started getting into cream blush and find it works a lot better and lasts a lost longer.

    STEP 7: Time for the eyes! My favorite part! I first put down a M.A.C. Paint pot in a light color that matches my skin called Painterly. I just use my finder and put enough onto cover the lid. This creamy shadow makes it so that the powder eye shadow does not crease. Like, if you wear make up all day you will see that the eye shadow begins to crease and get oily, but if you put this paint color down first it won't! I love cream shadow and use the color cream pots too! I love colored shadow; so it depends on the color depend of shadow I plan to wear: If it's black smokey I use Carbon by M.A.C.; if its grey smokey I use Knight Divine or Print; if it's bown smokey I use Embark by M.A.C. I love a fresh shimmery look as well and use M.A.C. Pigment called Tan. Its so pretty! I love bright colors for eye make up! I absolutely love Make Up Forever and don't think anyone does pigment colors better than them. So again, depending on what color you feel like wearing, go look at Make Up Forever's colors to choose from.

    STEP 8: I always use black pencil eyeliner. My favorite is Stilla black pencil.

    STEP 9: Now its mascara time! Putting on mascara completes the look, but I have it when I mess up and get it on my eye lid and mess up the eye shadow. I used to use Lancome Hypnose, and still do, but I recently started to use M.A.C. Zoom mascara -- which is amazing! I take my time and put coat after coat. I love to layer mascaras so I will probably start with the M.A.C. Zoom and then put Lancome Hypnose on top. I always use a seperator brush to seperate my lashes. I am completely clueless on how to put false lashes on, so I only wear them for photo shoots sometimes.

    STEP 10: The final touch is putting on lipstick! I usually use M.A.C. Lipliner called Stripdown (I use it very lightly) and a lipstick called Angel and put Nars Turkish Delight lipgloss on top. Or for my very nude matte lip I wear Nars Belle De Jour and I line my lips first with M.A.C. Subculture lipliner.

    That completes the Kim Kardashian make up lesson!

    XOXO, Kim"

    ^that's her whole makeup routine!
  • Question:-kim Kardashian?
    Does anyone know how much does Kim Kardashian weight, or measurements are?? She has a very nice figure, and was wondering her weight and measurements..
  • Question:-kim kardashian...?
    what size of pants do you think kim kardashian wears? honest questions please.

    Answer:-Ugh, I am sick of these questions about this woman! Who cares! Especially about her darn pants! And I care because?!
  • Question:-What role has Kim Kardashian played in your personal life?
    Kim Kardashian is the new face of sexy and Paris Hilton will just need to accept it. Kim Kardashian has positively influenced all of us in some way so tell me about your "personal" experience with this super diva. Probably most of you haven't met her in person though.

    Answer:-She's taught me that it's important to get the best education possible in order to avoid the possibility of having to whore myself out for money to keep food on the table. She serves as an example for young girls of who NOT to become.
  • Question:-How would you grade Kim Kardashian sexwise after watching her tape with the rapper?
    After seeing her video on internet I was thinking that probably Kim Kardashian may not be as fun as I would think she might. Yeah she has a great body and butt. But that doesn´t mean she´s good for sex. She looks like lazy and doesn´t even give an effort to make it more fun. My grade would be a 5. What about yours?

    Answer:-I'd rate her a 10/10.

    See for yourself:
  • Question:-If Kim Kardashian Is White, How Come I Do Not See Any White People Here In Norway Who Look Like Her?
    I live in Norway which is one of the Whitest countries in the world. Kim Kardashian would be considered Brown here in Norway and not White. Here in Norway we have real White people, not fake wannabe White people with Brown skin like Kim Kardashian. Here in Norway we would think Kim Kardashian is a Latina or a Pakistani for example, but certainly not White.

    Answer:-tanning booth and hair dye, she definetely had plastic surgeries
  • Question:-Is Martin Luther King's dream realized because Kim Kardashian married a white guy?
    Because Kim Kardashian only dates these really dark skin black guys. Now he is marrying a white guy, Kris Humphries. Well, I think he is 1/4 black, but he is certainly white enough.

    Is Martin Luther King's dream finally realized in which a person is judged on the content of their character and not on the color of their skin?

    This shows that people like Kim Kardashian can change from having racist attitudes.

    Answer:-What??? Watse of 5 points..... :P
  • Question:-Has anybody seen the magazine where Kim Kardashian Had freckles before? What magazine is that?
    What's the name of that Magazine were Kim Kardashian had freckles before. She was running in the street and got caught by paparazzi and took a snap of her with freckles all over, but I forgot the name o that magazine. Was it star?

    Answer:-I can't say
    Try googling it
  • Question:-If Kim Kardashian Started Dating A White Guy, Would You Consider It Interracial ?
    I would because even though Kim Kardashian is Armenian, she still does not look White. Kim Kardashian could easily pass for a member of La Raza. Mabye her biological parents were from south of the border and they gave her up for adoption to an Armenian couple, LOL.

    Answer:-Um, no. Just because she has a TAN does not make someone another race. I am African-American and my skin is lighter than hers does that mean I am white all of a sudden. There are a lot of europeans with a tannish complexion that doesn't make them another race. Skin color really doesn't mean anything. Besides you say she could pass for someone adopted south of the border. I thought that being "latino" had nothing to do with race and more to do with culture. There can be white latinas ie Shakira, Cameron Diaz, as well as black latinas ie Zoe Saldana, Christina Milian
    as well as the majority which are those of mixed race, so I am a bit perplexed at your question. It makes no sense. She is Caucasian.
  • Question:-What is the brand name of Kim Kardashian bedroom furniture?
    I want to purchase the same bedroom set that Kim Kardashian has in her bedroom at the condo on the "keeping up with kardashians" how do I find out where to get the exact same one? Thank you.

    Answer:-I have been looking too.....I found this brand called seems to be it.....hope this helps!

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