Sunday, October 30, 2011

ct news

  • Question:-I was interviewed on CT Fox News. The video is is on their site. How can I load that video to youtube?
    I am having trouble taking a video on CT Fox New's web site and loading it to youtube. I think I need the embed code on the video and put that somewhere on youtube. I'm not sure.

  • Question:-what is the name of Shelton ct news paper name?
    look for a writing they had on a new bank in Shelton on thursady the11th.

    Answer:-There are listings for THREE newspapers with addresses in Shelton, Connecticut:

    Easton Courier
    1000 Bridgeport Avenue, Shelton, CT 06484
    (203) 926-2080

    Fairfield Today
    1000 Bridgeport Avenue, Shelton, CT 06484
    (203) 926-2080

    Huntington Herald
    1000 Bridgeport, Shelton, CT 06484
    (203) 926-2080
  • Question:-About how many people watch Pet Talk on news 12 CT?
    Im going to be on and im really nervous, and I just wanted to know. Thanks~!

    Answer:-Don't be nervous! No matter how many people watch it I am sure you'll do awesome!
  • Question:-Why does my local news on Yahoo change to Bristol CT when I've never set that location?
    Have have always indicated my zip code as my default location. Every day I have to correct it because it changes to Bristol CT...where did that location come from?

    Answer:-it is because your computer is broken.
  • Question:-How will the news media handle the CT. Shooter story once we find out more about the shooter?
    10 Bucks bets you if he was a Republican, a gun owner, a member of the tea party, NRA, a will be trumpeted over and over again.

    And if he was a Democrat, loved Obama, a Muslim, liked other men.....we won't hear a peep?

    Answer:-Because they are the left wing liberal Democrat bias media, you won't hear a word about this guy if he is a Democrat or Union Member. It will be said that it wasn't his fault because he was upset he was going to be fired = company's fault. They will spin it to make the shooter the hero. The ACLU will step in and sue the company, too. Just watch.
  • Question:-CT Governor Rell was just in the news yesterday talking about her budget?
    She is suppose to reveal the budget plan tomorrow. Anybody have any details of her proposal? I'm sure a union stewart probably has some idea what kind of concessions the Rell administration is looking from the state employees.

    Answer:-CT News Junkies is one of the best places to go to see what's happening in the world of Connecticut politics. Here's their first story on the content of Rell's budget proposals:

    First Glimpse of the Budget:
    23 Agencies Cut Or Merged, 400 Jobs Cut
  • Question:-How do I get in touch with the news?
    I was scammed from a person who said they were a reverend, and wanted to know how to get in touch with the CT news, so this doesn't happen to anyone else.

    Answer:-Connecticut News, CT Breaking News

  • Question:-Image of soldies of battle 411 in the news of danbury ct.?
    Image of danbury/s newspaper ct. on the 11/28/07 batollon 411that were livine on that day

    Answer:-What's your question?
  • Question:-Does any one know what happened to Rachel Lutzger on channel 3 news in CT? she was the traffic girl.?

    Answer:-Rachel Lutzker's Return
    Rachel Lutzker, who disappeared so abruptly last week from her traffic reports on WFSB Channel 3, popped up just as suddenly Monday as a makeshift entertainment reporter on Fox 61 News.

    She’s been hired as part of a new morning show on Fox 61 that’s to start next year, but she’s been put to work already on WTIC only scheduled news slot at 10 p.m.

    She’s still employed by Clear Channel Total Traffic Network, and as such will still provide morning road reports for radio stations WWYZ, Country 92.5 FM; WKSS, Kiss 95.7 FM; WPHH, 104one FM, which recently changed from urban hip-hop to alternative oldies; WPOP, better known as ESPN Radio 1410 AM as well WHCN The River 105.9 FM, where Lutzker will continue to serve as evening host.

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