Saturday, October 29, 2011

nyc weather

  • Question:-NYC Weather....?
    isnt it hot today?? 75 degrees.....

    Answer:-oh yes! yes! yes...its extremy hot!
  • Question:-What boots should I take for NYC cold weather?
    Hi - will be moving to NYC the last week of January. Moving from hot West Texas. I'm used to wearing just thick socks and leather boots in cold weather which isn't too often. Can you please recommend what type of shoes I should have handy? Do I really need to buy snowboots from brands like Sorel or what about Wellies? I'm a bit lost as to the conditions, please help me out! Thanks!

    Answer:-I bought myself a pair of Salomons last year. They're heavenly on a cold day. They're also waterproof, which comes in handy.

    Wellies are good for rainy days, but I wouldn't wear them to protect from the cold. That's not what they're intended for.

    Whatever you end up buying, please make sure that you get something with a good sole. It can be icy here and you'll want to minimize the amount of times you fall on your butt.
  • Question:-What kind of clothes will I need for NYC weather in January?
    I know it's going to be cold but how cold we talkin here? Like pants with a coat? or is it ridiculously cold where I need long john's; feet warmers; and a super-heavy coat? I'm from Houston, TX... I don't know what to expect. please help me. Also, if there is any piece of apparel you think is essential for surviving cold weather please let me know.


    Answer:-well, right now its really cold.
    I live in NY and a snow storms coming this weekend (:
    But yeah. Typical clothes for us right now are a sweater with a coat, gloves, hat, jeans/sweat pants & yesss feet warmers. its really cold.
  • Question:-what to wear in 70 degree weather in nyc?
    ill be outside in nyc all day to see the pope. it should be 70 degree weather all day. what should i wear?

    Answer:-Dress in layers. I'd say if your walking around dress for warm weather. pants/ tank top. NYC always feels warmer then it is cause of the pollution and crap.
  • Question:-How does Chicago weather compare to NYC?
    I'm from close to NYC and moving to Chicago. How different is the weather there? I know winter lasts longer and it snows more, but when does it start to get hott and is it more/less humid? I HATE humidity! What temp does it have to be for people to bust out the summer clothes? Like how in the Northeast people swing into shorts, tank tops and sandals even if it's only 70

    Answer:-Having lived in both here is my view: winters are much colder in Chicago and do last longer. Be prepared for really cold weather and buy long johns. Spring and fall are the same but summer can be better in Chicago if you live downtown and don't get the humidity the burbs gets. The wind blows nicely to keep the city cooler but the burbs are humid. NYC seems humid, subways especially, but this depends on where you are.
    All said, NYC is more even. Oh and the reason it's called the windy city is because of the politics, not the wind. Chicago always seems to have more wind tunnels downtown than NYC too.
  • Question:-Does the weather in NYC affect the stock market?
    It's been mostly gray skies and cold for the last two weeks.
    Would a spell of good weather help the market?

    Answer:-Intersting that you ask that. The thinking behind academics is that the markets are efficent and data will affect the stock market. But there is something called the cloudy day effect, which says that on cloudy day, markets dont perform well. There is also a hem line effect. When the fashion designers decrease the hem line of a skirt, markets typically perform well. There is also a january effect, which says that small cap stocks out perform in month of january.

    In short, it very well could be that the cloudy day does have an affect.
  • Question:-How is the weather in NYC at the end of April beginning of May?
    I'll be in NYC from April 30th to May 4th.
    I'm just wondering how the weather is, so I know what kind of clothes to pack.

    Thanks in advance!

    Answer:-The weather changes here so quickly from day to day. It can be 40 and pouring (yesterday) to 60 and gorgeous (today.) The best thing to do is check before you leave, that will give you the most up-to-date forecast, as well as the upcoming 10-day forecast.
  • Question:-What was the weather like in NYC on September 11, 2001?
    With the tenth anniversary of 9/11 just a few hours away, I thought it would be interesting to know what the weather was like on that eventful day. Was it a cool day or a hot one? Was it a beautiful sunny day or a gloomy cloudy one? Does anyone here who was in NYC at the time remember what that day's weather was like?

    Answer:-Sunny, no clouds in sight and it was pretty cool. But when the towers collapsed the ash made it look like it was dark.
  • Question:-What is the real weather in NYC tomorrow afternoon?
    Yo. I dont wanna pack a bunch of stuff that I aint gonna wear, and the weather guy is always wrong, so what should I wear?

    Answer:-Weather is nice and warm
    Light jacket and no need to wear cold weather clothes
  • Question:-what is the weather in nyc in october and what to wear?
    im gonna be in nyc next wee and was wondering how the weather is and what types of clothes to bring.

    Answer:-Weather: Spring in New York City is the best time to be in the city, without doubt. Spring usually means less humidity and temps between 50-80 degrees, though June occasionally sees a 90 degree day. An occasional humidity soaked heat wave can strike, but it usually feels nice the first time around. Spring is all about eating al fresco and enjoying the low humidity.

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