Thursday, October 27, 2011

chris harris

  • Question:-Chris Harris.?
    I wanna see if anyone knows this in the U S. Did Chris Harris debut in WWE yet? If he did then what WWE Brand did he debut on? And who did he wrestle?

    Answer:-Yeah I was there. He debuted before ECW. It was the dark match before the show but it was still a good match. I chanted TNA along with lots of other guys. His tights are similar to his TNA tights except it's a singlet. He lost to shelton in the match but as far as I could tell, he looked good.
  • Question:-chris harris!!!?

    Answer:-Yep The Wildcat finally makes his WWE debut after being down in FCW to lose some weight and finetune his style the "WWE way".He's a good addition to ECW as he was one of TNA's top stars and 7 times Tags champion.I like his wrestling style and ability and i can see him challenging for the ECW title real soon.I hope he doesn't end up jobbing like Estrada is doing right now.
  • Question:-when will ron killings and chris harris be on tv?
    will ron killings and chris harris be on tv? they have signed contracts with wwe since january.

    Answer:-they have dark matches
  • Question:-What are your thoughts regarding Chris Harris' return to TNA?
    as Matt Hardy's partner against Beer Money for the tag titles?
    But more specifically, James Storm's former partner.
    Where do you see this leading between Harris & Storm?

    BQ. AMW or Beer Money? Why?

    BQ2. Do you think James Storm will turn on Bobby Roode to align back with Chris Harris? Leaving Roode to move on to break out as a singles superstar? (Bobby Roode is world championship material)

    Answer:-It was alright.. though there was little choice but for Harris to be absolutely squashed.. Matt Hardy couldnt get squashed in the match.

    BQ1. Beer Money.. Roode is flat out better then Harris. And the chemistry between Storm and Roode is no less then between Storm and Harris.

    BQ2. Despite BQ1 I do think thats a possiblity, Roode is getting ready I believe to be a singles competitor now... and that would be a very smooth and effective way to break up Beer Money, one of the best tag teams, by reforming AMW, a team that was also great in its time.
  • Question:-how good do you think Chris Harris will do in carolina?
    the panthers traded a 5th round deaft pick to chicago for safty Chris Harris. how good will he do in carolina?

    ps: i kno that chicago got riped off


    Answer:-Panthers are the best.

    I think he will help out considering Mike Minter just announced that he will retire. Also for that guy who said Chris Harris was always in the wrong place at the wrong time, must have forgotten about when they played Carolina and who was the person who got an interception at the very end of the game? Chris Harris was, although it is more Jake Delhomme's fault (Carr NEEDS to start). I don't really know if this guy is good or not, but he will definetly be able to help out our secondary. Also the Bears safteys are so good that they wouldn't need him.
  • Question:-When do you think Chris Harris and Ron Killings will make their WWE debuts?
    For the record I know Killings was in WWE before, so technically it's his re-debut.

    Answer:-I heard rumors that it coulld happen some time after wrestlemania. Right now they are working on developing their characters in Florida or Ohio
  • Question:-Did Chris Harris ruin his wrestling career by letting his ego get the best of him?
    I mean he was the one that wanted TNA to break up America's Most Wanted and that was the best thing going for him.

    Answer:-Pretty much. Plus WWE didn't help him none. Braden Walker? Really?
  • Question:-Anyone Else Suprised That Chris Harris Got No Pop When He Debut?
    He debuted as Braden Walker in this weeks ECW
    He was caled Chris Harris in TNA and was quite popular.

    Answer:-Alot of wwe fans aren't familiar with TNA, i didn't even recognize him at first, different name and he gained alot of weight.
  • Question:-Did the Bears make the right move to trade Chris Harris?
    I think he is pretty good as long as he can stay healthy. But it seems like he can't.

    Answer:-bad move, he was pretty good and an excelent backup, he was not supposed to go, I really dont know why he was the odd man out at safety but he's gone now and theres nothing we can do about it.
  • Question:-How long will Chris Harris stay in WWE b4 they fire him like Cor Von & the Naturals?
    Less than a week

    Two Weeks

    A month

    2-5 months

    For one year
    Yeah he quit TNA recently so he is now in WWE! I wonder what diehard fans will say.

    Answer:-ID SAY 4 MONTHS

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