Thursday, October 27, 2011

peter schiff

  • Question:-How many of you watch Peter Schiff on youtube?
    How many of you watch Peter Schiff on youtube? The free market economist who predicted the economic collapse in detail starting in 2003?

    Whos predicting the collapse of the United States dollar unless we do a complete reversal of our policies?

    Answer:-I do myself and you will find many economists predicting a collapse of our dollar unless we do the opposite of everything that we are doing.
  • Question:-How many of you have seen the conservative economist, Peter Schiff, predict the housing collapse?
    How many of you have seen the conservative economist, Peter Schiff, predict the housing collapse?
    He's predicting our currency collapses soon.

    Answer:-I've seen it and clips like it several times. He was right on the money. Too bad the fools refused to listen.
  • Question:-Who do you trust when it comes to speaking about the economy, I no longer trust Peter Schiff?
    I won't get into details...but I no longer trust Peter Schiff, and of course I still don't trust mainstream media

    so who to trust about the economy??? your answer

    Answer:-james galbraith
  • Question:-Anybody know what stocks Peter Schiff recommends investing in?
    Anybody know what stocks Peter Schiff recommends investing in? I'm thinking about overseas gold mining or silver mining. Does he recommend Newcrest Mining, Lihr Gold (both Australian)? Or something like Silver Wheaton?

    Answer:-he is recommending emerging markets and commodities like gold and oil. he is advocating investing outside of the Us because the dollar will collapse
  • Question:-Are economist Peter Schiff's predictions usually correct?
    Is Peter Schiff usually correct with his economic predictions, or is he a snake oil salesman in the same manner Hal Lindsey is to Christianity. Schiff and Lindsey predict doom (Schiff economic doom, Lindsey biblical doom). I know Schiff was right about the housing bubble, and some people claim Lindsey was correct about the creation of the euro. However, they seem to be correct on little else. Hal Lindsey predicted the world would end in 88. Is Schiff just a person who likes to remind people he was right, when he is usually wrong?

    Answer:-He is not an economist, though he does play one on TV, and he is certainly a snake-oil salesman, though that doesn't mean he can't be right. But I read his position as internally inconsistent.

    He is primarily a stock broker and and commentator.

    He predicted a weak dollar and strong foreign stock markets as a way to avoid the U.S. collapse that he had predicted, but the dollar got stronger and foreign markets got weaker, so that prediction didn't work out at all.

    Perhaps you should judge for yourself? Schiff has a blog and has published elsewhere as well, so you can check his track record. And that would let you use your own definition of "usually" rather than anyone else's.
  • Question:-Where is all the inflation that financial genius types like Peter Schiff promised?
    I own inflation bonds which are in the toilet.
    My house price keeps dropping.
    The CPI is still hovering near a Zero increase.
    Interest rates can't go any lower and prices keep falling or staying the same.

    Was all this hysteria about inflation just more political mouth foaming from the right wing?
    Should Mr. Schiff go back to selling gold trinkets at the flea market?

    Answer:-Right now the economy is in a different phase than you have probably ever experienced. There is inflation at the grocery store and the price of gasoline and certain services. But houses and car prices - the large ticket items are down because of the recession. The dollar is loosing value and that means inflation. People have no money, that is why housing prices are down, but they can get by with going up 20% at the grocery store. When you have no money, that 20% is alot.
  • Question:-If Peter Schiff ran for president in 2012, would you vote for him?
    He is running now for senator in 2010. By then , he will be senator for 2 years. I may be wrong.. but wasn't Obama only senator for 2 years before he ran for president?
    So... IF Peter Schiff wins in 2010 and IF Peter Schiff ran for president in 2012, would you vote for him?

    Answer:-Who? if he has a similar agenda as Ron Paul; i will back him
  • Question:-Peter Schiff kicked off CNN for talking about Federal Reserve Bank?
    I heard that the economist, Peter Schiff, was kicked off of CNN for speaking out against the Federal Reserve Bank but I cannot find the video anywhere online. I believe this was on Wednesday, 26 November. Would someone please give the link?
    Deb.... thanks but I don't think that's the link. It was CNN and when he began to bash the Federal Reserve Bank, CNN went off the air showing those colored bars. The anchorwoman could only apologize for technical difficulty, as she didn't understand what happened. This is too good to not see!

    Answer:-They need to shut down the Communist News Network
  • Question:-Peter Schiff is telling the Libertarians to start registering as Republican?
    Apparently he made the anouncement at the LP convention, anyone seen it, and agree with him?

    I think the Libertarian party is a waste of time as far as getting seats is involved, I'd much rather lend support to Libertarian minded Republicans instead.

    Do you think this is a better idea than just sticking to LP candidates?
    Sassy - Schiff is one of the greatest economists of the new century. He's planning to run against Chris Dodd in CT.

    Answer:-I agree. I have respect for Schiff ever since he predicted the mortgage crisis, over the ridicule of his peers.

    If Libertarians vote Republican orf for Libertarian leaning Republicans it could have three purposes:

    One, to insure Reps get in the White House instead of Dems (Libertarians make up 1% of the country),

    Two, to reintroduce those Barry Goldwater style Republicans who have been missing for ages

    and Three, to reduce the influence and controlling aspects of the religious right in politics, whose pronouncements have been excluding people for decades who might otherwise like the "low taxes, common decency" approach of the repubs.

    Sounds great - Schiff has a point.
  • Question:-Peter Schiff is saying that the stimulus package is going to ruin the economy, do you agree?
    Peter Schiff is a genius Republican who is running for Senate from Connecticut. Check out his videos. He's taking on Obama's stimulus package head on.

    Answer:-Genius Republican? That's an oxymoron.

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