Monday, October 31, 2011

cc sabathia

  • Question:-How may games did CC Sabathia Pitch that the Indians Won?
    How may games did CC Sabathia Pitch that the Indians Won in the 2007 season?

    I know his record in 2007 was 19-7, but that does not answer the question because the tribe could have been losing when Sabathia left the game. If another pitcher comes and and wins the game, the W goes to the second pitcher. That is one example of how the Tribe could win without Sabathia earning a W. However, he still pitched that game and the Tribe won.

    Please provide some proof or documentation with your answer. Thank you.

    Answer:-the Indians were 23-11 in games started by CC.
  • Question:-CC Sabathia?
    How many wins will CC get this year, what will his ERA be, and will he win the Cy Young?
    wrestleing fanatic, he already has 11 win so 10 is impossible.

    Answer:-CC always seems to get run support from his team, and he pitches a lot of innings...I see him finishing the season with 23 wins (barring injury) a 3.12 ERA and the Cy Young Award.
  • Question:-What glove is cc sabathia have in the subway commercial?
    what kind of glove does cc sabathia have in that commerical, the black and white nike one he's wearing?

    Answer:-I believe he have a black and white Nike glove.
  • Question:-why is cc sabathia so good i havent seen anything that imperresed me but his stats prove it.?
    how does cc sabathia get the strikeouts,everytime i watch him he is like any ordinary pitcher but his stats prove it. is it his repition on fastball changeup or what. oh and whats his best pitch.

    Answer:-He's notorious for being a slow starter in the beginning of the season. Give him a chance. He will get better.
  • Question:-in fantasy baseball, should i trade bobby jenks and recieve cc sabathia?
    in fantasy baseball, should i trade bobby jenks and recieve cc sabathia. i need starting pitching and i have 3 other closers besides jenks.

    Answer:-Even though I am a big White Sox fan, I would have to say that Sabathia is a much better fantasy player than Jenks.
    The only reason why it would be a bad trade would be if you get an insane amount of points for a save.
    But using a standard scoring system or a head to head league, Sabathia will put up much better numbers and he will give you MANY more strikeouts, IP, and wins, and a similar ERA just above 3.00.
    Good Luck!
  • Question:-What would you give for CC Sabathia?
    Since CC Sabathia is getting shopped by the Cleveland Indians, how much would you give up if you were the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, or Cubs?
    He definitely is overweight, but he isn't old. He turns 28 in July.

    Answer:-I believe that any one of these teams would benefit from adding Sabathia. He had a real tough start which makes some of his numbers look inflated, but he's still a quality (arguably star) pitcher. The real danger with Sabathia is how much longer he will be at the top of his game. He's not getting any younger and who knows what french fry will break the proverbial camels back. The Yankees certainly have the most need to add Sabathia. Their pitching is atrocious and they have the pocketbook to sign CC. However, if the Yankees do acquire him, it is almost certain that the age/health concerns will come to fruition. This, of course, would fall right in line with the Yankees apparent philosophy of signing washed up stars to bloated multi-million dollar contracts, only to finish with a .500 record behind the Red Sox and (yes, this year) the Rays. That being said, if the goal is to win today, I would be willing to give up some considerable young talent to acquire Sabathia if I were Brian Cashman.
  • Question:-Who do you think had the better overall start: Ben Sheets, or CC Sabathia?

    CC Sabathia: 9 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 9 K.

    Ben Sheets: 9 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 6 K.


    CC: 1-4, 1 K.

    Big Ben: 1-4, RBI, 1 K.

    Answer:-Sheeter. He needed a good start. The Nat's are a good to to recover against.
  • Question:-Who thinks CC Sabathia will flop on his face in the playoffs again?
    There go the Yankees buying their team again. CC will choke in the playoffs like he did for the Tribe and the Brew Crew. Pending that the Yankees get there.

    Answer:-Ok keep convincing yourself of that if it helps you sleep better,keep saying cc fails, cc fails, cc fails,.But here in ny we're all saying
  • Question:-Why doesn't CC Sabathia want to become a Yankee?
    Let's forget the team. At $140 million, does it matter what team you go to? Apparently the answer is yes for CC Sabathia--but why? Do you guys think he is afraid of the big stage?

    Answer:-CC wants the west coast and to be able to hit. With the Yankees, there's too much media exposure and everything that's done is magnified more than with other teams.

    Personally, I think if he wanted the Yankees, he would have signed this contract already. Cashman is meeting him in Las Vegas, and if it doesn't get done, I think they pull back their offer.
  • Question:-would a trade for CC Sabathia and giving up Matt Kemp be a good idea?
    Ive got an outfielder on my bench (Bourne) that could take his place and I really need the pitching. Other than Lester, Papelbon, Rivera, my pitchers are scrubs. CC would really boost my pitching.

    Answer:-When you reduce your stats from Kemp to Bourne, you will be in shock. If you were OF rich, I could see it but you can't afford to make that deal. I don't mind trading a player who is worth more for a lesser player if it bolsters my lineup but this doesn't in the long run. Pass on it.

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