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  • Question:-What is the best version of the ORIGINAL Brothers Grimm fairy tales?
    I've found many versions of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, but really want the original. I love books, but like the original versions not censored or exagerated versions. Don't worry, I do not intend to buy the book for a child. I intend to read them myself. Does anyone know what publisher/translator has the most true to original version of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales?

    Answer:-The Brothers Grimm fairy tales were changed to protect children. If you the want the original book, it is "Grimm's Grimmest". The quote on the back of the book reads, "Grimm's Grimmest presents the original, unsanitized, unholy tales as they were first collected by the Brothers Grimm."
  • Question:-What are the differences between the original Grimm Tale of Snow White and the Disney Retelling?
    What are the differences between the original Grimm Tale of Snow White and the Disney Retelling: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? I am Writing a critical essay for a class and I would like to make sure that I have discussed all the differences and similarities and have not left out any details. Please include any of the differences and similarities that you notice. Thanks in Advance.

    Answer:-well i know that walt disney was the first person to give names to the seven dwarfs. and in the original the queen uses a corset and comb before the apple to put snow white into a comatose state. the prince doesn't have to kiss snow white to bring her back to life again. and at their wedding the old queen is invited and made to dance in shoes of iron which were made red hot by a stove. she danced till she dropped dead. you should read the original and compare them for yourself. here, follow this link:
  • Question:-Which of Brothers' Grimm fairy tales is considered the darkest and least meant for children?
    I need to choose a story to animate for my final project and I know I want to use one of Brothers' Grimm fairy tales. With few exceptions, like Simpsons or Futoram, animation is still largely considered to be for children and I want to address older audience. So I am looking for an interesting, but dark and "not for kids" story.

    Answer:-Gingerbread Man--where the witch cooks the little kids
    Little Red Riding Hood (was that the name?) one with the wolf
    Rumplestiltzen--one where guy fell asleep
  • Question:-Is it acceptable to teach my children the literal truth of the Brothers Grimm stories?
    I've being a personal believer in the Grimm doctrine ever since my Dad taught it to me and his Dad before him and so on and I'm wondering if I should do the same for my children?

    Grimm Bless!

    Answer:-Of course. The Grimm Brothers gathered ancient "true" tales from the people and wrote them down after all.
  • Question:-Where could I find a picture of the Jabberwocky from the sisters grimm series?
    I need a picture of the Jabberwocky from the Sisters Grimm book series, but not the one on the cover. There is one in the book at the very end, but I cant seem to find it online. Its not on the website, wikipedia, or google that I have found yet. Can anyone tell me where to find it?

    Answer:-What an interesting question. Maybe you will just have to scan it with a scanner.
  • Question:-What are some spells to control someone because I want to control the Grimm Reaper?
    It seems interesting because I have a family that has been doing some bad things in life and who died and I am going to make the Grimm Reaper go and take that person to Heaven. And I want to know what will happen if the curse breaks will the Grimm Reaper come for me next. Or will he not do anything.

    Answer:-He won't do anything to you. You can say prayers for those who you think might be in "hell". You can command the devil to leave your loved one alone, and he must leave them alone. One thing you must remember is that every person makes choices every day. Whether or not those choices are good is all up to that person. There is nothing you can do as far as where they will end up. As long as you do what is right, always stand up for what is right, and don't be afraid to say no when you are under pressure from your peers; you will not have to worry. There will always be a place for you in heaven.

    "Get thee behind me Satan." This means he has to go away and leave you alone.
  • Question:-Who sings Lullaby and Goodnight on the Grimm Reaper Cigarette ad?
    There's a female that sings the song. Its a Tobacco Free CA ad. The Grimm reaper takes of his cloak to become a female giving out free cigarette samples. The song is stuck in my head and I wanted to know who sings that version of it.

    Answer:-"Lullaby" -HoneyHoney
    The two honeys are supossed to be together and you wont find the right singer if you don't leave them together
  • Question:-What is the meaning behind the story snow white by the brothers grimm?
    what does the story snow white by the grimm brothers mean?

    Answer:-It connects on a number of levels to the legends of the golden bough, as laid iout by James Frazer. While it does not contain the classic slaying of the king and his rebirth, it does contain the classic sympathetic magic of sex to make the land fruitful. Many scholars agree that the "kiss" version is basically a later white wash of the original, wakes her up with sex version. Snow White represents the winter land, slumbering, dormant, then the prince/king figure shows up , throws her one, and spring happens, the crops ripen, the land comes alive again etc... Typical agricultural myth of the seasons and the new season.
  • Question:-Where might I find linguistic information on the Brothers Grimm?
    I'm finding loads of information on the Grimm brothers' contribution to the literary world, but what I need to find is information on their contribution to the German Language and linguistic studies.

    Please do NOT simply provide a site with bits and pieces of their linguistic work; there's a 99% chance I've already read it.

    If you know if a book or a website that goes into detail about their work, I would greatly appreciate your help.

    Thank you in advance.

    Answer:-have you tried
  • Question:-Where can i buy a full copy of Simsala Grimm from that is in English, not German?
    I am trying to find somewhere that i can buy a complete set of all Simsala Grimm episopdes. Although, I would like them in English and reasonable quality!

    Does anyone have any ideas where I can look?

    Answer:-You can buy the product from amazon:

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