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mark madoff

  • Question:-Does Mark Madoff's suicide provide any consolation to those fleeced by his Father?
    Personally, I've no sympathy for the Madoff clan!
    Where was any consideration while they were fleecing hundreds of millions from unsuspecting investors?
    And what about the people whose quality of life has been adversely affected by the Madoff Pyramid?
    The entire clan is deserving of a shameful death!
    By the way, Y/A news reported that he was living in a property worth 6 million. No need to scale down the lifestyle as a sign of penance or remorse, eh?

    Answer:-The investors should have been wary of the high yields that Bernie offered. Some people who were offered such "investments" did not buy into the deals that were on offer.
    Everyone it seems was propelled by greed.
    Apart from Madoff who merely operated a ponzi scheme, what are we to conclude about the billions that were lent to prop up the banking industry? And do those "investors" get anything back as well?
    Far more worldwide damage was caused by them and to date not a single guilty person in the dock.
    The banks are unreformed and unrepentent. Wait for the next round of bailouts.
    It is not good to wish death on anyone. Not even your enemies.
  • Question:-what did Mark Madoff study at the University of Michigan?
    I read that he has a degree from there and I'm just curious as to what he actually studied.

    Answer:-"Mark Madoff graduated from the University of Michigan in 1986 with a degree in Economics." stated in

    book The New NASDAQ Marketplace, By Robert A. Schwartz, John Aidan Byrne, Antoinette Colaninno on

  • Question:-Why didn't anybody forced Mark Madoff to sell his apartment loft?
    I don't understand why Mark Madoff was still living in the millions dollars loft.

    I don't understand why Bernard's wife and the sons still have the money...
    Mark's wife had enough money to take her son to Disney World.

    I don't care if the Madoff family will be homeless... they should LOSE EVERYTHING... and pay back the victims.

    It isn't their money at all.

    Answer:-Mark in fact along with his brother were responsible for turning their father in to the authorities when they learnt of his criminal acts.
    His money was his and not connected to the crimes of his father.
  • Question:-Was Mark Madoff bullied to death by the government and media?

  • Question:-Did DJ AM aka Adam Goldstein and Mark Madoff stayed in SoHo apartment?
    in NYC?

    They both committed suicide... isn't it kinda creepy if they stayed in the same apartment building?

    Answer:-No, not at all. Rich folks stay in the best places.
    Besides, DJ AM was an accidental overdose as a result of a drug addiction relapse.
    You need to turn off your computer and go get a hobby, since your reading comprehension is lacking.
  • Question:-Would you consider Mark Madoff a Coward?
    Yahoo says he killed himself because of some scam his father had him involved in. It just makes me think of him as a coward because he had a two-year old son he left behind. Was the humiliation and everything else he was going through painful enough to be worth taking his own life? Or was he just psychologically "weak"?

    Answer:-We should not judge this man; he just killed himself. No one knows why, not really. But, we can make some intelligent guesses. The stress of his father's scam, and, perhaps, his own ( if not, his guilt at not recognizing scam ), drove him into a major depression. When one is depressed like this, they lose the ability to think clearly. They become hopeless. Depression is a terrible illness, and no one has the right to judge someone who killed themselves. Have you walked in his shoes?
    Yes, it is tragic that he left behind a 2 yr. old son. I am sure he thought of that-which speaks clearly to his desperation.
    I offer my condolances to his family. Their pain must be horrific.
    There is no such thing as psychological weakness, but there are forms of mental illness that should be viewed as such-illness.
    Learn compassion, my friend
  • Question:-Why did Bernard Madoff's son Mark Commit suicide? Was it because he was guilty or another reason?

    Answer:-He was under investigation so until that concludes no one will know but he was certainly hounded,couldn't walk down the street without being chased by press.I think the honest answer is because of his father.
  • Question:-Why did Mark Madoff do it?
    He and his brother turned in his dad, right? That was a good deed, for sure. I guess someone was suing him, as they should've done if he was responsible for any of the scheme. I imagine he was in on the scheme, even though he blew the whistle on his @#$ father.
    Is that it? Haven't been paying much attention to it, those money-hungry @#$% don't hold my interest very long.

    Answer:-I haven't read but one article, Yahoo's welcome page article. From that article I was given to believe that he called his ex-wife to have her check on their 2yr-old before he did it, and that her father indeed did -- that it was he who found the body, and the child was still asleep; that he and his brother had an official investigation open for a long time with no action taken on it; that both he and his brother have repeatedly said they had no knowledge of what Bernie was doing, and an aside that Mark had three residences, and a hefty income.

    The overwhelming first reaction seeing the headline was pure sadness. Especially that he used a dog leash. But that child in the next room felt monstrous of him, to me, asleep or not, having given forewarning or not. What child doesn't need his father, trust his father? If Mark indeed didn't know what Bernie was doing, he may have been the kind of man who couldn't abide the implication and visions of his son growing up with it.

    PS Since answering this, found this, extracted from the link below on the new lawsuits reported in the Financial Times:

    The closing of the deadline coincided with the suicide of Mr Madoff’s son Mark, who with his children was the target of three claims. He denied knowledge of the fraud and his lawyer said he “succumbed to two years of unrelenting pressure from false accusations and innuendo”.
  • Question:-Bernard Madoff's son, Mark Madoff, found dead of apparent suicide. Thoughts?

    Answer:-It's sad. We must remember that it was he and his brother who turned their father in, otherwise Madoff, Sr. would still be cheating around. The way he died was very humiliating, hanged by dog's leash. It must be very painful for his mother and wife.
  • Question:-What should be done to Ruth, Andrew, Mark and Peter Madoff?

    Answer:-Well what i really want cannot be wrote on here but i think they all need to go to jail for lieing and covering up for scandalous daddy ; and mama should get 20 for getting all the money out of the secret accounts; so she can lay high on the hog' while the ones they swindled starve to death.

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