Friday, October 28, 2011

matt holliday

  • Question:-Matt Holliday?
    Where Will Matt Holliday wind up after the all star break?

    Answer:-I doubt the Cubs or Brewers could get him..
    I think Tampa Bay should go after Holliday.He'd still rake in that lineup.The Dodgers may try to get him as well.If this happens,and he's on your fantasy team,I'd try to unload him
    quickly.~~~~~~~Good Luck!
    Edit: OOPS,I thought this was in the fantasy sports section,
    my bad.
  • Question:-matt holliday..................?
    if i have a rookie game used bat by matt holliday from when he was on the midland rockhounds, how much do you think it would be worth? (it has his name(matt holliday),number(5), and team(midland rockhounds) that he was on, on the bat)

    Answer:-To get a good idea of the value do a search for it on ebay to see what it is going for.
  • Question:-What are you thoughts on the Matt Holliday signing?
    I am a huge Cardinals fan, and I really like the 7 year contract that the Cardinals signed Matt Holliday to. Holliday will be 37 whe the contract is up, and at the price of 16.5 million a season, he will be worth every penny from ages 30-37. The Yankess have A-Rod signed til he is 42! I would much rather have Holliday is his prime paying him 16.5 mill, than be paying A-Rod 25+ million a seaosn til he is 42! So what are your thoughts on the signing?

    Answer:-Although we did have to pay a lot of money, I think it was a good deal. We'll be able to keep Pujols as well.
  • Question:-If the Giants got Matt Holliday would they have been closer to the playoffs?
    Since the giants have no offense and is like 5 games behind now.I think if they got Matt holliday there would be more offense and maybe they would actually make the playoffs.What do you think ANSWER!

    Answer:-Of course they would have been closer to the playoffs with one more big bat in their lineup. The Giants have lost a lot of close games this year when all they needed was the hit to win the game.

    But, they didn't get Holliday, Garko was a bust and Sanchez was always injured. They'll be watching the playoffs at home.

    The Giants are going to regret giving Tim Alderson away for injured goods: Freddie Sanchez.
  • Question:-What are the chances of the Red Sox trading for Matt Holliday this offseason?
    I've heard that the Red Sox are somewhat interested in trading for Matt Holliday. What is the possibility of this happening.

    Answer:-Not likely. Sluggers they have. Pitchers they need. These are not the Yawkey-era Sox, who automatically start slobbering every time they see a righthanded slugger and imagine him poking 'em over the Green Monster, and when he gets there he gets hurt, strikes out too much and ends up turning doubles into singles with that wall instead of fly outs into homers. They have different management with a different plan, and Holliday really isn't a fit for them.

    The Rockies may do a salary dump with him, but he won't be going to Boston.
  • Question:-Is Matt Holliday for Brian McCann a good trade in my fantasy baseball league?
    I have Jose Reyes, Cole Hamels, Evan Longoria, Matt Holliday and Justin Morneau as my keepers in a 12 team 5x5 roto league. Would Matt Holliday for Brian McCann be a good trade based on Holliday no longer playing in Coors Field and the scarcity of good catchers?

    Answer:-Definitely not
  • Question:-Who thinks (honestly) that Matt Holliday SHOULD have won MVP instead of Jimmy Rollins?
    Matt Holliday had better numbers and his team went to the World Series. Come on now, that is a slap in the face to give it to Jimmy Rollins. I guess they felt sorry for him. We all know the TRUE MVP is Matt Holliday.

    Answer:-With all my heart & soul.

    Lets break it down.

    Holliday : .340 Average.

    Rollins .296 Average

    Holliday : 36 HR's

    Rollins : 30 HR's

    Holliday : 137 RBI's in a Rockies lineup thats only basic star is Todd Helton.

    Rollins : 94 RBI's in a lineup that includes Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, and Aaron Rowand.

    Holliday : 216 Hits in 636 AB's

    Rollins : 212 716 AB'S

    Holliday : .405 OBP

    Rollins : .344 OBP

    Holliday : 50 Doubles

    Rollins : 38 Doubles

    Holliday : 63 BB's

    Rollins : 49 BB's

    Holliday : .607 SLG

    Rollins : .531 SLG

    Holliday : 386 TB

    Rollins : 380 TB

    Holliday : .990 FP

    Rollins : .985

  • Question:-How would you feel if you were Matt Holliday right now?
    All Holliday had to do was catch a line drive to left and the cards win. he drops it. dodgers end up winning and Holliday ruins a great pitching performance by Wainwright. i bet he feels pretty stupid right now. so would you feel if you were Matt Holliday right now?

    Answer:-I'd feel numb and embarrassed. Hard to face the media who are going to pin the goat horns on you for making an error. Even though any of the next batters who came to the plate could have made the third out. Does anything about that last sentence make sense to the many who are going to blame one guy for this loss?
  • Question:-Where Can I Watch Or Download Full Baseball Games? Padres Rockies Matt Holliday Game?
    I'm specifically looking for the TBS telecast of the 13th inning of the Padres Rockies game including all the replays of Matt Holliday's slide.

    Answer:-You can go to and c games and watc i don't know if you can download though
  • Question:-Why are AL teams interested in Matt Holliday?
    3 questions:

    1. Why are AL teams interested in Matt Holliday? He wasn't that good in the AL when he was on Oakland, so why do AL teams want to sign him when he's not good in the AL, and he's asking for 18 million a year?

    2. What trade brought Holliday to the A's?

    3. What trade brought Holliday to the Cardinals?

    Answer:-A lot of free agents have trouble when switching leagues due to not knowing the pitchers and ballparks. They usually play alot better in the 2nd year. AL teams are looking for a good DH.

    He went to Oakland as a free agent.

    Traded to the cards for the minor league prospects.

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