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rocky horror picture show

  • Question:-Is The Rocky Horror Picture Show appropriate for high school level kids ?
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a phenomenal movie/show. Is The Rocky Horror Show appropriate for high school ? We will take out all of the sexual parts. We really want to do perform this show !

    Answer:-take out all the sexual parts? what will you be left with?

    do it. it should be interesting.
  • Question:-What is the difference between the Rocky Horror Show Live and the Rocky Horror Picture Show Live?
    Are they the same thing? I have attended two viewings of the Picture Show live, where the movie is played and there is a shadow cast.
    But this company says they preform the Rocky Horror Show, which I have learned is different? How different?

    Answer:-There is a theatre version of the show. A complete musical version. And its called The Rocky Horror Show. It was on Broadway for a while. Look it up on youtube.
  • Question:-How can i see The Rocky Horror picture show in a theater?
    Is there a list of theaters that show the Rocky Horror picture show on a regular basis?

    Answer:-It depends on where you are from. There are some that continue to show every couple weeks, every month, every other month, or (mostly) just on Halloween.

    I'm a regular in attending a show in Michigan. If I knew where you're located, I could help you find one.

    This is very helpful:

    You'll have a great time!
  • Question:-What to expect at the Rocky Horror Picture show in a very tiny town?
    I've seen the movie tons of times, watching it at home and friend's houses but I've never been to the actual show. I know what it's all about and I would be excited to go if it wasn't in a dinky tiny rural town. Has anyone ever attended The Rocky Horror Picture show in a teeny town?

    Answer:-I went last night to the one in my town (It's not very big) and it was amazing! First they asked who hadn't seen the movie before, who ever stood up had to go to the front of the theatre and got a V drawn on their head in red lipstick that stood for virgin. There was a cast acting out the movie scenes during the whole movie. Than when the movie started there was a lot of audience interaction like during certain parts you would throw different things like toilet paper, rice, playing cards, bread (toast), and squirt water guns! Plus throughout the whole movie there was a guy (part of the cast) that yelled jokes, a lot of them perverted! It was great! Since you have seen the movie before you probably will have a lot of fun! :)
  • Question:-How could I make a Rocky Horror Picture Show costume with a silver dress?
    Halloween is in two days, (late planning, i know) and I REALLY want to be a character from Rocky Horror Picture Show, but i already bought a silver dress to be a flapper. What accessories could i add to it to make it one of the characters? I'd really like to be Columbia, but it's such short notice that it would be hard to get the clothes. Preferably some stuff i could get at walmart, or even make.

    Thanks in advance (:

    Answer:-I would also have to say sequined hat, plus a gold jacket.
  • Question:-What would be an easy, not-too-inappropriate costume to wear to a showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show?
    I'm planning on going to go see a showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show with my friends, and they're giving out a free gift-bag type thing if you show up in costume.
    So, I was wondering if you guys could think of any easy to make/wear, yet still not too inappropriate costume I could wear.

    Answer:-i'm completely jealous, first of all:)

    do you need to show up in costume like the characters? because if you came as jan was dressed in the beginning of the movie, that could work. it would probably be different from everyone else, which could be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. a lavender blouse, white hat- anything prim and pretty really.
    maybe you could go in a girl dr. frank n furter costume- black tank top, black skirt/shorts, fishnets, large pearl/white bead necklace, black heels, black elbow length gloves. black eyeshadow and liner would be essential, and maybe red lipstick instead of black.

    just check out pictures from the movie and stage productions, and see what inspires you.

    i'd also look at this website- it's made by die-hard fans who know what they're talking about
    look in the participation section:)

    good luck with your costume and have fun!
  • Question:-How do you host and throw a live show performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
    I am helping to coordinate and host a live showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I love the movie and know every word, song and dance but have never attended a live show. Any tips and suggestions will be perfect! I know about props and when to use them. I also know to do virgin sacrifices but need ideas for that. Thank you!

  • Question:-Where do I find rocky horror picture show costumes?
    My friends and I really love this show. We're trying to find rocky horror picture show costumes in the mall but we can't seem to find any. So we decided we would just buy them online. Any one who knows where I could get this online? Thanks!

  • Question:-What is the plot of The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
    I have heard about The Rocky Horror Picture Show and had seen some of it. It reportedly is some goth abstract movie but I wonder what the overall plot is about. I have a general idea that it is about two people whom get stuck in an unusual house of horror but I am curious to know some more.

    Answer:-Ok this does contain minor spoilers A pair of students car breaks down and they get trapped in the mansion of a transvestite alien (A 'sweet transvestite from transexual transylvania' to be exact) who is in the middle of a party to show case his latest creation, a custom made man.

    Not sure I'd actually call it goth though it was adopted by them as when it was released there really wasn't much of a goth movement and it was based on a play of the same name.
  • Question:-How do you feel about Glee doing a Rocky Horror Picture Show episode?
    The only Glee I have watched is part of the Madonna episode so I can't say if I really like the show or not. Now that they made a Rocky Horror Picture Show episode I am REALLY excited to see what they did with it and I hope they didn't ruin it. I have listened to some of the previews of the songs and they weren't that bad. What do you people think of it? Are you going to watch it?

    Answer:-I'm going to watch it, but I'm not sure if I'll like it. Especially since a girl is being Frank N Furter and the songs seemed to have been very censored (if you can't say 'heavy petting' as it's too rude, Rocky Horror isn't going to work out for you).

    But I heard Meat Loaf and Barry Bostwick are going to be in it, so I HAVE to watch it :) I'm gonna have to wait a while though, because God only knows when it's going to be shown in the UK. I didn't think we were that behind, but the new series has started in Amerca, and we haven't even had adverts for it here. I've told dad to watch it though.

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