Saturday, October 29, 2011

day light savings time 2011

  • Question:-Phone text messaging time?
    I have an LG Vu Plus and ever since Day Light Savings, my phone receives text messages from someone an hour earlier, Sent time not actual time, than what it says on my phone. This has really messed up my texting layout because I use the Conversation View on my phone rather than Standard. An example of whats happening would be like this:

    From: So and So
    Date: 03/13/2011, 10:57 PM

    To: So and So
    Date: 03/13/2011, 11:57 PM

    From: so and so
    Date: 03/13/2011, 10:58 PM

    ( I kinda feel ridiculous writing all of that)

    Anyway, I was just wondering if there is something wrong with my phone or if I just screwed up the settings. One thing I did notice about this was that I had my phone set to automatically update on the time, but it didn't for Daylight Savings when my computer did, I think this may because I don't have internet on my phone though. It's either this or my phone is able to time travel, and I honestly don't want to have to deal with that again, just kidding.

    This is exactly a high priority thing to me, just cumbersome, but if I can get some help I'd be delighted. It's not like this isn't something I cant live with.

    Answer:-A good thing to try would be to turn off your phone and then turn it back on. This usually resets the time and makes the timing in sync and correct.
  • Question:-Americans: Chase Bank to terminate our accounts in 10 days! GO VIRAL!--what else can we do?
    Dear Americans,

    Can you assist us---we have had very unfortunate situation with CHASE BANK, and somehow my goal here is that I want the average American consumer to know what can happen to them at CHASE BANK--or maybe any bank for that matter. Especially, in light of the enormous bail-outs in recent times.

    Perhaps short-sghtedly I sent Jamie Dimon, Chase CEO and others at his bank authentic appeals related to our difficulty but have not received any response from them. I guess I don't have the pull-power of the President.

    Please understand: I don't even really have time for this. We have been based in Australia for many years and am in the process of moving our family back to the USA for personal reasons. However, this has been too shocking and revealing for me to ignore. And, it happened just when we most needed to depend on our bank and the stability of our financial standing, systems and way of doing things.

    Just around 10 days ago, I received a poorly written form letter from CHASE BANK, dated 22nd July (received around 13th July) with a partially handwritten address and just a few small paragraphs. Essentially it told us that all of our bank accounts with CHASE BANK would be closed in 10 days--21st July 2011. I still remember staring at the letter in disbelief. To be honest, my first thought was that this was some attepmt at fraud or getting our ID numbers etc. Sure enough, this was the real thing. So I phoned the number on the letter to get some information, and I was patched into Manilla. I could barely understand the person on the phone and got nowhere. This was in relation to our bank accounts that had almost $400,000 (life time savings--almost everything we have) in them for a long time at zero interest. But since the US dollar had sunk so low, we just left it there for time being and wired to Australia as needed. Almost $400,000, and the CHASE BANK has no explanation to what has happened. Noone called us. Noone emailed us. Noone 'knew' anything, except that it was a 'Business Decision'. There line is this: "Customers have the right to change banks; we have the right to change customers." Really? I know where it says this in the bank designed contracts, but is this REALLY acceptable?

    There was no acknowlegement of the greater responsibility the bank has to our persoanl and financial livlihoods, businesses, obligations to pay for our children's education, and other things, nothing. If this is Jamie Dimon's version of 'Capitalism', than I would like millions and millions of Americans to know of my experience, to hear of it 1st hand, to see me describe the anxiety and anguish we went thru over here in Australia, so they can fairly consider MOVING THEIR CAPITAL TO ANOTHER BANK. Not only is the customer service extremely poor in my experience, but the whole approach reaks of being 'un-American'. I have lived overseas for many years, and a distinguishing charateristic of American culture, as should be represented by our largest Banks and other national infrastructure that we let operate in our country, is an unbridled and unmatched generosity in communication and spirit and practical help and willingness to make things right. What has happened to our country?!

    Our business that sells a very unique light and healthy flat bread wrap to stores across the USA was receiving payments from customers to these accounts and paying bills. This is a business that started out selling 1 box of bread and now thankfully sells 10's of thousands of packages every month in many countries, including the USA. All of a sudden, with little warning, we were required to change everything. And, we still have no idea why. Thankfully, we were able to open accounts over the phone and internet with another bank and make changes as necessary. But what kind of bank or system is this? Is there anything here that you might want to discuss to tell a story? I would like the opportunity to tell this story widely and let people consider once again whether perhaps banks should have greater accountability and whether they even want to bank, specifically, with Chase Bank.

    Thank you

    Answer:-customer billing and payment proce, Eipp, electronic invoice presentment and payment.
  • Question:-Why is my 2001 323ci BMW overheating?
    Bought the car in March 25th , 2011, put $2000 down and have already payed $600 more in car payments towards the car. I am currently 2 car payments behind because of the car problems. A week later the Check Engine Light came on and so did the Coolant Sensor Light. I already bought New Thermostat for the car for $140, thought it would prevent it from overheating, it did for about 2 days and then it started overheating again. I can only drive the car for about 60 blocks at a time and then it will die on me. Then I have to let it sit and cool off for at least 4 to 5 hours before I can drive it again. Could it be that it needs new head gaskets?

    I have not taken it to a repair shop yet because I will have a hard time making car payments and doing repairs and getting a rental car all at the same time. I want to take the car back to the dealership but the car came with an implied warranty only. I am so upset. I also failed to make sure the car was okay before I bought it. I used all of my savings for a down payment.

    I need some good advice of what steps to take and in what order, so I can get the best end result.

    My plan was to get a rental car, take the car to the repair shop after I get the diagnosis. I am afraid that if it needs new head gaskets, then it will not be worth fixing and I will not be able to afford to fix it, but I am still obligated to make car payments. Then what? But if the repairs are under $500 then I will be fine. But what if it's the head gaskets? What would you guys do?
    When I bought the Thermostat the repair shop did a diagnosis and .problem codes that came up were: P0313- Misfires randomly, P0455-Evapleak and P0117-Coolant Temperature Sensor.

    Also I live in Phoenix, Arizona around 16th Street and Camelback and like I said before I can only drive the car short distances, so what repair shop would you guys recommend from your good experiences and positive results to repair my lemon BMW?? I need my car fixed right, I do not have time to worry or want to worry about repairs. I was thinking German Auto Service, 5244 N 7th St, Phoenix, Arizona, 85014, they said that their prices are lower than the rest according to their website.
    For those of you who would like to recommend some good BMW repair shops, especially the one in Mesa that will give out loaner cars, you can email them to me at this email address:, thanks for your advice.


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