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hunter s thompson

  • Question:-Is Hunter S. Thompson the writer related to the Thompson brothers in the band We The Kings?
    I was searching what the name Hunter means and came across the writer Hunter S. Thompson. I know the band We The Kings well and instantly thought of Hunter and Drew Thompson... Thanks!

    Answer:-Hunter and Drew from We the Kings's last name is spelled Thomsen.
    So no, I don't think they're related. [:
  • Question:-What Do You Think Of The Book Hells Angels By Hunter S Thompson?
    I just finished reading it yesterday and I thought it was really good and quite an interesting read. Although I didn't enjoy it as much as Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas.

    Anyway, what are your thoughts on it?

    BQ: What other works by Hunter S Thompson would you recommend?

    Answer:-I've only read Hell's Angels' and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas-and thought they where interesting reads as well. Hell's Angels was a bit more journalistic in nature I think. I got some good information about the organization, and I think it gives a real view into biker culture then the more fictionalized accounts people often see in movies.
  • Question:-What' s the name of the book about Hunter S. Thompson with commentary about his life and death by his friends?
    I was reading a book at the book store that I loved, but forgot the name to.

    The book had tons of commentary about Hunter S. Thompson by friends and other celebrities who knew him. There were, if I remember correctly, dozens of different people giving their accounts on his final days and the relationship they had with Thompson.

    Does anyone know this book?

    Answer:-"Gonzo: The Life of Hunter S. Thompson" by Corey Seymour, Jann S Wenner and Johnny Depp?
    "Uproarious and unpredictable, this oral biography is a fitting look at the turbulent life of Gonzo journalism pioneer Hunter S. Thompson (1937-2005), a life surrounded by many but understood by few: "always pushing," Thompson "created a kind of inner circle of people who stood the test." That circle is well represented among the volume's many "voices," including ex-wife Sandy Thompson and their son, Juan, longtime collaborator Ralph Steadman, actors Johnny Depp and Jack Nicholson, and old friends Porter Bibb and Ed Bastian. The story-tellers provide a great number of angles, bringing forth insight that goes well beyond Thompson's famous love for alcohol and drugs-though they don't neglect the intoxicants, nor the eccentric writer's most obvious quirks (such as his indiscriminate verbal outbursts: "he was always yelling at himself, like 'AAHHH!!! CAZART!!!'"). A rich, rollicking vision of Thompson that highlights his outlandish personality and his passion for language ("He started typing out Fitzgerald and Hemingway books word for word... he said, 'I just like to get the feel of how it is to write those words.'"), Wenner and Seymour's work also encompasses the unlikely transition of Gonzo from radical, reactionary style-du-jour to culture-defining literature: "Only a handful of writers in a generation can pull that off, and Hunter transcended his competition." "
  • Question:-If my boyfriend is dressing as Hunter S. Thompson who should I be to go with it?
    My boyfriend is dressing as Hunter S. Thompson, specifically from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I want to go as a pair, Who should I dress as?

    Answer:-You could be the chick Christina Ricci played, the little hippie girl? Or maybe be another writer like Dorothy Parker. All I can think of, have fun!
  • Question:-What does this quote mean by Hunter S Thompson?
    "It's Bad Karma to fu** with the Stoned"-Hunter S. Thompson

    what does that mean?

    Answer:-bad karma = getting bad result in return for behaving in a
    certain way.

    stoned = on drugs and unable to think logically or be in
    control of ur faculties (head).

    therefore you will have something bad happen to you in return if you mess with a person who really is not in full control of their brain because they are on drugs.
    and further...
    so dont pick on someone who cant fight back or defend themselves because they are stoned whilst u r straight.

    straight = healthy not on any drugs, not intoxicated.

    hope that helps :))
  • Question:-What are some ideas for a Hunter S. Thompson themed party?
    I want to throw a party for Hunter S. Thompson's birthday on july 18th, Any suggestions? So far I know we're going to have a group reading of Hell's Angels & go to the shooting range.

    Answer:-everyone can dress up by coming with a noose hanging around their neck and white face paint

    the shooting range? lol... the dude shot himself in the head
  • Question:-When did Hunter S Thompson speak at Marquette University?
    When did Hunter S Thompson speak at Marquette University?
    I am trying to find ANYTHING about when HST said ‘George Bush should be killed. He should be stomped to death, and I’ll join in.’

    What is the date? Or at least the year? I saw an interview in which HST said that quote was published in papers. What papers? Where can I find them, if possible?


    Answer:-Around June, 1987. It was the first Bush, in case you were confused, while he was Reagan's Vice President, regarding Iran Contra.

    This is the Rolling Stone interview about it:


    P. J. O’Rourke: Recently you told a college audience at Marquette University, ‘George Bush should be killed. He should be stomped to death, and I’ll join in.’

    H.S.T.: O.K., that’s two federal crimes of five years each.

    O’Rourke: Will you get indicted now, because we put that on tape?

    H.S.T.: No, no. I explained it all to the Secret Service. See, I know about guilt, and I know about politics, and as I told the students, the guiltiest man in politics today is George Bush. He’s at the root of this whole Iran-contra thing.

    O’Rourke: How did the students react?

    H.S.T.: Hey, they cheered! Then I called for a voice vote. It was two-thirds to stomp him. Meanwhile some … maniac recorded it and took it to The Milwaukee Journal. And the U.S. attorney in Milwaukee was about to indict me on two felony charges: five years for threatening the vice president and another five for inciting others to do it. I was on my way to cover the Iran-contra hearings for The San Francisco Examiner, and I started getting calls from the Secret Service.

    O’Rourke: Did you answer any of those calls?

    H.S.T.: Not at first, because I thought they were cranks. If it was important, they’d leave a message. And then the Secret Service showed up at The Examiner and at my lecture agency. I realized they were serious. So I called the Secret Service guy in Denver, Larry Hoppe. And he was very nice. And I said, ‘What’s going on here, man?’ And Hoppe said, ‘Dr. Thompson, let me tell you one thing: I would advise you not to go to Washington without talking to me first.’ So I said, ‘Come on over. What the hell.’

    Well, we talked for a while, and by that time Hoppe knew it was a joke. I said, ‘Have times changed? I’ve threatened to drag people around Washington by their [expletive] behind Oldsmobiles at a hundred miles an hour. I’ve advocated the slaughter of all politicians. What are the guidelines now?’

    He had a pretty good sense of humour. He said, ‘Well, you can’t say that he should be strung up. If you say that to people, whap! Ten years. You can say he should be tarred and feathered.’ And I said, ‘Wait a minute. I don’t grasp it. I would almost rather be strung up than tarred and feathered. What’s the difference?’ And Hoppe said, ‘I don’t know. That’s the way it is. Don’t go out anymore and threaten to string George Bush up or stomp him to death.’
  • Question:-hunter s thompson rolling stone magazine question?
    2 questions,

    1. im thinking about framing rolling stone magazine covers with hunter thompson on the front (esp the old super bowl one) any who where would i be able to purchase them, havnt seen too much on ebay

    2. i heard rolling stone published hunters suicide not, would love to frame that as well, wondering if anyone knows what issue this note was on

    also would appreciate issue #'s with good hunter Thompson covers to consider,


    Answer:-That sounds a lil mcaab but you do what you want....I think the Rollingstone with his sicide was the month after his death..
  • Question:-Where are all the Hunter S Thompson's?
    I'm a book worm but just recently got into Hunter Thompson and God is he hilarious! Are there any authors around today that may resemble his style of humor and writing? I would love to dive into another authors work and what would be better than that.

    Answer:-Hunter is really great!..

    im also looking for others .. not easy to find them ~~
  • Question:-How many words long is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson?
    Does anybody know precisely how long that book is? In words length. Or how long an average novel usually is? I know there is no right answer, but please give me some idea!

    Answer:-9 words.

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