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  • Question:-powerball?
    do you know of any african american people that has won the powerball in the past?

    Note:i am a black guy so this is not a racist question

    Answer:-I don't know anyone who has won Powerball. You'd really have to research all the previous winners who would have received some publicity after the win.

    On the Powerball web site they have a list of previous winners. I did find a black person from 2004, but that was the only one.

    Maybe black people are smart enough not to accept publicity when they win. After all why would you want your name and image all over the newspapers, just so your free-loading friends and relatives could call you up for money! If there were any way I could avoid publicity, I'd take it.
  • Question:-Powerball?
    What if you won the powerball jackpot and you were going to cash in the money to the Gas Station guy and he knocked you out and stole your ticket?

    Answer:-As an owner of a gas station we are only allowed to pay out up to $500, if we have the money to do so. Your story has nothing to do with reality at all.
  • Question:-PoWeRbAlL......................................................?

    Answer:-new jackpot 15 million
  • Question:-What is the range of numbers in the powerball lottery game?
    When playing the powerball, what is the range of numbers you can pick for the white balls and the powerball?

    Answer:-Here's a link to every official lottery site in the world. The official sites will give you the matrix for each game:
  • Question:-Why are the powerball and mega millions odds the same for 2nd Place Prize?
    It says on the back of both play cards the odds of matching 5 balls out of six and not matching the mega or powerball are 1:in 3,904,701. But Powerball has more balls 1 -59 and Mega has less balls 1 -56. So If Powerball uses 3 more balls how can the odds be the same? They cant be. The odds of matching 5 out of 6 in powerball are more like 1: 5,138,133.

    Answer:-One at a time I will tell you some specific odds of getting certain combinations. Then I will explain why these odds are not the same as what's listed on each website.

    To hit 5 balls out of 5 with 56 numbers (like the Mega Millions) it is a 1 out of 3,819,816. (Keep in mind that the Mega Millions 2nd place prize is listed as 1 out of 3,904,701, just like you said.)

    To hit 5 balls out of 5 with 59 numbers (like the PowerBall) it is a 1 out of 5,006,386. (Again, this is not the same as what is posted on the PowerBall website. On the website it is 1 out of 5,138,133, just like you said.)

    I'm not really sure what "play card" your talking about. Perhaps you misread one of them.

    Now maybe I misunderstood your question from the beginning, but let me finish my point. I'll just use 1 of the above set of numbers to make my point. If there were only 5 balls from 1 to 56, the chances of hitting all 5 would be 1 out of 3,819,816. The reason the Mega Millions website lists the odds of getting this as 1 out of 3,904,701 is because they are talking about ONLY hitting those 5 numbers. Because of the fact that sometimes you'll hit the Mega Ball number, too, this reduces the chances that you'll ONLY get the 5 white balls, and nothing else.

    I'm fairly sure I got a bit off topic from what you were looking for. Again, perhaps you just misread the "play cards".
  • Question:-When playing Powerball, how many numbers do you need to get right to win any money?
    Also, if you get the Powerball number right, does that constitute anything? Thanks!

    Answer:-2 and the powerball will get you about $35.00
  • Question:-What is the best steategy for winning powerball?
    I have been searching for strategies to win the powerball. Does anyone have any suggestions? If you are addicted to finding that winning strategy, drop me an email. I need all the help I can get. Ill share my opinions with you.

    Answer:-Let me spoil the surprise for you. There is no 'system' and there is not 'steategy.'

    Every time the balls pop out of that machine it is a completely random event that has no bearing on any previous drawing. The random numbers will be produced and if you are lucky they will match the numbers you picked.

    The odds of winning Powerball are over 115 million to one. You are significantly more likely to die on the way to pick up your ticket.

    You can plan all the systems you like, but you are going to have to get really incredibly lucky to win.
  • Question:-How do when know that the Powerball and state lottos are not rigged?
    I live in Indiana and nobody has won the lotto in forever. Several times the lotto has been bigger than the Powerball with over 10 times the likelihood of winning than the Powerball lottery itself. Surely they can keep track of all the numbers out there and somehow rig the machine to not pick those numbers or to pick the numbers that certain individual related to the inside have. What kind of controls if any are in place to protect those of us who play? Is it possible mafia and or corrupt individual's are taking advantage? Any information or respectful opinions will be appreciated.
    lil dark zero, lotto is short for lottery and is what our state lottery is called (Hossier Lotto).
    aladdinwa, by not question nor fighting corruption is just how we can be taken advantage of on a daily basis. For example war profiteering is going on like crazy over in Iraq. In a 60 billion dollar audit they found over 10 billion of it totally and completely unaccounted for. That is your money and mine. Tax payers get raped all the time by pork barrel politics and what is done about it? It's about all we can do just to keep it shored up to a some degree. So in light of all this let me ask you, if we are getting taken advantage of almost in an in your face way what's to stop those in control of such lotteries from taken gross advantage of the players for their own personal gain?
    HartleyBaldwin, commissions and accountants are not free from the influence of corruption either. As for making a lot of money being a reason they would not cheap I beg to differ. Greed sometimes grows in correspondence with the money you have access to.

    Answer:-It is in the best interest of the lottery to have a big winner. Big winners bring big publicity, which increases sales.

    Remember also that Indiana is only a single state. Powerball is played in 29 states (including Indiana).

    There just aren't as many people buying the Indiana tickets as Powerball tickets. Even though the odds may be 10 times better on the Indiana lotto, there probably 100 times as many people buying Powerball.
  • Question:-What numbers are chosen most often in the Powerball Lottery?
    Powerball is a lottery game. Choose 5 numbers between 1 to 55. Then choose one number between the numbers 1 to 42. This number is called the Powerball Number.
    My question is what winning numbers appear most often in both sets of numbers.

    Answer:-Dont know but I have read that you have a better chance of winning using quick pick instead of choosing your own numbers.
  • Question:-What are the odds of _not_ getting a single Powerball digit in a Powerball lottery drawing?
    I have been playing Powerball for years (maybe 20 times per year). I have had one digit in all that time. For a drawing, what are the odds of _not_ getting a single digit?

    Answer:-OK, let's do the math.

    First ball out of the machine: You have a 54 out of 59 chance that one of your numbers will NOT be picked. Keep track, now. That's 54/59.

    Second ball out of the machine: Assuming the first one didn't hit one of your numbers, you now have a 53 out of 58 chance that your numbers will NOT be picked. 53/58.

    Third ball: 52/57.

    Fourth ball: 51/56.

    Last regular ball out: 50/55 that NONE of your numbers come out.

    Finally you've got to avoid the PowerBall. For that, you've got a 38 out of 39 chance that you will NOT hit the PowerBall number. 38/39.

    To figure out your chance of not hitting ANY numbers at all, just multiply the following then: 54/59 * 53/58 * 52/57 * 51/56 * 50/55 * 38/39.

    Your answer is exactly (unsimplified) 14,421,045,600/23,429,886,480.

    Simplified, that is approximately 61.55%.

    So more often than not, you should NOT hit ANY numbers at all. Still, if you've ONLY ONCE hit only ONE number, then you are drawing just a bit worse than you ought to be. (Not too much worse that usual, but a bit.)

    Above all else, know this: The lottery companies are only paying out around 50% of what they take in! So if they sell $100,000 worth of tickets, they only put about $50,000 into the prize pools! At a 50% payback rate, this makes playing the lottery the WORST BET anyone can possibly make.

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