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grimm fairy tales

  • Question:-What is the best version of the ORIGINAL Brothers Grimm fairy tales?
    I've found many versions of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, but really want the original. I love books, but like the original versions not censored or exagerated versions. Don't worry, I do not intend to buy the book for a child. I intend to read them myself. Does anyone know what publisher/translator has the most true to original version of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales?

    Answer:-The Brothers Grimm fairy tales were changed to protect children. If you the want the original book, it is "Grimm's Grimmest". The quote on the back of the book reads, "Grimm's Grimmest presents the original, unsanitized, unholy tales as they were first collected by the Brothers Grimm."
  • Question:-Which of Brothers' Grimm fairy tales is considered the darkest and least meant for children?
    I need to choose a story to animate for my final project and I know I want to use one of Brothers' Grimm fairy tales. With few exceptions, like Simpsons or Futoram, animation is still largely considered to be for children and I want to address older audience. So I am looking for an interesting, but dark and "not for kids" story.

    Answer:-Gingerbread Man--where the witch cooks the little kids
    Little Red Riding Hood (was that the name?) one with the wolf
    Rumplestiltzen--one where guy fell asleep
  • Question:-What Grimm Fairy Tales should be made into movies?
    Title says it all. I'm just curious to what you guys would think would be a good film adaption of one of the dark Grimm Brother's fairy tales.
    Like they are making a Red Riding Hood movie, so that's just what made me think this up.

    No sarcastic answers please.

    Answer:-Technically, a bunch were made into movies, but they were Disney-fied. The thing is, the Grimm Fairy Tales are kind of gruesome as they are. Someone like Tim Burton could do a really good job of them and actually have them closer to the actual story than Disney, but everyone would make a huge fuss over how unlike Disney they are and all that crap.

    Rant aside, I always loved "Snow White and Rose Red."
  • Question:-Are the antagonist in some of Grimm Fairy Tales Jews?
    I heard online that some of the evil villains in the Grimm Fairy Tales are Jewish, is this true? Could you provide evidence to back it up?

    Answer:-I haven't heard this about Grimm, but that doesn't mean anything one way or another.

    It was true for Shakespeare, Dickens, Chaucer.
  • Question:-Zenescope Escape from Wonderland & Grimm Fairy Tales Question?
    I really love the work, and I wanted to get the comics but I don't know where to get them and I was wondering if both Escape from Wonderland and Grimm Fairy tales are in a series or in an order? And where can I get them in on the net or in New Zealand because I can't find them anywhere!

    Answer:-You can buy, find, and order anything on the Internet, Legendary! All you have to do is perform a Google or Yahoo! search.
    Also visit your local comic book shop.
  • Question:-Should I make Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales my new religion then quote from the book whenever I make an argument?
    If my definition of morality lives within the parameters of the book I can never lose an argument. At least in my mind.

    Answer:-LOL, right!!! Life is what YOU make it and like myself I love dreams and dreams coming true and I am spiritual. I might seem nutty to others but I love the moon and earth and everything in- between. I say walk in the woods talk to the trees and plants and animals. Seen Avatar? There is a BIG truth in that movie.

    Live life, it is worth living, live with your heart....
    Positive People, Positive Results....
  • Question:-Are the Grimm fairy tales part of American literature?
    Doing a research report in school on any topic of American literature. I'm really interested in the Grimm brothers and their work. Please help?

    Answer:-The Brothers Grimm were German...not American. So they are not considered a part of American literature.

    American Authors:

    Mark Twain
    Henry James
    Walt Whitman
    Emily Dickinson
    Sylvia Plath
    Stephen Crane
    Upton Sinclair
    Edgar Allen Poe
    Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    Ralph Waldow Emerson
    Nathaniel Hawthorne
    Harriet Beecher Stowe
    Herman Melville
  • Question:-Where to find all 210 grimm fairy tales unedited?
    I have found books containing the stories but there not the full versions of the books there shorter versions. I want to read all of the stories in the original state not edited. (in English of course.)
    thanks everyone I found it on so thanks.

    Answer:-I took a class in college that required a text of Grimm fairy tales. It's a pretty good book. It contains all 250 tales published by Jacob and Wilheim Grimm, plus 29 tales omitted by the German publishers, as well as stores from the brothers' letters and notes. It's a pretty complete volume.

    It's called "The Complete Fairy Tales of The Brothers Grimm"

    You can see the cover here:

    You should be able to find in any book store. Or you could just order it online.

    I hope that helps.


    Be sure to get the most recent edition to get the latest translations and updates.
  • Question:-Can someone help me compile an up-to-date list of covers for Grimm Fairy Tales comics from Zenescope?
    I need a list of every varient cover that has been produced; including 2nd prints, exclusives, and from the Return to Wonderland spin-off. Please include the Annual, TPBs, 3-issue collector's edition, and the rare Museum Editions. I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this. Its been very frustrating trying to hunt down every cover.

    Answer:-Go to Wikipedia.
  • Question:-Does Anyone Know Where I Can Buy The Grimm Fairy Tales?
    It's Nippon Amination thats where they were created and its got to be in english. I used to watch them as a kid and now I want to know where I can buy them. Anyone know? DVD please.

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