Monday, October 31, 2011

veterans day

  • Question:-Veterans Day?
    What will you be doing to celebrate Veterans Day??
    THANK YOU to all our veterans for your service!!!!
    (My DH is a Viet Nam vet and our son also served during Global War on Terror in Afghanistan)
    Thanks again to all our veterans and God bless who who never made it back home

    Answer:-I'll be remembering sacrifice is what God will not have,
    and the not part is notably not then, not now, not ever.

    I don't want Ned Flanders peace passeth understanding.
    I want understanding that brings true and lasting peace.

    Fighting for peace is like
    unto fornicating for chastity.

    God is not [the author] of confusion,
    but is [the author] of peace.

    Grace --> Mercy --> Peace with you all.
  • Question:-Veterans day?
    Topics with ideas for my veterans day paper, don't want you to write it, just give me some ideas, thatnx!!
    and i need something like a personification of a uniform of a description of something

    Answer:-Much is made of the warrior. How about something about a military doctor?

    Maybe a codebreaker?
  • Question:-On Veterans Day veterans should have gasoline free to visit their friends and family, what do you think?
    At least veterans should enjoy one day of travel without having to count their dollars and check if they have enough for gas. Many militaries families are suffering to the max. It is a small gift for all they have done for us. We shouldn't be paying $3.45 a gallon like third world countries. Distances are so big here, in other countries you go from one country to the other in one hour, not here. Americans need a break please.

  • Question:-Will six flags be crowded on veterans day?
    I want to go to six flags this coming veterans day. I was planning on going during the week to avoid weekend crowds. However, will going on veterans day avoid those crowds, or will they be there anyway? Thanks.

    Answer:-veterans day will be the most crowded then saturday next most...historically speaking
  • Question:-What is a good processional march for veterans day?
    Looking for an instrumental piece for the processional on veterans day. A march is prefered.
    Preferably something sounding patriotic.

    Answer:-Trumpet Voluntary
    It is called Arsenal, but i don't remember who the composer was.
  • Question:-What can I do for my husband on Veterans Day?
    Tomorrow is Veterans Day, and I wanted to do something for my Veteran.

    Any ideas? I've been thinking about this for days.

    Answer:-just let him be, and allow him to do whatever he wants...

    or, make him a nice breakfast, serve it to him in bed. Then tell him the rest of the day is for him to do whatever he wants
  • Question:-What is the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day?
    Seems they both honor veterans and those lost in wars. I make a point to appreciate our troops every day, so I'm not complaining about the redundancy, just curious.

    Answer:-Memorial Day honors the people who have died in war and Veterans Day honors the Veterans who are still living.
  • Question:-What is a good idea for a debate topic on Veterans Day?
    I'm hosting a meeting and the topic of the day is Veterans Day. Do I need to stick to military veterans or are there other people giving there time and energy out there to make the world a better place?

  • Question:-How many of you can post a thanks to our Veterans on this special day?
    Politics or belief has nothing to do with it. Men and women serve around the world to preserve freedom. Thank you heroes, past and present, for serving in uniform. God bless our troops and their families this Veterans Day.

    Answer:-thankyou to all the veterans out there who helped protect us.
    i'm grateful for you helping keep our country safe.

    from a military brat.

    son of parents in the USAF
    nephew of people in the US navy, US marines, US coastguard
    grandson of someone in the US army
  • Question:-How should I write a paper on the importance of veterans day. Where should i get info on this topic.?
    I have to write a paper about the history and importance of veterans day.
    How should i celebrate this day.

    Answer:-Interview a veteran.

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