Saturday, October 29, 2011

new york snow

  • Question:-what does the term "pure as new york snow" mean in the song bette davis eyes?
    do you think it means bette davis is pure/virginal or is it a sarcastic remark, cause im picturing new york snow to be dirty due to pollution/traffic etc etc......what do you think??

    Answer:-Pure, virginal and can do no wrong... just like Sharon Abbott claims to be on Y&R... now that's funny! However, I believe that song to be, not about Bette Davis, but another woman who seems to look like her, and have her features and personality.

    Oh, and I'm sure Kim Carnes only put the "New York" thing to sound ironic.
  • Question:-In Bette Davis Eyes, when they say she's as pure as New York snow?
    Are the implying she's rather trampy because New York snow is pretty yellow and not white because of all the cars and people.

  • Question:-How many inches does it have to snow in New York for their schools to close?
    I live in New York and it is snowing!!! I realllllyyy want to have a snow day (on monday) and its supposed to snow steadily overnight until about five o clock at night tomorrow. So my question is- How many inches does it have to snow (in NY) for NY schools to close ?

    Answer:-Its not really about inches of snow, its about the weather generally. If there is lots of snow and windy and messy they will definitely close schools. I hope it gets that way for a few days after the break hehehe
  • Question:-In New York City when does the average first snow of the season start?
    I lived in New York all my life and I'm 16 years old. I never seen it snow in november or october, but I seen major snowstorm in April. People always tell me that snow in New York can exist in Oct and Nov. The earlist snow of the season I seen was December 5. Has any one seen snow in NYC in November or October, or May

    Answer:-Looks like November for NYC, and October for other places in NY.
  • Question:-What kinds of shoes do high school students in New York wear in the snow?
    I live in Oklahoma but was wondering what type of shoes teenagers in high school wear in the snow in New York? I am visiting there this christmas and wanted to know what the norm was? But not the dorky kids;) The well dressed kids :-D
    I was curious what they wear when it is actually snowing and they would have to walk through snow. I for one am not going to wear my uggs and ruin them! I thought maybe rain boots to keep your feet dry and they can be so much cuter than snow boots.

    Answer:-I think most high school students in New york wear probably
    Uggs, high boots, even shoes like converse/DCs/skaters/vans
    I think most would be wearing high boots with buckles or such, and uggs.

    Hope this helps
    and btw,
    Have fun there!
  • Question:-Does it snow in New York around the third week of January?
    My husband and I are planning on going to New York around the third week of January and we were wondering how big our chances are been able to see snow?

    Answer:-I have no idea what MOMO is talking about, it snows here in January all the time. However, no one can tell you exactly when its going to happen. Usually when we get a storm its on the weekends. I would say your chances are about 50/50, its really just going to depend on whether or not we have a storm come in.

    Although you may be disappointed if it dosnt snow, there is an upside. Snow has a tendency to ruin travel plans, and your flight home could be canceled, forcing you to find further accommodations.
  • Question:-What temperature does it have to be to snow in New York City this Christmas?
    I am going to New York Dec 21-26 and I was wondering if it would snow and at what temperature.

    Answer:-32 F or less to get snow, but NYC with all the traffic, people, and hustle and bustle - tends to get a bit heated, and its more likely to melt faster there than say update new york, so the lower the temp, the more likely you are to see the snow and have it stick.
  • Question:-Why is North Carolina getting more snow than New York?
    Ok so today i was talking to my friend who lives in north carolina. And she said that on Thursday there was 8-10 inches of snow there. I live in Miller Place, Long Island NY and the most it has snowed here was like what 2 inches!!! Whats going on? Is Global Warming affecting New York more or something?

    Answer:-Yes, global warming is certainly causing all these unprecedented world destruction. Pray hard that the glacier from the two poles stay as they are for many more years to come. Otherwise many countries will be under water.
    Have you seen the movie Water World?
  • Question:-What do they do with all the snow in new york city , NY when they plow ?
    In wisconsin we put it on the grassy knoll between the sidewalk and the road...but new york has gotten alot more snow than us this year...and I think the city is alot more congested than here..what do they do with all the snow ?

    Answer:-The majority of the snow is piled on the edge of the sidewalk, until a few weeks later it finally melts. It's gets extremely dirty and annoying in the process.
  • Question:-What was the first year in which it didn't snow in New York City for Christmas?
    Basically, the first year it did not snow in New York City for Christmas.
    Preferably a year in recorded history.
    eg. 1934 or 1860 (whatever).
    Remember, the first ever year it did not snow.

    Answer:-It rarely snows on Christmas day in NYC. How about 1664?

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