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weather houston

  • Question:-How is the weather in Houston, TX during the following months?
    I would like someone to answer this question that how is the weather in houston during the months of november, december, january & febuary. I am planning to visit houston 3 - 4 months & was wondering that would i need sweaters, jackets etc. Thanks

    Answer:-We have a saying in Texas that if you don't like the weather then wait a few minutes and it will change. That is true. The months you listed are our "rainy season" but not necessarily our cold season. Bring a jacket, a sweater and a few warm clothes in case we have a freak cold snap. It can be anywhere from 40 to 80 degrees. Usually it is fairly mild and pleasant but we can occasionally have a really cold spell so be prepared.
  • Question:-how do i get the houston weather channel to stay on?
    the houston texas weather channel used to come on automatically whenever i selected weather, but now it doesn,t. how can i get
    the houston weather channel to appear automatically when i select
    the weather feature? many thanks.

    Answer:-Put your zipcode into the location and that should do it.
  • Question:-What is the extreme weather like in Houston?
    Does Houston get hurricanes or tornadoes? What are some other types of extreme weather that Houston gets?

    Answer:-Houston is HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Houston gets tornadoes, but it happens more often in surrounding counties. Houston has also been known to get Hurricanes, but Houston hasn't had one recently. Hurricane Rita last year didn't even come near Houston. If you live near Galveston they have the more likelihood to have a hurricane by the time it would make to Houston it would be a tropical storm in most cases.
  • Question:-How is the weather in Houston TX?
    My husban is talking about moving from California to Houston Tx. How is the weather there? Is there a big risk of Tornados? What about the job market, how is it in this crisis?

    Answer:-I'll be honest.
    The weather is pretty sucky during late spring and the summer. Get ready for hot, humid days, and in the early spring we are swarming with mosquitoes!

    However it is great beach weather, and if you are an indoor person, you won't even notice it. The weather during the rest of the year is perfect. We do have an increased chance of tornadoes compared to the rest of the country, but it is much lower than places like Dallas or Oklahoma.

    The only thing that is worth worrying about is hurricanes which aren't that common. You might have a real scare once in two years, but most of the time the end up to be nothing. In fact Hurricane Ike which hit us last year was the first hurricane in like 4 years. And if you ask me, they are better than earthquakes. Hurricanes can be predicted.

    As for the job market, it's actually a bit better than the rest of the country.
  • Question:-What is a durable potted plant for Houston weather?
    I am looking for some plants that are durable in the Houston climate. I don't tend to have good luck with plants so Im looking for something that wont die easily. The pots I have are fairly large.

    Answer:-Lantana - hardy color
    Knockout roses
    'Sprengeri' Asparagus fern
    Aloe Vera - needs protection in winter
    Bird of Paradise - needs protection in winter
    Most citrus trees - may require protection in winter
  • Question:-Which place is better tive at for all year round warm weather houston or south florida?
    I live in Chicago and I HATE the winters here because they are brutal. I can't take it anymore! Plus I have Seasonal Affective Disorder in which I have to go to therapy during the winter time and take antidepressants. My therapist strongly suggests I just move to a warmer climate.

    Answer:-Move to a sunny place too. That has alot to do with S.A.D too, the lack of sunlight.
    The weather is perfect in phoenix, and tuscon all year round...denver is also sunny and more mild..but if you wanna get rid of the cold too...phoenix and tuscon arizona. Its dry not too not really uncomfortable at all like florida and houston are in the summers.

    Its hot in mid to southern florida all year round...but its really muggy in the summer.
    Houston it gets a little chilly sometimes...but rare, and NOTHING like chi town lol.

    Probably more to do in houston over all than in florida...I'd pick houston if I could only pick between the two.
    But if I could choose any place it would be the southwest...where its always sunny..perfecty dry weather all year round...beautiful things to do..desert, ocean, mountains..everything within a few hours drive. You have LA, phoenix tuscon san diego, las vegas..everything so close by.

    What about austin tex?
  • Question:-Whats the weather like in Houston during April?
    Just wanting to know what the weather is like on average in the month of April in Houston. Average temps during the day and night, how often does it rain, is it humid, etc. Thanks for any help.

    Answer:-temperatures usually between 70-85 in the day
    a little rain I would say every other week
    the humidity is rising near its peak ( which would be in June-July)
  • Question:-How's the weather north of Houston, Texas?
    My husband and I are planning on moving to Texas, somewhere north of Houston. How's the weather? I know it's very humid, but how about tornado and hurricane threats? How often do they occur? Also I know it depends on where exactly we move, but generally how bad does it flood?

    Answer:-The weather is great 9 months out of the year. June, July, and August are very hot and humid, so indoor activities are best this time of year. Of course, everything is air conditioned. Tornadoes are unpredictable, but we have no higher a susceptibility to them than other places. Hurricane season
    is May - November every year. Predictions
    are for 3.87 big hurricanes to threaten the US coast during the 2008 season. Since you will not be living on the coast, this should not be a major concern for you. The main danger in a hurricane is the storm surge which occurs in areas on or close to the coast. Welcome to Houston!
  • Question:-What is the weather in Denver like in Mid July? I will be there visiting from Houston.?
    I know it's hot but it's not humid like a sauna like Houston is it? How high do the temps get & does being in the mountains help or hinder? In short is there a BIG difference between summertime weather in Houston & Denver or not?

    Answer:-Hot & dry. Heat ranges from the high 80°s to 100° in July, with almost no humidity. You will need to bring a lot of moisturizer and sunblock. And don't forget chapstick. And drink plenty of water.

    In the mountains, depending on your elevation, expect it to be 15 to 20° cooler than in town.

    Yes, there is a BIG difference between summertime Houston & summertime Denver.
  • Question:-What's the weather in Houston Texas right now?
    And usually? Is there a major difference between the weather in California and Houston?
    I've heard about the humid and I'm going to be visiting for a month and I'm worried about feeling claustraphobic, any advice

    Answer:-Houston weathercasters must have some of the easiest jobs in the country. From April through October it's always the same:

    "Hot. Humid. Chance of rain." Over and over and over.

    California is the realm of microclimates so it's hard to generalize. However, Houston is FOR SURE MUCH MUCH MUCH more humid. Compared to Los Angeles, Houston is very hot and very humid. Compared to San Francisco...well, it's like going from the refrigerator directly into rice cooker.

    Don't worry too much though. EVERYTHING (AND I MEAN EVERYTHING) is air conditioned in Houston. It is literally (and I think it's even listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, though don't quote me on that) as the most air conditioned city on earth.

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