Thursday, October 27, 2011

scumbag steve

  • Question:-Where can I find a Scumbag Steve hat?
    Okay, there is a girl that I really like that is into memes and such. Her birthday is coming up soon so I came up with the perfect gift, a scumbag steve hat. I have looked everywhere for a few days but I can't find anything. Can you please help me?

  • Question:-anyone know where i can buy a scumbag steve hat?
    i really want to buy one but i cant seem to find it

    Answer:-i have seen it on ebay for cheap
  • Question:-Girls, do you know who Scumbag Steve is? Would you date him?
    Here's a picture of him:

    Answer:-Hey that's the guy who pick pocketed me!
  • Question:-Do you know who Scumbag Steve is?
    If you do then did you know he raps for a living?

    Check his song out:

    Answer:-Well i once knew a Steve who was a real scumbag with Storeys that i couldn't get into right here
  • Question:-is steve smith off the field WAY less arrogant and brash than scumbag floyd mayweather jr from boxing?

    Answer:-Ya Mayweather is a douche and a disgrace to boxing. He thinks he's all that and he's not even a Heavy weight.
  • Question:-why do girls go after scumbag steves and not good-guy gregs?
    not fair!

    going after bad boys=having bad children

    Because they are no better than the scumbag they love.
    I myself like good guys though.
  • Question:-who's your favorite: Greg or Steve?
    Scumbag Steve or good guy Greg



    but good guy greg is ok i guess
  • Question:-Do the folks at WI know what they protesting for ?
    Its like every time I see pictures from the riot I always see people wearing bunny suit pedo bear t shirt and holding scumbag steve sign its like nothing more than a festival for most of the folks there, I wonder do these people know what they rioting for

    Answer:-No. Most of them are throwbacks from the 1960's. Also, several of them were out of state union zombies.

  • Question:-Spiritually speaking, what internet meme best represents God?
    I think Scumbag Steve.

    Or maybe Trolldad.

    *Ah this won't last long.*

    Answer:-I think Trollgod represents God best.
  • Question:-Now that's it's been confirmed about Steve McNair, do you think this is a huge wake-up call for pro athletes?
    I'm not just referring to married athletes. I am referring to all of them who like their cake and eat it too. Because apparently things were not so well in this girls life and it looks like Steve fed her the scumbag lines that most cheaters do. Guys like Kobe Bryant should count their lucky stars that this situation was not them instead.

    Steve did not deserve to die like he did but I think it should be a lesson to all these guys who think lying is okay. It will get you in nothing but trouble.

    RIP Steve "Air" McNair. Only God Can Judge You Now!
    What's your problem Florida Gator Man? Dude, please, get yourself some Pepcid AC and calm the f*k down. Geeze, some people have some real anger problems. Never said you can't judge the guy, that's your business, I am just saying the final judgment comes before God. But figures a Gator man like yourself can't comprehend too well.

    Answer:-It is sad he died, but I agree he lied to the woman and she is not the only person who has commited a crime like this. Its sad, but this stuff happens to some people when they feel betrayed like that woman probably felt. It is still not right to take another persons life though.

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