Monday, October 31, 2011

today show

  • Question:-today show?
    did anyone see the today show this morning with maria menounos? anyone cringe every time she spoke because it was bound to be something really stupid. like when she was talking to the cook. and when she was eating the cupcake.

    Answer:-I was cringing right along with you. What's with her? She's so weird.
  • Question:-Today Show?
    I thought I heard that MSNBC was airing the Today Show's coverage from 9/11/01. Does anyone know when that is playing?

    Answer:-I have no idea. Good luck.
  • Question:-TODAY show?
    is anyone watching the today show right now? what is that songs name jessica simpson is singing? "i can let my hair down, i can say anything, crazy, and you can catch right before i hit the ground"

    Answer:-It's called "With You," from her 2004 album, "In This Skin."
  • Question:-What was the lip pencil shown on The Today Show May 28th for $1?
    Did anyone see the segment this morning on The Today Show (3rd hour) about makeup tips? They were showing a lip pencil/liner for $1. You apply to entire lip and put some Vaseline over it.

    Answer:-Wet and Wild lip liner, she wears #666, then put vaseline over top. I am guessing a Rite-Aid would carry it.
  • Question:-How does one appear on the Today show with Matt Lauer? Can anyone appear on Today?
    I watch the Today show regularly, and it's a great show to start the day. I was wondering if an ordinary citizen like me can go on Today and share something with Matt Lauer and the audience. Do you have to go through screening, interviews, exams, etc?

    Answer:-Normally people are invited, however if you have something they might want, submit it to the producer and if they are interested they will contact you.
  • Question:-What island was featured on the today show wedding giveaway with the honeymoon to the island with turtles?
    In early fall the Today Show gave away a wedding to a young couple. They were sent on a honeymoon to a private island with 14 individual villas. The island was inhabited by large land turtles. Does anyone know where or what it was?

    Answer:-Sychelles. You can watch the today show video here:

    Wikipedia about Sychelles:

    Travel to Sychelles:

  • Question:-How is the TODAY show filmed for the east coast and the west coast live?
    I know the Today show is on for like 4 hours (7am-11am) . When I lived on the east coast, it was live. Now that I live on the west coast, I'm wondering how it works. Some segments if not all still say they are live. Are they just re-airing them or are they actually live for the west coast too.
    Just curious.
    Yea, it is 7am-11am on the west coast too.

    Answer:-are the times the same? on the East it is 7 am-11 am, on the west is it 11 am-3 pm? that would explain it. if it airs at the same time 7 am-11 am on both coasts then it is not live on the west, just a re-airing.
  • Question:-What time should I be at the today show to see Enrique Iglesias?
    Hes going to be doing a free concert that starts at 7am-9am on August 19th, 2011. The fastest way I can get to NYC would take around 45 minutes by train. What time should I arrive at the today show? What time should I wake up?

    Answer:-What time you wake up depends on how long it takes you to shower and dress. Be at the concert by 4 a.m........good chance of being in front. Maybe even get an autograph.
  • Question:-What time do the Today Show summer concerts begin and end?
    I really would like to attend the Katy Perry Today Show concert next week and I know you have to get there super early but does anyone know (around) what time the concerts usually start and end because I need to get home at a certain time...Thank you in advance!

    Answer:-Jamie Depends on your time zone it is 7:00 to 9:00 here.

    ~ Don ~
  • Question:-Can you bring signs to Today Show concerts if you have a fan pass?
    My daughter and her friend have Fan Passes for Coldplay's concert on the Today Show for October 21st. They would love to make a sign if possible, but I was wondering if they allow them to have them?

    Answer:-I believe so. If I remember correctly, the last time Coldplay played there I saw fans with signs. The band loves it.

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