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in living color

  • Question:-What is the 'In Living Color' skit with the muppet meat?
    There's a skit from In Living Color (I believe) with a couple visiting another couple's house. They're eating some kind of meat, which turns out to be muppet. Does anyone know the name of this skit? If so, please let me know and the first to answer correctly gets my vote for Best Answer!

    Answer:-what he said
  • Question:-What was your favorite in living color sketch?
    What was your favorite in living color sketch?

    Fire Marshall Bill has to be the funniest thing ive ever seen! "You think your safe don't you??? Well Your Not! Ha Ha

    Answer:-Oh my god Iove in living color!
    I love fire marshall bill
    Vera Cosa
    Homie da clown
    the jamaican doctors
    Head detective
    I have the first season. It's great I watch it all the time
    mo money mo money mo money
  • Question:-What In Living Color Episode is this?
    I remember watching an In Living Color episode and it was about somebody suing a homeless man and he wanted to look smart so he used big words that didn't have anything to do with the situation. what episode is this?

    Answer:-Anton In The People's Court: Season 1, Episode 11

    Damon Wayans had a homeless character named Anton Jackson.
  • Question:-What's the "In Living Color" sketch where two guys are in a bar for cheaters that covers up their infedelities?
    It's a sketch about two husbands at a bar that covers for them cheating on their wives. I remember the people in the bar acting like a surgery was happening when a doctor had to call his wife. Thanks for any help.

    Answer:-Could this be it

    Video - Cheaters RAW! -- Probably one of the biggest cheater's ever ...
    If your case is selected you will be notified. ... confronts his wife at a local sports bar where she is Caught on Tape with her son's best fri...

    * Have a Good Day *

    ~ Don ~
  • Question:-How to get the In Living Color Achievement on Blazblue?
    I have beaten someone with A button X button Y button and B button costumes with one character in versus but I still dont have the achievement is there another button to press for another costume?

    Answer:-Press "Start" when the cursor is hovering over the character instead of "A," "X," "Y," or "B" buttons. That will bring up the 12 color schemes in a sub-menu. Keep in mind that you must use the different costumes in single player modes (Arcade and Story) to get the achievement; online will not work!

    Use all 12, and bleep-bloop, achievement unlocked.
  • Question:-What was the name of the comedian who played on in living color?
    He acted like a young child with his mom. He was really annoying and he said stuff like "stooooop, I can do it myseeeellf" and "look what i can do" and he would jump around and act like an idiot? Also is there anywhere on the web where you can see clips of it?
    Yes, your right it is mad tv. lol thanks kinda sounds like you are taking about Stuart on Mad Tv.
  • Question:-Who do you think was the funniest cast member on In Living Color?
    I'm just going to be the stereotypical white person and say Jim Carrey. What do you think?

    Answer:-Yea Jim Carrey because he'd always make me laugh no matter what token white person he played
  • Question:-What decade is the show in living color from?
    I'm watching the. Show right now .when I press info on my cabel it says 2010.that cant be true.

    Answer:-1991 to 94 or 95.
  • Question:-Can You Describe Yourself In Living Color?
    What Color are you?

    What color is your mood today?
    What color is your soul?
    What color are the words you say?
    Red like blood that stained the cross or maybe black as coal?

    What color is your state of mind?
    What color is your love?
    What color is the peace you find?
    Green as ink on dollar bills or blue as skies above?

    What color are your eyes today?
    What color is your trust?
    What color are the games you play?
    White like fresh laid virgin snow or gold like angel dust?

    What color is your heart today?
    What color is your faith
    What color choices did you make?
    Bronze like statues in the park or pink like salmon steaks?

    what color is your world today?
    What color is your rain?
    What color are the tears you cry?
    Silver as a shiny dime or Grey as deep dark pain?

    What ever color you may be,
    what ever you may feel.
    A brighter day is your to see
    I know 'cause, God is real.

    Lady Moore-Sabb@ 1997

    Answer:-My mood is gray, my soul is silverish blue, and color of my words are a fresh paint on a palette to use, So I would now say that I'am red like the blood that is now the land and the sky that give color to life.
    My state of mind is green, my love is blue, and the color of my peace is beautiful like torquise, So I will speak that I'm blue as the skies above only because I know everyone thinks for the best of me for the fact of self.
    My heart is Black, and my faith is gold, the choices I made for my colors are the ones I use to paint color into my gray mood, For I already beleive I'm bronze statue now standing on marble floors.(my heart and faith)
    The color of my world is orange, the rain is purple, my tears are clear, So I now feel silver as a shiney dime.
    & the color I be is that of light, for thats how I feel, and I know cause I live.
  • Question:-Where can i watch that In Living Color skit where they read rap lyrics as poems?
    i searched and searched but have yet to find it. maybe you know or will have better luck finding it...



    Hey Sleepyguy-

    Wake-Up! I have your information for you.

    The Title of this skit is called, "poetry From the Hood"
    I have a link here for you to watch for FREE!! It's a'lil more then 1/2 way down the page. ENJOY!!!!
    Here Ya Go --->

    The skit features Jamie Foxx & David Alan Grier.

    Take Care!!

    _______ ~_~.


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