Thursday, October 27, 2011

steven tyler

  • Question:-steven tyler...................?
    Is steven tyler still with the woman he had is daughter with?

    Answer:-Which daughter?
  • Question:-Steven Tyler?
    Does anyone know what happened to Steven Tyler (AEROSMITH) Why he cancelled his concerts?

    Answer:-I am a huge Aerosmith fan and also happen to have a background in throat anatomy and conditions. My educated guess is that he suffers from vocal nodules and has had them removed. He's going to have to be off tour for a while recuperating and going through therapy before and if he will be able to sing again like the Steven we know and love. I wish him well and love'em dearly.
  • Question:-What did Steven Tyler say/do on American Idol that was so controversial?
    On this weeks episode it said something like "Mr. Tyler has been warned and he assures us it won't happen again." Something like that they were apologizing for whatever Steven Tyler said or did,

    I missed last weeks episode.

    Anyways I was just wondering what he did? And if that had a video of it?

    Answer:-He was just being himself! Mr. Tyler was joking with a contestant and dropped the "f" bomb, which was censored. He also was quite "impressed" with an underage female contestant who quite possibly could have been his granddaughter. Here's the thing.....A.I. hired him for who he is and for his incredible talent and reputation. His being outrageous is exactly what they want. My thought is that the apology is to cover their butts with the network in case somebody complains that he's too "out there" for prime time. He's my new favorite judge!
  • Question:-what is the song by steven tyler in the movie Armageddon?
    May someone please tell me the name of the song in the movie Armageddon by Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. Part of the song goes, "I don't want to close my eyes. I don't want to fall asleep cause I'll miss you Baby and I don't want to miss a thing." Thank you so much.

  • Question:-How to cope with the departure of Steven Tyler?
    I have listened to Aerosmith for a couple years. Now, knowing the great Steven Tyler is no longer in Aerosmith, I feel sad and I feel the need to refrain from their music and anything that reminds me of them. Is this a good choice and what could I also do?

    Answer:-he's not leaving -
  • Question:-What kind of outfit should I wear if I were dressing up as Steven Tyler from Aerosmith?
    Yes, I know I'm a girl, but I'm supposed to play the part of Steven Tyler from Aerosmith for this mock interview I am doing in my music class. The teacher said anything goes as long as we keep it "PG."

    Got any ideas?

    Answer:-He likes to wear long scarves with tight leather pants. He always kind of has his hair teased. It kind of looks like he just got out of bed. I am a big fan. He also isn't afraid of sparkly shiny things.
  • Question:-Which video or videos does Steven Tyler of Aerosmith do a backflip?
    My mom and I have been looking at a few of them, but we cannot find one where he does a backflip. We googled it, but it just shows up as some kid named Steven Tyler.


    Answer:-love in an elevator i believe
  • Question:-Is Steven Tyler really going to sue Aerosmith?
    I saw on Yahoo that Steven was going to sue Aerosmith if they replace him. I just hope it won't go any further than just bickering. It breaks my heart when I see things like "Steven Tyler checks back into rehab." or maybe "Aerosmith breaking up."! It becomes a bad for an Aerosmith fan such as myself! Opinions please!

    Answer:-I LOVE AEROSMITH!!

    But I don't really know. I don't get into stuff like that.

    But why in the hell will they replace Steven?! Steven IS Aerosmith, imo.

    Replacing Steven. That makes me LOL!
  • Question:-What painting was given to Steven Tyler on American Idol for his Birthday?
    Steven Tyler was given a painting on American Idol for his Birthday. Does anyone know what the painting is or who painted it? Can you purchase it or is it a one of a kind?

    Answer:-it was by peter max, read about it here
  • Question:-Do you think j-lo and steven tyler were good choices for american idol?
    I do not think jenny from the block was a good choice. And steven tyler is gonna be crazy. I think j-lo and steven tyler will argue. But I think the shows gonna pay the price. They could have chosen better choices. What about you?

    Answer:-i'm pretty sure they wont argue, but i dont j-lo is a good choice cause she can't even sing herself. but steven definitly knows what he is talking about. read this article, u'll change ur mind.

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