Monday, October 31, 2011

anna chapman

  • Question:-Anna Chapman gets caught spying and is home doing fashion shows, but people are in guantanamo: double standard?
    There are people who have not had a trial, still held in guantanamo depsite saying they are innocent.

    Anna Chapman is caught as a spy, inside the US, charged, then released.

    Why the double standard?
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    Answer:-Being caught as a spy and being caught fighting against the US govt is another thing..
    People caught on the battlefield are prisoners of war and classed differently..
    If we went on what they say we could empty the jails as they all claim to be innocent.
  • Question:-Where I can see anna chapman photo?
    I want to see and download all anna chapman photo , anna chapman racy photo.

    Answer:-I just found this link and has too many anna chapman photo. You can save all photo to your desktop.
  • Question:-Who is the Hottest Political Icon, Democratic activists Anna Chapman or the Tea Party sympathizer Sarah Palin?
    We all know Politics is all about style not substance.

    Answer:-Spies are always sexier. I don't know how Obummer feels about his special escort service getting busted. You know Michelle had something to do with it, LOL.
  • Question:-Do you think Anna Chapman would go out with me if I asked her?
    She is the hottest double agent I have ever seen!

    Answer:-sorry dude prob not but you could find somone relistic go out and look not gonna hurt
  • Question:-How do we know Anna Chapman is a spy?
    And why on earth would Russia EVER need a spy in the U.S. after the Cold War is over?

    Answer:-Chapman was required to admit her guilt as part of the agreement to deport her to Russia.

    Countries gather lots of intelligence beyond military. Business secrets, crop forecasts, gossip on political leaders, all of that and more is grist for a spy to gather. Knowledge is power and the more you know about countries you compete with, the more you have an advantage over them.
  • Question:-While she is in New York, is the CIA briefing the Queen about Anna Chapman?
    The recently exposed Russia spy is reported to have tried to infiltrate Royal Circles through the Princes. She frequented the Boujis club where the young Royals often party the night away.

    Answer:-Yes indeed dear boy. I believe that the Chapman girl may have been privy to some very classified information during her 'pillow talk' with the Princes. It reminds one of the Profumo affair. How one loved those weekends at Cliveden! Happy days dear boy. Happy days!
  • Question:-Have any of the Russian NHLers been involved with Anna Chapman the hot Russian spy that was busted last year?
    What a babe.

    Answer:-Not too sure; Rumors have it Alex Semin was found all over her, though...
  • Question:-Is Anna Chapman the new pinup girl for the Obama leftist types?

    Answer:-She's cute , she ain't no pinup girl from what I saw in the news paper ...........
  • Question:-Why is anna chapman so popular?
    She spied for mother russia.She put our national security at risk yet all american males plesure themselves to her photos?Would you plesure yourself to the photos of an attractive women who murdered your family?

    Answer:-Whores are always popular.
  • Question:-Am i wrong for fantasizing about Anna Chapman lately when I am making love to my wife?
    Anna Chapman:

    Answer:-dont think so,but am i wrong for fantasizing about your wife when im making love to anna chapman?

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