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albert pujols

  • Question:-Albert Pujols?
    St.Louis Cardinals 1st basemen Albert Pujols injurys left calf in todays game in the 7th inning. How much hurt is this to the Cards now. Wainwright goes on DL and now Pujols injurys his calf and if I remember right he injuried his right calf a few years back and missed over a month of ball. Can Cards cont.. winning ways without there biggest bat in Pujols?

    Answer:-i knew this day would come. i'm glad he's on the dl. if u single handedly take out two opposing players in the same inning....he got what he deserved. bastard even smiled after he did it
  • Question:-ALBERT Pujols?
    pujols just had the worst season of his career

    32 HR
    103 RBI
    .327 AVG

    there are 100's of players in the league that would DIE just to have one season that good!

    if Pujols stays healthy and plays another 10-12 year..i think he will wnd up being the all time
    HR hitter
    RBI leader

    what do you think?

    Answer:-5 straight years at 30+ HRs, 100+ RBIs, .300+ average, and this season his streak of 100+ runs scored was snapped.

    He had 99.

    He is a baseball god.
  • Question:-albert pujols?
    why is albert not playing first base tonight

    Answer:-I checked the Cardianls website, but it didn't say anything about it. Players just need daysoff sometimes.
  • Question:-What do you think about the decline in statistics by Albert Pujols?
    Cardinals fans and those that follow Albert Pujols what do you think has caused his drop in offensive numbers? He is down in HR, RBI, Runs, and his AVE is slightly lower. I hope this is just a phase and he will bounce back soon and maybe next season he will again have his usually high numbers. He has played every game and I can only remember one game he didn't get to bat (he came in late for defense). It does look as though he will have more walks this year than any other year but we are talking about 12-15 more than previous totals. Anybody have any ideas as to what is going on with Pujols?

    Answer:-I expected a decline from the very start. He's a great hitter, but it helps to be in good lineup. Long gone are Larry Walker, Reggie Sanders and Edmond's ability to put up numbers.

    The offense has been getting weaker and weaker over the last few years and finally it's come to the point were it's gets too difficult for one player to carry the load. Last year Pujols was the only player on the team with over 25 Home Run and the only player with 100+ RBI's.

    Here's the Cardinals numbers in the first half over the last few years. You can see easily see the decline.

    2004 - 108 HR, 455 Runs, .276 AVG
    2005 - 97 HR, 447 Runs, .271 AVG
    2006 - 87 HR, 440 Runs, .279 AVG
    2007 - 70 HR, 368 Runs, .267 AVG
  • Question:-ALbert Pujols....................?
    If Pujols does not sign with the cardinals after tomorrow, is he then a free agent, or is he 100% for sure playing for them this year?
    So theres NO chance of him not being on 1B for the cards on opening day?

    Answer:-His current contract runs through the end of the 2011 season. He will become a free agent at the end of the 2011 World Series. He will play for the Cardinals this season to satisfy his contract.

    Pujols has a no trade contract with the Cardinals.
    "Even if the sides don’t reach agreement by tomorrow (Feb 16), the Cardinals would retain exclusive negotiating rights with Pujols from the end of the 2011 regular season until five days after the World Series."
  • Question:-Is Albert Pujols the fastest player to get to 400 homeruns?
    I know he is the 3rd youngest, that is not what I'm asking. I'm wondering in a basis of games played. So my question should be did it take Albert Pujols less "games" to get to 400 home runs then KGJR or A Rod?

    Answer:-Pujols hit his first in 2001 and so it took him 9 years to get to 400 home runs. you do the math.

    Rock Firestorm: It's not 10 complete idiot. The year is still going, so don't be a wiseazz.
  • Question:-What are the chances that we see Albert Pujols traded for Ryan Howard straight up at the trade deadline?
    The Cardinals don't look as though they are going to be able to afford Albert Pujols. Ryan Howard is already under contract for less than what Albert Pujols wants. If things don't work out, what are the chances we see this trade at the trade deadline?


    I know that this was mentioned as a trade rumor before last season, but it was never anything serious. It was more like something that a Phillies executive mentioned during a brainstorming session when an ESPN reporter happened to be present.

    First and foremost: the Cardinals want to keep Pujols, and I am almost certain they will.

    Even if they want to unload him, this is not a realistic trade. First of all, teams usually don't trade one hitter for another of the same type. Both are power hitting first basemen. Neither would fill any sort of different niche that either team lacks. Second, it would be silly for the Phillies to give up a guy they just signed to a 5 year contract extension for a guy who will be a free agent after this year. Likewise, it would be silly for the Cardinals to trade away Pujols for a guy who is getting paid $25 million per year anyway!

    Most importantly, if Pujols does get traded (and he won't) it would be for prospects. A lot of them. It is extremely rare for one veteran to get traded for another veteran star.
  • Question:-How does Albert Pujols hit sooo many homeruns without taking steriods,I want to be like him,whats his secret?
    Please,when I grow up I want to try out for mlb.MY QUESTION IS,How is Albert soo strong and hit alot of homeruns,how come he can do it and ortiz and rodriguez cant?What type of weights pujols lifts and does he drink a powder protein shake??Please I want to know how he hits alot of homeruns without taking steriods

    Answer:-how do you know hes not taking steroids?
  • Question:-How much can I sell my St. Louis Cardinals Albert Pujols autograph baseball for?
    It is a Collector's Edition Baseball, official ball.
    Rawlings official supplier of baseballs for Major League Baseball. It is in ment condition and was autographed by Albert Pujols around 2001 in red ink. Still in the Box.

    Answer:-Don't sell your baseball, get it authenticated and insured. Albert Pujols is destined to be a hall of famer. At his current pace he will break alot of records including career HR's and RBI's. Trust me 12 yrs from now that baseball will be worth at least 100 times what its authenticated value is today, and its value will only go up. You will thank yourself if you put that ball in a safety deposit box and forget about it until you see him being inducted into the hall of fame. Wish I had one.
  • Question:-Why does Albert Pujols whear a black t shirt under his jersy?
    Why does Albert Pujols whear a black t shirt under his jersy and the rest of the team have red?

    Answer:-Because he wants to and can.

    Maybe its comfort.

    Noone knows...

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