Friday, October 28, 2011

time change

  • Question:-Time Change?
    the time changes this weekend March 11th, ok here the question, computers ,tv's and other stuff that is automatically programed to change on the 21 of March if you change the time manually on the 11th ,will they change again on the 21st spring daylight savings time.since they are built in to change automatically..

    Answer:-On the CBS news, they said that you would have to change your clocks this weekend and also again the end of April when the time used to change and then again in October and then again in November. (Sounds like more trouble than it is worth.)
  • Question:-Time change?
    With the time change of a month total by one hour what effects will this have on the environment and the ecosystems, will we set the natural systems around us out of whack, perhaps by doing this may have harmfull affects on US and the environment. Any Professional or structured advice on this matter would be appreciated. Thank you....I posted this before and look already bees are vanishing, Changing time like this affects the environment we live in and dont think it doesnt, you will see some halacious storms this season, and dont say I didnt tell ya so, just you wait and see, now we have people screwing with ecosystems, dont fool with mother nature, you morons, and anyone who doubts me, youll be the same one whos house has major damage or worse, youve been warned, dont fool with the elements as there layed out or the curse shall be yours!
    I didnt say it cares I said it affects it, which in turn affects US, its NOT a matter if it cares, its whether or not it affects IT!, And yes it does just keep watching the news, youll see

    Answer:-God's creation is too under His control and magnificent to be affected by man/woman's merely changing the clocks ahead or back an hour.

    As far as storms and such, it is by His graciousness that we don't have worse storms, quakes etc. and have them more frequently than we do.
  • Question:-time change?
    I'm confused about the time change on Sunday. Do you move the clock forward or backwards? Also if i get off work at 7pm now, what time will it be after the time changes?

    Answer:-I usually leave my clock right where it is. My friend told me to move it back, but if I do that, it will be on the outside trailer wall.
  • Question:-How would I change the time of an event on printed invitations that doesn't look cheap or seem stupid?
    I ordered some invitations a few days ago. I have had to change the time, and the company has already begun to print them so they will not cancel or edit the invites! I am mad at the company, but I really need to let people know the time has been changed. I want to get little cards that say "Correction: ......". Is it appropriate to send a little notice with the invites letting the guests know of the time change? What is the correct way to tell them?

    Answer:-I second your suggestion for an insert card. You could also call/email people to make sure they all saw the card.
  • Question:-does the iPhone 3G change the time during the fall backward time change?
    I need to set my alarm on my iphone, but I dont know if it will automatically change the time at 2?
    but will i have to restart my phone?

    Answer:-Yes, it will automatically change your time at 2. I would suggest turning your iPhone off at least once every 72 hours for about 15 minutes no matter if there is an update needed or not. As you can see in many articles on this page: , giving your iPhone a few minutes to rest and reset when it turns back on is crucial for the longevity of your iPhone and keeping your software up-to-date!
  • Question:-How can I change the time on my cell phone?
    The time on my cell phone is an hour off. It still hasn't adjusted for the time change a couple of weeks ago. I tried turning it off hoping it would change when I turned it back on but that didn't work. And I don't live close enough to a different time zone for it to be picking up a signal from a tower in another time zone. Help, please.

    Answer:-It Depends on your handset Type:
    Usually you have to go the Setup or settings Menu==> then you can go choose Phone Setup==> then go to Time and date, then adjust your time.. if it doesn't work go to Time Zone setting and change it depending on your location..
    For example if you are in middle east my time zone will be +2 or +3 GMT
  • Question:-How do I change the time clock in my 06 Mitsubishi Lancer?
    So I know this is probably a dumb question, but I can't figure out which buttons to hold down or press to change the time on my clock in my Lancer! I googled it and didn't find any answers, just car highlights and overviews and reviews. I lost my manual during the move to my new home, but I know I changed it last year and this spring when we had the time changes, but I have no clue how I did it... Any help?

    Answer:-First its not a dumb question and you can find out how to do this three ways........

    1. Just call your local dealership and ask them....

    2. Call the manufacture and ask them (1-888-648-7820)....

    3. Or visit this site and best of luck.........
  • Question:-How and when should I change my clock for the time change?
    I have work tomorrow at 9:00 AM, so when and how do I change my clocks to reflect the time change?

    Answer:-Any time before going to bed the night of the time change.
    (Here, in Calgary, it's tonight, Saturday Nov. 3rd).
    Don't forget to change your alarm clock too.
    All your clocks should be set BACK by 1 hour.
  • Question:-How do I change the display time on my office phone?
    It is a Samsung Prostar. It displays both the date and time. Since the time change it has been off an hour. I would like to change it.

    Answer:-On most PBX (office phone) systems, the date and time are set across the entire phone system at the central controller unit for the system. Your best bet (or perhaps your only bet) would be to get in contact with someone in your company's IT or telecommunications department and request that they fix the time.

    I did find programming instructions for such a system at the link below, but it assumes that the passcode for the system hasn't been changed from the default.
  • Question:-When did the recording of time change from the beginning of the universe to time from Christ' birth?
    In Medieval times people recorded time from when they thought the universe was created but now we record time from when Christ was born. Is this true and when did it change?

    Answer:-This site explains it, and also the abbreviations used.....
    And here's another...

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