Sunday, October 30, 2011

while you were sleeping

  • Question:-what were the funnist dreams you had while sleeping at night?

    I just farted, wanna sniff? It smells like chicken!

    Answer:-The one where I surgically removed that chicken from your azz.
  • Question:-how will you know if you were sexually molested while sleeping?Are there any tests that can be done?
    Lets just say your in a club and then you started getting tipsy and dizzy. Then you don't remember what happened. An individual says he dropped you off at home but you are unsure if something happened. Is there any tests that can be done in order to examine if something did happen.

    Answer:-Wow sounds like theres not enough trouble in your life if your going out looking fot what might have happened...I'm sure there are ways of figureing it out. altest at the time the possible incident possibly occured bout chalking it up to experience and not getting so drunk you dont know what happened while apparently being with someone you obviously dont trust.........again i say geeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • Question:-Why human brain is creating dreams/stories when something happening to the person while sleeping?
    Some times people see a long dream before you wakeup after something happeinging to your body while you were sleeping. eg..if somebody pour water on you. the miracle is happening within split of seconds. before the brain gets the signals from the body.

    Answer:-its called your subconcious
  • Question:-What does it mean when you dream about another guy while sleeping?
    I am married for 6 years now. Sure we have had our ups and downs (like all marriages) but we are generally happy. Sometimes I dream about other men. Last night I dreamed about this man I have never seen before and he had the bluest eyes. We were in a serious relationship. I woke up and now I cannot get it off my mind. I feel guilty too. What does that mean?

    Answer:-it means.....!
    your cheating in your dreams :D!
    joke.. take no notice of my answer,,,
    but take notice of this one : dont tell your husband, but tell him if you want a divorce ;)!
    good luckk!
  • Question:-What were your creepy moments while sleeping?? Has this happened to you before?
    Two nights ago (10.28.08), I was sleeping (obviously. lol.) but when I woke up, I saw a shadow of a man in front of me! As I got closer to the shadow, it disappeared in a flash! I was so scared that I could not go to sleep until 4:00AM (2 hours before I had to wake up.) Has this ever happened to you?? What were your creepy moments while sleeping??
    Yea I guess it was probably sleep paralysis, because I was wide awake when that happened.

    Answer:-the scariest and most annoying sleep experiences for me are when i get sleep paralysis. (btw, that's probably what you experienced. either that, or it was an actual dream) its happened to me enough times, that i know how to deal with it now and its just irritating.
  • Question:-Boyfriend groped me while sleeping before we were together.?
    I have been groped by at least 5 friends while sleeping. Obviously this is a pattern. I am a very kind and loving person and people take advantage of that. My boyfriend and I were friends at the time. We were out drinking (heavily) that night. We got home and as he was making the bed of the guest room, I passed out in it. I woke up to his hands on my breasts and down towards my crotch. I left and we got in a big fight. He says he does not remember and wouldn't lie about it. The trouble is now it is coming back up as I obviously haven't dealt with the trauma. I really love him and every other thing about him says he's a great guy. He treats me like a princess. We have so much fun and laugh, and the sex can be amazing when I'm in the right mood. My question is how do I get over this? Thank you.
    wow. there must be a lot of angry and insecure people on the internet to have to bash someone so harshly in order to make themselves feel better. Last person: what the hell is bait n switch? And if you got accused of rape... that has nothing to do with MY story. For those of you that CAN read... thank you for the good advice. I have had friends that have obviously had more feelings for me and could not communicate that. Assertive... that has nothing to do with it when your PASSED OUT! My concern was.... does this have something to do with his character when everything else tells me otherwise. Should I be concerned about a few minutes of our years of knowing eachother? Thank you.
    and also. I have two drinks max when I drink. this was an exception. how mean!

    Answer:-He could of been so drunk he don't remember

    ♥ 2010 Freshman
  • Question:-Has anyone else had problems with their hips hurting while sleeping?
    When I sleep at night, my hips get really sore. I'm 27 weeks pregnant. Has anyone else had this problem while or when they were pregnant? What did you do?

    Answer:-Yes it is very common actually. It is not common for it to be really bad though. Like pain that makes you cry or seize up. That is called SPD Symphysis Pubis Disorder. Which I had throughout all of my pregnancys.

    Things that help are sleeping with a pillow between your knees, sometimes sleeping while hugging a pillow and I kinda tuck one side of the pillow under my belly to hold it up a little.

    Good Luck!!
  • Question:-Does your baby move while sleeping? How to avoid his head hitting the crib?
    My baby is 1 year old. She usually sleeps with me, but now I want her to sleep in her crib. She usually moves a lot while sleeping, sometimes she sits up in the midnight and falls down, her head hitting against the mattress. However, if she sleeps in her crib, i'm afraid that her head will hit the crib. I don't think the bumper helps much because it just works if she lays down.
    Can you suggest what I can do?

    Answer:-There isn't too much you can do, but you don't need to worry about it. Believe it or not, a crib is a relatively soft material, and the distance from which your baby can fall to hit the side of the crib is not much, so the total impact will be at most a minor irritation for her. My son is one and a half and we hear all kinds of bonks and bangs coming from his room when he sleeps. It doesn't bother him and he has had much worse falls outside of his crib.
  • Question:-Does listening to music while sleeping affect the amount of sleep you get?
    I like to listen to music while I'm sleeping.
    Mostly KPOP.
    If I listen to about an hour and a half of music while sleeping (music is kind of loud) does it affect the amount of sleep I actually get?


    It can affect your sleep but not always the way you might imagine.

    If it helps you GET to sleep then its a good thing. If when you accidentally wake up it helps you get BACK to sleep then its good too.

    However, if in the middle of the night you bounce near waking but don't wake, it could easily pull you awake with a song you like that you want to listen to which would be counter productive.

    In a similar way it can affect how DEEP your sleep is and may not enable you to sleep as deeply as you should, especially when its loud.

    Does that make sense? The punchline is yes it can affect the amount of sleep you get and the quality of that sleep.

    Good Luck,
  • Question:-How do you use your brain to think while sleeping?
    I wasn't sure how to word the question so let me try to explain. I've read that people have trouble staying asleep because of stress. I can understand why people have trouble falling asleep if they're stressed because they are thinking about things. But if you're sleeping, are you actually thinking about a lot of things? How do you think about anything while you're sleeping? If it's even possible to think while you're sleeping then I can understand why you'd wake up or have trouble staying asleep.

    Answer:-Sleeping is all about your subconscious, so your brain is active, but you aren't really thinking like you think when you are awake. Your brain is just sorting through memories and emotions. That's why you dream. So, technically you ARE thinking about a ton of stuff, just not consciously. If you are consciously thinking while you "sleep," you aren't really sleeping.

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