Friday, October 28, 2011

puss in boots

  • Question:-What is puss in boots saying after he gets knocked off the horse in Shrek 2?
    After puss in boots gets knocked off the stallion version of donkey in Shrek 2, what does he say? It sounds like Spanish, but I'm not sure.

    Answer:-It would be so much better if you gave me the link of the video because I can't fin it at all.... I speak spanish
  • Question:-Once Puss In Boots is released in theaters on Friday, will there be any merchandise to buy?
    Does anybody know if there will be any Puss In Boots merchandise, like dolls, T-shirts, key chains, etc? If there is, I want some!

  • Question:-How does puss in boots get his own movie before donkey?
    I mean really donkeys funnier and been in shrek longer I understand puss in boots is an older character but reall

    Answer:-puss in boots got is own movie!! what da? a movie with donkey would be so much better
  • Question:-In the book "Puss in Boots" is Puss a cat wearing boots or is it two cats?
    I know in a recent movie it is a cat wearing boots. But I swear as a child I heard it as two cats! One named Puss and one named Boots.

    Answer:-It is one cat, Puss in Boots. The reason you thought that it was two cats was probably because you heard it as Puss and Boots, not Puss in Boots when you were a child.
  • Question:-Is there a fat puss n boots stuffed animal?
    In the 4th shrek puss n boots gets really fat and i wanted to know if anyone knew a store or website where they sold the fat version of him.

    Answer:-I don't think there is one. Sorry :(

    If anything I would search ebay, craiglist and google shopping. I hope you find one!

    A fat puss in boots doll would be cute >.< :)

  • Question:-How do i get past the bit where puss in boots is in the potion factory?
    I have no idea what to do!

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  • Question:-In shrek 2 what does puss in boots say in spanish in chapter 11?
    In shrek 2 in chapter 11, the carriage passes by and 'runs over' donkey and they use the boy and mans clothing for shrek.when donkey rears up in his stallion form, puss falls off and starts speaking spanish. what does he say?

    Answer:-He says:

    Hey you piece of meat with legs, how dare you do this to me!

    that part is hilarious.
  • Question:-In the movie Shrek, what type of hat is Puss in Boots wearing?
    I'm trying to find the type of hat that Puss wears, but I can't seem to come up with any type!

    Answer:-lol it's called a swashbucklers hat . and its also called a cavaliers hat
  • Question:-any ideas on how to make a puss in boots costume for halloween?
    I can't find any to buy that aren't for little kids. I'm 18, and a girl if that helps. I want something that is cute, but still warm. I would love any ideas on how to help. Thanks

    Answer:-huge boots, jumper and top, waistcoat puffer thingy, leggings, ears, tail, facepaint!
  • Question:-What cat breed is Puss in Boots, the one in Shrek?
    I don't know if the animators modeled him out of a specific cat breed, but I really think he's cute! I just want to know what breed he is or what breed he is closest to.

    If you can post pictures of the real thing, that would be great! :)

    Thank you!

    Answer:-Domestic short hair orange tabby

    also known as ginger or red

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