Saturday, October 29, 2011

ufc 137

  • Question:-UFC 137 GSP vs Nick Diaz and Nate the great?
    Who do you think will win at UFC 137 GSP vs Nick Diaz? I think it goes all 5 with GSP retaining his belt, also now that Nate Marquardt is down at welterweight do you think he is a threat to GSP's title?

    Answer:-I think that GSP is going to take the Diaz fight. Definitely a five-rounder! As for Nate fighting GSP, I don't know if that would happen considering that they've been training partners for many years now and that camp is notorious for fighters not fighting each other.
  • Question:-question about tickets to UFC 137 at MGM Grand in Vegas?
    I would really like to attend this event but tickets aren't on sale yet. So I was wondering how can you find out as soon as they go on sale or how soon before the event do they go on sale?

    Answer:-You can get updates on the event by going to That event is only tentatively scheduled at this time, and isn't yet considered official by the UFC, although it looks like it will happen. I imagine tickets will be on sale in August sometime. Also, it is expected to be held at Mandalay Bay, not MGM.

    You can sign up for updates through the UFC. If you join their Fight Club (about $75 for a year's membership), then you will receive more notifications AND you can purchase presale tickets, before they go on sale to the general public.
  • Question:-Ultimate fighter and UFC 137?
    Ok so i live in the UK, what times is the new season of The Ultimate Fighter on and on what station in the UK. And on which channel in the UK can i watch UFC 137?

    Answer:-The Ultimate Fighter airs every thursday at 11pm on fx (Sky channel 124).
    UFC 137 (as well as other UFC ppvs) should be on ESPN (Sky channel 417).
    ESPN is a subscription channel
  • Question:-Which UFC card looks better to you- UFC 136 or UFC 137?
    These 2 are absolutely incredible Cards. Repeat, Incredible Cards.

    UFC 136-
    UFC 137-

    Answer:-Both are anticipating, but if i have to pick one, its gotta be 136. Edgar vs Maynard the trilogy !

    And also you have Aldo Vs Florian, two championship bouts on the line
  • Question:-Who do you think will win at UFC 137 gsp or nick diaz?
    gsp vs Nick Diaz UFC 137

    Answer:-Nick Diaz
  • Question:-UFC 137 Replay Fight Videos Here!?
    hey guys if you miss any of the UFC 137 fight , you guys can watch all replay fights right here :

  • Question:-ufc 137 fight club pre-sale code?
    does anybody know the fight club code for UFC 137?

    Answer:-I don't think it's even released yet mate!
  • Question:-Who is going to be in the main event for UFC 137?
    I heard that GSP got injured and won't be fighting... is Penn still fighting Diaz or will he fight Condit??

    Answer:-BJ Penn vs. Diaz will be the main event. Condit will be taken off the fight card (y)
  • Question:-does anybody know the release date for tickets for ufc 137?

    Answer:-Check the UFC website. Tickets usually go on sale anywhere from 2-3 months out from the event. Fight club members get like a day before everyone else.
  • Question:-your opinion on whats the deal with ufc 137?
    at first it was gonna be a title unification bout for both the ufc and strikeforce welterweight titles

    gsp is still defending the ufc welterweight title at ufc 137

    but nick diaz had to vacate the strikeforce welterweight title to challenge for the ufcs welterweight title

    but now because of mulitple failed media appearances missed company flights and a general disapperance they decide to not allow him to fight for the belt

    so now carlos condit will step up and face gsp

    now i may not like nick diaz but this is unfair that because of all that he had to go through from vacating his own title to not gonna be able to compete for the ufc title just for that

    he still gonna fight at the event though and now against bj penn
    this is stupid

    bj penn was originally expected to face carlos condit

    and now alls they did was swap gsp and penn opponents

    if diaz cant fight for the title he shouldnt even compete at the event period for all that

    i mean they never stripped him of the strikeforce welterweight title for that sh*t at that nashville event
    so why do have to all this sh*t to him

    bj penn should be getting his rematch with jon fitch to determine who really won that fight

    i mean with condit i say he would deserve that title shot and could be more likely to beat gsp than diaz would

    but once again this event had been sold out

    i know the last event gsp competed at also sold out and it turned out that fight was bullsh*t
    but let me know your opinion in your own words

    Answer:-I think they should have just fined Diaz for not showing up. Make him lose 50% of his purse. I mean all fighters need the money and I think that would have been a good solution to this problem.

    But I guess the ufc isn't going play Diaz games. To me, I don't think the value of this event really changed. Bj vs Condit would have been an amazing fight, but now, Penn vs Diaz is still and incredible fight!

    Looking at the main event I still think it's a tough fight for GSP. He couldn't finish Dan Hardy where Condit knocked Hardy out cold. I think Condit has more tools in his game than Diaz due to the fact that he has shown lately to be a destructive finisher.

    Just incase you did not know, Jon Fitch is injured right now that is why he is not fighting Bj. He was actually asked to fight Matt Hughes after Diego Sanchez got injured but Fitch wouldn't be ready in time.

    To sum everything up, either you like watching GSP dominate or it's boring as hell to you. I personally think they way he dominates people is amazing and no matter what I'll always respect him. As for the co-main event I get chills thinking about how amazing it is if you really think about it!

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