Saturday, October 29, 2011

weather nj

  • Question:-How much worse of an idea is it for NY/NJ to host a Super Bowl seeing the weather Texas is having?
    Same weather in the NY/NJ area and things will be shut down totally. The ice/snow will be much worse there.

    Answer:-it's a terrible idea and I've said that since NY/NJ was awarded the Superbowl. I really do not know what the NFL is thinking when it does things like that.
  • Question:-Where can I get the Elizabeth, NJ weather forecast for Thursday? What website?
    I need to find out the Barometer pressure for Thursday, but I neeto get it from a website. I can't find it anywhere! I tried google already. It just tells me about NJ basketball games. Help me please!!

    Answer:-The National Weather Service is the best site for weather forecasts. Here's the link for Elizabeth,NJ:

    It doesn't give you the exact barometric pressure until Thursday but it's supposed to be mostly sunny so it will probably be on the high side.
  • Question:-Traveling to Wildwood NJ this weekend - need local weather report?
    We are leaving Friday morning and arriving Friday afternoon in NJ. Is the weather report really as bad as the weather channel up here is saying it is going to be? Any chance that the weekend will not be a total washout?

  • Question:-What is the difference between the weather in NYC/NJ and Augusta, GA in the winter time?
    In other words, what temperatures is cold to you in the south (GA) 30-50 degrees? Is that cold cold like it is in (NY/NJ)? Which winter temperatures is most comfortable? GA or NY/NJ?

    Answer:-Well technically, NYC and just about all of New Jersey fall in the same climate zone as Augusta: Humid Subtropical. This means that the month with the lowest mean temperature may not fall below 26.6 degrees Fahrenheit, and the warmest may not rise above 71.6 degrees Farenheit. ALSO, the Record highs are very similar. In NYC it is 106, as well as in Tallahassee, Florida.

    Back to your question, technically the only difference between the weather is that average temperatures are less than in Augusta, but if a powerful cold front comes through, temperatures will be similar (like right now.) I am from NJ, and I'll tell ya, nobody thinks 30 degrees is warm! Of course 50 degrees is more comfortable!
  • Question:-What should I where for the first day of school? (80 degree weather, Hamilton NJ)?
    I just bout a lot of skinny jeans and a few shorts, which should i wear?

    Answer:-Go ahead and cut the first day. Nothing really important happens. Just kidding... Wear whatever your mother tells you to wear.
  • Question:-What are the chances that school will be cancelled to weather problems in NJ?

    Answer:-Is there not a weather section?

    Go look at

  • Question:-I'm supposed to be headed North sometime this weekend (to NJ). The weather sucks. What day is best to leave?
    I can leave anytime after 10am Friday (tomorrow). Just tryin' to get some other input from people who can maybe read a weather map better than I can.

    Answer:-The weather is really bad here. Every school in the area is closed, colleges included. Unless it is an EMERGENCY you might want to hold off. It's not worth risking your life over. There have been many accidents and if you're not used to driving in snow your chances of getting into an accident are even worse. If you decide you MUST make the trip, give yourself plenty of time and don't go fast. Better to be late than never!
  • Question:-what is the weather like in NJ?
    What is the weather currently like in NJ and NY?

    Answer:-I don't know what cloud is over everyone else's head that answered, but Jersey is enjoying a lovely, not so humid day.
  • Question:-what was the weather yesterday night in nj or philly?
    The date was 4/14/11. I want to know cause i lost my phone and it might be outside but idk. but i just want to make sure it didn't rain cause if it did my phone would be ruin if it was actually outside.

    Answer:-You can view yesterdays weather for Philadelphia on the National Weather Service website. You want the daily climate report for April 14. Here is the link:
  • Question:-Can someone please tell me what the weather is like in NJ all year round?
    Im moving to NJ from England, and would really appreciate it if someone could let me know what the weather is like in NJ? Whats the temp like in the four seasons? does it rain? Is it mostly cloudy or sunny? How hot it gets etc...Thanks for your help.

    Answer:-early winters are not bad, temps above freezing. late winter during January and February it can be between 30 and 10 degrees. summers can be very nice and sometimes very hot and humid around July and August. most of the time the sun is out..... spring nice, fall nice, winter a little cold, summer a little warm

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