Saturday, October 29, 2011

hocus pocus

  • Question:-Hocus Pocus?
    where can I watch the movie Hocus Pocus online for free? i love to watch that movie when halloween is getting closer! thanks!


    parts 1-11
  • Question:-hocus pocus!?
    when is this going to be showing! what channel and what date and time, i cant wait to see it

    i mean the movie hocus pocus

    Answer:-usually disney channel. but around halloween you can usually find it at walmart! i got it a couple years ago. I LOVE THAT MOVIE! :D
  • Question:-What happens to the little girl Emily in the movie hocus pocus?
    I was watching the movie "Hocus Pocus" today and in the beginning, the three witch sisters steal the life force of the little girl. So I was wondering, did she die?

    Answer:-Yeah, I believe she dies. I think it shows her in the chair, with her head dropping and eyes closed at some point?

    (The first poster is thinking of Max's sister I believe, who doesn't die. But Emily does.)
  • Question:-Where can I find a picture for a dress from the movie Hocus Pocus?
    I want to make the dress that Allison (Vinessa Shaw) is wearing for Halloween in the movie Hocus Pocus. Does anyone know where I can find a picture of the dress or a pattern for the dress or similiar to the dress? I want a pattern that has the cape/train for the dress.

    Answer:-There is an online fan club, one of the members could probably put you in the right direction. Here's the link

    Good Luck
  • Question:-How did Eugene Debs Hartke changed and what caused him to, in the book Hocus Pocus by Kurt Vonnegut?
    In the book Hocus Pocus by Kurt Vonnegut... How did the main character Eugene Debs Hartke changed and what caused him to changed. Thanks.

    Answer:-I Never Knew Hocus Pocus Was A Book
  • Question:-What are some of the most important scenes in the novel Hocus Pocus?
    I have to do a artistic representation of one of the scenes in Hocus Pocus and dont know which one i should do
    well at least one of you knows what your talking about

    Answer:-when he lights the black candle
  • Question:-Where can I find a version of I Put a Spell On You from Hocus Pocus without voice overs?
    It's by Bette Midler and the song is also played over the credits of Hocus Pocus, along with being played in the movie, but nobody has posted it without the voice overs from the movie. Does anybody know where I can find the version from the credits?

    Answer:-Have you tried e-how for a reply to this? They are really good on this kind of thing at that joint.
  • Question:-How to do a Hocus Pocus and Maradona Moves?
    I'm doin ok at Maradona it's pretty simple. But i still need help on Hocus Pocus. I can do it at a slow speed but when I'm running or thinking about it I mess up and kick my left foot(I'm right footed) I just really need to know if you're supposed to kick the ball sideways or at an angle when u cross it to ur left side
    Any help with this is greatly appreciated

    Answer:-There are many instructional videos on youtube. I suggest you go to youtube and look up "soccer dribbling tutorial" they have six videos and all of them are moves, I would make a direct link but youtube isn't working on my computer right now, good luck.
  • Question:-Who else watches Hocus Pocus every Halloween?
    I do. I love that movie through and through. Best part is, Halloween's almost here. Most definitely my favorite time of year (the crisp smell of the air, beautiful fall colors, dressing up, candy, trick-or-treating, movies, etc). It really does amount to a fantastical feeling of actual magic.

    But back to the point...Who else watches Hocus Pocus every year?

    Answer:-I used to. I think I missed it the last couple of years, though.
  • Question:-Does the Black Flame Candle from the movie Hocus Pocus really exist?
    Does the Black Flame Candle in Hocus Pocus really exist?

    I was just wondering about the folklore.

    Were the Sanderson sisters really a group of girls from the Salem Witch Trials era or were they characters made up by Disney?

    Answer:-No the Black Flame Candle does not exist.Just like Horcruxes from Harry Potter don't.

    There might have been a group of women who were sisters with the surname Sanderson,but no one with that name was hanged in Salem Village for being a witch.

    Disney was just using the Salem Witch Trials as part of their plot to make a really enjoyable children's Halloween movie.As well, the witchcraft used in Hocus Pocus, in no way resemble s practiced witchcraft today.

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