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mark herzlich

  • Question:-Do you think Mark Herzlich could win the hesiman with a great year next year?

  • Question:-Will you pray for Mark Herzlich?
    He went to my highschool, and is a great guy. He's an All American linebacker at Boston College and was just diagnosed with a lethal form of cancer that another kid at my school recently died from. I ask you and your family to pray for him. Get well Mark, I will pray for you.
    I will not ask for donations through yahoo answers. How about being a little respectful you piece of crap?
    Wow. Ideo Plastic, just wow. I'm speechless... **** off.

    Answer:-Yes I will :)
  • Question:-My Mock draft for the Ravens rounds 1-4 what do you think?
    1st Round: Julio Jones or Anthony Costanzo

    2nd Round: Mark Herzlich (he's the prototypical raven)

    3rd Round : Kris O'Dowd Center USC

    4th Round : Antoine Carter LB from Auburn

    Answer:-Julio Jones will be taken long before the Ravens pick.
  • Question:-Anyone up for rating Halloween costumes?
    On a scale of 1-10 rate the fallowing:

    1. Headless Horseman

    2. Butterfly

    3. Shark

    4. Vampire

    5. A Pirate

    6. Princess

    7. Scream

    8. A whoopee Cushion

    9. Elvis Presley

    10. A baby on a grandma's back.

    11, I haven't seen it done
  • Question:-My top 10 list of undrafted players to target. Where will they go?
    1. Mark Herzlich, LB, Boston College: Herzlich battled back from cancer. He is not 100 percent yet, but played well enough to be drafted. He will make a team and could play Mike or Sam linebacker. He would have been a first-round pick if he came out before he got the cancer. He had 11 interceptions and 40 plays behind the line of scrimmage in college.

    2. Kendric Burney, CB, North Carolina: He ran slowly at the combine, but he makes plays. Watch the Senior Bowl practice tapes. He has a knack for being around the ball. Explain how a slow guy had 11 interceptions and averaged 30 yards per interception return.

    3. Jake Kirkpatrick, C, TCU: He's better than some of the centers drafted, and is one tough guy. This is another player from the Senior Bowl that teams missed out on. He only played one year of high school football. Go watch how well he battles a nose tackle.

    4. Pat Devlin, QB, Delaware: He completed more than 65 percent of his passes, threw for more than 6,500 yards and 42 touchdowns in college, and he ran 4.8 at 6-foot-3 and 225 pounds at the NFL Scouting Combine.

    5. Scott Tolzien, QB, Wisconsin: He completed 68 percent of his passes with 32 touchdowns and just 18 interceptions, and had a 21-5 record as a starter. He's worth more than a look.

    6. Derrick Locke, RB, Kentucky: He lit up the first half of the Senior Bowl game. He has 4.4 speed and the hands to be a developmental third-down back.

    7. Kai Forbath, K, UCLA: He made 40 consecutive field goals from under 50 yards, and a total of 85 of 101 attempts.

    8. Henry Hynoski, FB, Pittsburgh: Hynoski was born to be a lead blocker. He also had 40 receptions in college. At 6-feet tall and 257 pounds, he will contribute on special teams and make the short-yardage goal-line package better.

    9. Terrence Toliver, WR, LSU: Toliver put forth an outstanding performance at LSU's pro day. He was also the offensive MVP of the 2011 Cotton Bowl against Texas A&M.

    10. Colby Whitlock, DT, Texas Tech: A four-year starter and a candidate for a backup three-technique in a 4-3 defense. He's 6-foot-2, 302 pounds, and has short arms but has some penetration skills. He broke 5.0 in the 40 at the combine.

    Answer:-1. New England Patriots
    2. Detroit Lions
    3. Oakland Raiders
    4. Minnesota Vikings
    5. Washington Redskins
    6. Miami Dolphins
    7. Detroit Lions
    8. Pittsburgh Steelers??
    9. Oakland Raiders
    10. Seattle Seahawks??
  • Question:-Who will be the Top 5 at each position next year in College Football?
    Here's waht I think:

    Top 5 QB's: Sam Bradford OU, Colt McCoy Texas, Tim Tebow Florida, Jevan Snead Ole Miss, Terrelle Pryor Ohio State

    Top 5 RB's: Jhavid Best Cal, Noel Devine WVU, Demarco Murray OU, Joe McKnight USC, CJ Spiller Clemson

    Top 5 WR's: Arrelious Benn Illinois, Julio Jones Bama, A.J. Green Georgia, Dez Bryant Oklahoma State, Detron Lewis Texas Tech

    Top 5 TE's: Jermaine Gresham OU, Aaron Hernandez FLorida, Ed Dickson Oregon, Robert Gronkowski Arizona, Nate Bynum Pitt

    Top 5 O-Linemen: Russel Okung Oklahoma St, Ciron Black LSU, Sergio Render VT, John Jerry Ole Miss, Adam Ulatoski Texas

    Top 5 DE's: Carlos Dunlap Florida, Greg Hardy Ole Miss, George Selvie USF, Paul Kruger Utah, Brandon Williams Texas Tech

    Top 5 DT's: Terrance Cody Bama, Gerald McCoy OU, Jared Odrick Penn State, Ndamukong Suh Nebraska, Senderrick Marks Auburn

    Top 5 OLBs: Mark Herzlich Boston College, Navorro Brown Penn State, Sean Weatherspoon Mizzou, Sergio Kindle Texas, Stevenson Sylvester Utah

    Top 5 MLB's: Brandon Spikes Florida, Rolando McClain Bama, Gerald Mcrath Souther Miss, Reed Williams WVU, Mike Wright Utah

    Top 5 CB's: Trevard Lindley Ketucky, Asher Allen Georgia, Joe Haden Florida, Janoris Jenkins Florida, Javier Arenas Bama

    Top 5 FS: Taylor Mays USC, Kam Chancellor VT, Reshad Jones Georgia, Ahmad Black Florida, Anderson Russel Ohio St

    Top 5 SS: Eric Berry Tennessee, Myron Rolle Florida St, Morgan Burnett GA Tech, Emanuel Cook South Carolina, Major Wright Florida

    Thats what I think, feel free to disagree though, who's your top 5 at each position? You dont have to do all of them if it will take too long, you can just pick one position and say whos the top 5 guys next year,
    I wanna know what u guys think.

    Answer:-I agree with QB, RB, TE, DT, MLB, CB, and S position. Dez Bryant is going to be the best receiver in college next year, and I'd put Greg Hardy before Dunlap. And I'm 90% sure that Paul Kruger from Utah is going into the draft this year I could be wrong though.
  • Question:-Where will these undrafted free agents end up?
    QB Pat Devlin
    LB Mark Herzlich
    RB Derrick Locke
    S DeAndre McDaniel
    C Jake Kirkpatrick
    RB Mario Fannin
    LB Nick Bellore
    OT Willie Smith
    G Ray Dominguez
    DT Brandon Bair
    DT Sealver Siliga
    WR Dane Sanzenbacher
    CB Kendric Burney
    RB John Clay
    DT Ian Williams
    WR Ricardo Lockette
    QB Scott Tolzien
    RB Noel Devine
    OT Kyle Hix
    G Zach Hurd

    If you want to learn more about these players, go here:

    Answer:-Follow them through tryouts. I am sure they will all try out for teams and some will make it but it's impossible to say now.
  • Question:-NFL Lockout conspiracy with UFL?
    Ok here is the deal. Somethings are becoming a little too odd in the world of Pro Football. I love the UFL, but it just so happens that the UFL season will start in August. Some NFL experts predict the lockout will be lifted some time in preseason. Aug 7 is when its scheduled to start. Looking at this and the acquire of Coaches like Glanville, and Schottenheimer and other top ex NFL coaches like Fassel and Dennis Green this looks like something is up. I been following the UFL since their first Championship Game (first game I watched). Has the owners and the NFL planned the UFL knowing the lockout would come. I know the UFL's owner did, he was apart of the NFLPA for a while. Is the UFL a way for the NFL to gain future revenue? They have undrafted college players and had UFL people at the NFL combine. Is the NFL prolonging the lockout to give way for the UFL? The UFL is a great way for the NFL to look at potential markets. Look how great Omaha turned out. The UFL also would allow NFL teams to farm players and save money with out signing them to an NFL practice squad. Its gives NFL team owners in-game evaluation on potential players. Invest and loose money for a far bigger gain in the future? They are Billionaires and definite investors. Let face it, players will come and go. Are they making the UFL seem like its something thats a struggle league but in reality its part of a bigger plan for the NFL. As fans we would grow to like the UFL and see home-town/ undrafted talent make it to the NFL. Look at the Boston College LB Mark Herzlich; And Texas A&M's QB Jerrod Johnson who's not rooting for them? I certainly am. Why would HOF coaches jump on the UFL knowing it could fail? I think there is more to the UFL than what meets the eye. Something that we don't know. They are a mill plus in debt but act like it doesn't worry them (UFL). A very far fetched assumption i def know; but could it very well be true? What do you think?

  • Question:-One of best defensive players in NFL Draft went undrafted?
    Mark Herzlich who was the 2008 ACC defensive player of the year predicted as a 1st round draft pick last year. Got cancer, beat cancer and in 2010 season came back and won the Rudy Award and the ACC's Brian Piccolo Award and is now back to form and balled in the senior bowl. He is a beast

    now because of the lockout no teams can sign free agents.
    here his story

    Answer:-Wow. This is amazing. Thank you sir :)
  • Question:-Who is your favorite team on Madden NFL10?
    I'm the Rams and I like to play the franchise mode. The first thing I did was trade Bulgar for draft picks and I really changed the whole team. I'm in my 2nd season now and I'm 7-0 with a rookie QB. I play the ncaa game and save the players off of that to export to Madden during the draft. Then after the draft I record each teams draft picks and look up their info from the rosters online. So I have players on the game as rookies now that will be rookies next year. It's pretty fun to do and I also drafted Ndamukong Suh, Brandon Lafell, Sean Weatherspoon, Sean Lee, Mark Herzlich, Derrick Washington, Perrish Cox and a couple O-linemen. What things do you enjoy doing on madden? Do you play online? If you play online can you play a franchise mode or is it limited to certain modes.

    Answer:-You can play an online franchise with a bunch of friends or random people, but it costs extra money to play an online franchise...

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