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mona simpson

  • Question:-How did Mona Simpson die in The Simpsons episode, Mona Leaves-a?

    Answer:-She dies of natural causes.
  • Question:-How did mona simpson die?
    I just saw mona leaves-a its a really sad episode actually, i dont get why they killed her off..
    But what i dont understand is how she died, she didnt seem to be killed by a knife or anything, did she die from pills or something.
    I cant get over how sad the episode was...

    Answer:-She was old. Probably had a heart attack or something, they never said. There ARE still cases of "natural causes" and not always people killing someone. They killed her because she was old and almost never on and this allowed them to have her do one last thing basically.
  • Question:-How did Mona Simpson die? I missed the beginning of the episode.?

    Answer:-in her sleep homer went down staries and was like mom im sorry and he saw her with her eyes open and he was like Mom you sleep with your eyes open? mom? NOoooooo my mothers dead then from there u saw hopefully :)
  • Question:-Whats that song on the simpsons episode "Mona Leaves-a?
    When marge burns her hemp purse to "mellow" out the gurards.
    Also the song when it shows a montage of her and homer.
    Anything helps thanks. :)

    Answer:-The hemp purse song is "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane.

    The montage song is "Mother and Child Reunion" by Paul Simon.
  • Question:-Can I use famous characters in my game ?
    I'm making a web game, I may sell it for a few bucks.
    Can I use famous characters in my game ? or are there legal issues ? is it different if they are historical figures ?
    for example... what issues might there be with any of these characters (if any) ?
    The characters are only playing as people in the game.. none of them are hit, shot killed or anything like that... more like playing a sport.
    brad pitt
    president bush
    margaret thatcher
    Mona Lisa
    Homer Simpson
    Ghengis Khan


    Answer:-Depends on the Character. For those who are dead, there may be a copyright on the use of their name or likeness. For those that are living unless you have their express permission, if you sell the game, you will be in trouble. They can and probably will sue you depending on how much your game actually makes.

    For those which have been dead for a long time, or are famous historical figures, ie Ghengis Khan, Moses, Buffalo Bill, etc it should be fine.

    Homer Simpson, and Brad Pitt would definitely have legal repercussions
  • Question:-How do I license an image of Marge Simpson for a personality quiz?
    I am creating a visual personality quest designed to discover what video game a person might like to play next. I want to compare portraits of the Mona Lisa, Lara Croft, an anime drawing and Marge Simpson and ask people to pick one. The quiz is free. The results of the quiz will be several recommended games. None of which are sold by us. We don't sell games or endorse them. This particular question is designed to see what type of humor sense the person has.

    Is there a place I can license a portrait of Marge Simpson. It's almost, but not quite an editorial use.

    Answer:-This falls under fair use and can be use, but you must show the copyright of the parent company
  • Question:-wats that song that mr burns plays when they are in a tank infront of the simpson's house?
    They are trying to take mona to prison

    Answer:-That's ride of the valkyries by wagner
    The song smithers tapes over it with is waterloo by abba

    A quote from wikipedia

    "The song originally intended to be taped over Mr. Burns’s cassette of "Ride of the Valkyries" was "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go", but it was too expensive to clear, so ABBA’s "Waterloo" was selected instead"
  • Question:-When did The Simpson's start to decline?
    I have been watching the Simpson's for a very long time. And the last 2 seasons (20-21) have just felt well, empty. Less characters, Worse story line, and the show has turned into more of a cartoon... then a show. The older episodes used to be moving and had a better plot. The newer episodes are still funny, but they focus more on humor than plot and characters. a lot of people think that the last good season was 9 (97-98) But episodes were still good after that. I think the last good season was 19 (07-08) and the last good episode overall "Mona Leaves a." I don't care about animation or that. which i guess lots of people do.
    What do you think? (season)
    oh, and can you support your answer

    Answer:-After years and years of discussing this on various message boards, such as IMDB, as well as with friends, and reading critics thoughts as well, here are my thoughts. Most people say that after either season 8, or season ten, the show declined rapidly. That seems to be the consensus, about 50 percent say after season 8 and 50% after season ten. Many stretch it out until seasons 11 or twelve.

    My opinion is after season 10, I saw some decline, yet I still enjoyed seasons 11 and twelve. However, 11 and twelve were the first ones I saw a few episodes where I felt the show may have "Jumped the Shark", and hoped it was only a fluke. But the show declined rapidly after that. Seemed around 2000 or so, that the show stopped being just about stories from Springfield, to over-the-top adventures in other countries, with a different celebrity every week. It seemed to have lost it's cozy, albiet crazy, Springfield-story-telling-ways.

    Oh well. Even bad episodes of the Simpsons can give you a few laughs. And even the BEST years of this show lasted longer than most TV shows EVER last.
  • Question:-descriptive words to describe the family members of the SIMPSONS <3?
    i need to describe each family member from the tv show, the simpsons (IN SPANISH). which adjective below describes each character?

    -Abraham Simpson(grandpa)
    -Mona Simpson(grandma)
    -Homer Simpson
    -Marge Simpson
    -Bart Simpson
    -Lisa Simpson
    -Maggie Simpson
    & - Santa's little helper (the dog)

    & here are the adjectives..

    little small*
    *blonde hair

    ^^^these are alll the adjectives i know in spanish.

    so pleasee SIMPSONS FANS, help me out (:

    Answer:-Abraham Simpson: boring
    Mona Simpson: fun, interesting, good
    Homer Simpson: big, ugly, funny
    Marge Simpson: nice/friendly, tall, good-looking, strict
    Bart Simpson: bad, mean
    Lisa Simpson: intelligent, short, pretty
    Maggie Simpson: little small, blonde hair, easy
    Santa's Little Helper: brunette

    I used all the adjectives that you gave me and put them next to the person to whom it most applies
    Hope this Helped
  • Question:-French...Will you check my Work?
    This is what I have. I need spelling and those symbole things checked. So here it is tell me plz if there are any mistakes that you see.

    Il s’appelle Abe Simpson.
    Voilà mon Grand-Père.
    Il a soixant-trois ans.
    Elle s’appelle Mona Simpson.
    Voilà ma Grand-Mère.
    Elle a cinquante-neuf ans.
    Il s’appelle Herb Simpson.
    Voilà mon Oncle.
    Il a trente-quatre ans.
    Il s’appelle Homer Simpson.
    Voilà mon Père.
    Il a quarante ans.
    Elle s’appelle Marge Simpson.
    Voilà ma Mère.
    Elle a cinquante-neuf ans.Je m’applle Gerritt Simpson.
    Me Voilà.
    J’ai dix-sept ans.
    Il s’appelle Bart Simpson.
    Voilà mon Frère.
    Il a dix ans.
    Elle s’appelle Lisa Simpson.
    Voilà ma Soeur.
    Elle a huit ans.Elle s’appelle Magy Simpson.
    Voilà ma Soeur.
    Elle a un ans.Il s’appelle Santa’s Petit Assistant.
    Voilà mon chien.
    Il a trois ans.
    Elle s’appelle Snowball Cinq.
    Voilà ma chatte.
    Elle a trois ans.

    So there it all is thanks, plz look carfully. I have but Iam only in French 1. But TY All.
    Its about The Simpsons because are teacher gave us the option to use a fake famliy. So why not The Simpsons. Plz pay speacial attention when I talk about myself. If everything is right

    Answer:-It's GOOD!
    Please don't make the changes other are talking about : ME VOILÀ is good...voilà moi doesn't mean anything...
    and chatte is a female cat YES that is good. (it is a dirty word also...but you hve to be talking dirty for it to sound dirty...)
    So Don't change a thing!
    It is all goooooood! ( My mother tongue is french)
    Good luck in your class!

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