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honda generator

  • Question:-What kind of fuel does a honda generator use?
    Hi, this may be a stupid question but im a city slicker planning on campong and i want to buy a honda generator, What kind of fuel does it use? where do i get it? thanks.

    Answer:-Kind of depends on the actual generator you are buying. MOST generators will run on regular gasoline. Your owner's manual will tell you the proper type...

    Other types of fuels generators can run on: 2:1 stroke engine requires a mixture of oil and gas. Diesel Gasoline, Propane, Natural gas.
  • Question:-I need a bill of sale for a Honda generator?
    I need a "bill of sale " to buy this 1100 dollar for a eu3000is honda generator.. and I don't have no clue how to make one or even the words on where to start. can anyboyd help me do one.

    Answer:-BILL OF SALE. Sold, as is, one Honda generator, to ____________ , for the sum of $_____________.

    Seller's signature _____________________

    Receipt acknowledged (Buyer's signature) _________________

    (Fill in buyer's name and price, seller signs to indicate title transfer, buyer signs to indicate receipt of generator)
  • Question:-How can we clean out the gas tank of our EU3000i Honda generator?
    We strain the gas thoroughly and still there's dirt showing in the tank. We don't figure how to remove the tank so we never get the gas truly clean. The trouble doesn't appear to be water in the gas. The gas filter shows pieces of dirt. Last night the generator flickered, died, and wouldn't restart. But only a shot of WD40 to the air cleaner this morning would get the generator to start -- now it runs fine. The manual, of course, doesn't help; we are far away from a Honda dealer and would like to fix this ourselves.

    Answer:-Your fuel tank probably is rusting inside because old fuel was left in it. Try using mineral spirits or kerosene to flush out your fuel system by filling the tank and flushing it by then dumping the tank by rolling the generator on its side to dump the fuel tank. repeat until all the loose rust and dirt come out. And then replace the fuel filter. Refuel the generator and run to operating temperature. If you don't run your tank completely dry between uses; use a fuel stabilizer like Stabil or SeaFoam to protect your carburetor and fuel system. Most fuel starts to spoil within 30 days.
  • Question:-How do you make a quiet Honda Generator louder?
    I am doing a research project with birds in which I need to catch them using a spotlight at night and band them. I need a generator to both power the spotlight and to produce background noise so the birds can't hear the approach. How can you modify a generator to produce more sound?

    Answer:-put a couple of holes in the muffler
  • Question:-where can I get parts for my Honda 10i generator?
    I have a 12 yr old honda 10i generator and need a new carbie needle. I live in Perth WA.
    Have tried to get one from USA, not sure if it would be compatible with the Aussie ones, but there again I don't think they would ship to here.
    Any help appreciated.

    Answer:-go to a Honda dealer they should have one or be able to get one. There are also places that can rebuild them a lot cheaper than buying one. A12 year old generator isn't that old and they don't change styles that often.
  • Question:-advice for protecting honda generator from weather while running?
    we have 2 honda eu2000i generators, one is a companion. there will be times when it will be used in rainy weather, any ideas on how to keep rain from getting into the wire connections while running outside?

    Answer:-build a small shed to keep the water off of them
  • Question:-I have honda generator 5KV the problem is that it is not charging the battery?
    I bought new battery 12 v and 8 amps but my generator is not charging it . Please kindly tell me how can i get it fixed and what suppose to be the problem . Any help would be appreciated

  • Question:-How come my honda 2000 watt generator will not power my Lennox furnace?
    I am trying to hook up a Honda EU invertor 2000 generator to my Lennox furnace. The electrician put a pig tail on my furnace and that is hooked up correctly but when I put the power from the generator on, all that works is the thermostat display and then a red light blinks fast and a green light blinks slow.

    Answer:-That generator puts out 16 amps, that should be enough to run it.
    I agree with "Dan", check your polarity
    & make sure you've got a good ground between the two
  • Question:-I have older honda generator. is the battery in it to start the generator a 6v or 12 v.?
    the battery is about half the size of a car battery and it has 6 holes to fill water for it. I need to recharge battery but need to know what volt battery it is.

    Answer:-12 volt- 2 volts per cell.
  • Question:-Catalytic Converter On A Honda Generator?
    Is it possible to install a catalytic converter on a Honda Generator ?

    Answer:-Not without a great deal of work. In order for a converter to work properly you need to maintain an air-fuel mixture ratio that is very close to stoichiometric at all times. This very important so that the converter doesn't overheat. If the converter overheats, it will burn out the catalyst and stop working.

    This is why every car with a catalytic converter has a closed-loop fuel injection system with an O2 sensor. The FI system using the feedback from the O2 sensor can maintain very tight control over the fuel mixture.

    If you're willing to equip your generator with a closed-loop injection system, you can make this work. It can be done. Check out Megasquirt.


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