Tuesday, November 1, 2011

san onofre

  • Question:-How are the showers at san onofre bluffs?
    How are the showers at san onofre bluffs?
    the state site says cold outdoor showers but my question is, are they private or does everybody sees you shower, i have 2 teenage daughters and dont want them to be uncomfortable

  • Question:-What's an easier way to get to San Onofre?
    I've tried getting directions, but you have to use the toll road. I'd rather just take Pacific Coast Highway, but I still don't know how to get to San Onofre from there.

    Any directions would be helpful. Thanks.

    Answer:-Coast highway does not extend to the Sano off ramp. Go to the first Off ramp on the freeway south of San Clemente get off there and follow the road that parallels the freeway south towards the state park. Then there are signs to point you in the right direction.
    PS; sometimes there are some pretty long lines that form early in the morning. They only let so many people in. In the old days it was cooler. You actually had to go onto the Marine base to get to the beach. So if you did not have a Sano sticker or a father in the military you couldn't get to the beach without a 3 mile walk. There were a lot less people in the water!!! Have fun!
  • Question:-Do San Onofre State Beach campsites have grills?
    do all san onofre state beach (bluffs) camp sites come with grill grates on the firepits?

    Answer:-The sites I have been to have them. Round steel pits with a full grate. Some may have a half grate. It's been a few years so they may have disappeared by now.

    Here's the number to check 949-492-4872
    you can also check with the ranger at the entrance or the campground host (used to have an RV between trails 4 and 5 next to the surf camp)
  • Question:-Is it ok to go camping in September at San Onofre State Beach in San Diego?
    I'm planning a family camping trip and wanted to know if the weather is still ok in September.

    Answer:-The weather will be fine but camping at San Onofre is not really camping. The "campground" there is nothing more than a parking lot. I would try San Elijo just south of there with actual camping spots right near the beach.
  • Question:-Does anyone know what the large white flowering plants are along Hwy 101 near San Onofre?
    They seem to grow wild. The flowers are very large. It may be some kind of day blooming plant.

    Answer:-Isn't that near the Surfing Spot known as Trestles, if so they're called Beatniks!
  • Question:-How easy is it to get a job at a nuclear powerplant like San Onofre?
    If I have a PhD. in Electrical Engineering and 12 years experience.
    What salary could I expect?

    Answer:-I worked at nuclear power plants for over 30 years and not one PhD of any knid was employed at any of them.
    Engineers at power plants seldom, if ever, design anything. They monitor the condition plant systems and write work and test procedures for their systems. They don't even work on or supervise maintenance of the main generator, transformers or distribution systems. There is a slight advantage to having an MBA, but most management of all types have experience in the operation of nuclear power plants. Plants usualyy contract any services that would be suitable for a PhD, although some corporate level PhDs might be used.
  • Question:-Can you camp using a tent at the bluffs at San Onofre State Beach?
    I'm looking to camp for one night at San Onofre State Beach, I was just wondering if anyone knew first of all the best location to camp there, and also if you can camp using a tent in the Bluffs or if it's only RV. Thanks!

    Answer:-Yes, you can use tents. I've been there tent camping before.
  • Question:-Does the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station ever test its sirens?
    Just a random question, I'm sure it does, but I was curious as to whether or not anyone can send me proof of such.

    Any answer lacking proof will be downrated.

    Answer:-It is an annual event required by federal law. The best way is to google san onofre siren test. I got 813 hits.
  • Question:-Have there been a lot of shark attacks at San Onofre?
    My friends have been surfing and Stand up paddling boarding at San Onofre and have been seen a lot of decent size white sharks. Have there been a lot of attacks there? They want me to go with them soon so is there a better chance of being attacked there or should i just not worry about it and go have fun. thanx for your help



    I guess the first answer, yes, more than usual. The second is go ahead a surf, "Dr. Ralph also said officials should keep the attacks in perspective.

    "People have a much better chance of dying of food poisoning than being bitten by a shark," he said. "It's far more dangerous driving to the beach than it is getting in the water."
  • Question:-what would happen if the San Onofre nuclear reactors suffered a earthquake and a tsunami?
    they are located in a earthquake prone area right next to the ocean

    Answer:-the san andreas is a slip fault, not a subduction fault, so there won't be a tsunami.
    you could get a tsunami from Asia, or Alaska, but neither is likely to be a serious problem.

    the reactor would be fine in a quake, just as the reactors in Japan did not suffer significant quake damage.

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