Tuesday, October 25, 2011

lindsey lohan

  • Question:-Lindsey Lohan !?
    Who feel's Lindsey Lohan should never get acting role again . i think she is a horrible actor to be honest

    Answer:-i think she's OK as an actress. in that sense i can stomach her. but..... she seems like a coke head and i dont think she should ever get casted again. shes ruined her reputation and nobodys ever gonna look at her the same again.
  • Question:-lindsey lohan?
    just wonderin does lindsey lohan have a sex tape or somethin found somethin bout it on internet but found no link or is it naked photos

    Answer:-Who cares...She is one humongous bore!
  • Question:-Lindsey lohan?
    So I guess lindsey beats paris, what you think?

    Answer:-I think they are pretty much carbon copies of each other if your referring to their inability to be cool and maintain a low profile. How can either one of them go out and not expect to be caught doing anything that will make them look stupid. The only way to avoid that would be to stay at home and pull the shades and send some groupie out to score your drugs, or liquor or what ever. I don't think this contest has even gotten started.
  • Question:-Can someone find me a picture of the highlights lindsey lohan has in Confessions of a Teenage Drama queen?
    You know how her hair is light on top and dark on the bottom when her hair is up but when its down it just looks light? I want my hair like that so it would be cool if someone can find a picture like that for me. It doesnt have to be of lindsey lohan but with the similar hair color idea.

    Answer:-here. i couldn't find n e pics that were'nt form the movie:





















  • Question:-Are you in favor of Lindsey Lohan suing Pitbull in the song Give Me Everything Tonight?
    Look for the news in PerezHilton.
    Where a part of the lyrics says
    "gotta locked up like Lindsey Lohan"

  • Question:-who is better lindsey lohan or miley cyrus?
    i think miley because im a big fan and i love her show and her music and she is so pretty i love her.and lindsey lohan i like her a little but she does drugs and shes a bad romodel so i think miley is better.whats your oppinion?

    Answer:-Miley, I dont think shes abad rolemodel at all people are just ignorant

    for example lindsay started doing drugs at 16 and had no charities, miley has charities against drugs and doesnt do drugs
  • Question:-Does Lindsey Lohan's new Seven Nyne tanning product work well?
    I was wondering if anyone tried the new fake tanner called Seven Nyne by Lindsey Lohan and how they like it. Was it orange or brown? Does it rub off splotchy or just fade? Thanks!

    Answer:-i've never used her stuff but Jergens natural glow foaming tanner works really well for me
  • Question:-Why is lindsey Lohan Always In Jail or Trouble?
    why is Lindsey Lohan Always in so much trouble. seems like every time i hear about her, she is in jail, or on probation or some type of court problem. what does she keep doing?

    Answer:-I think the reason why Lindsay Lohan is always in trouble is because of her past. Lindsay Lohan never really had a childhood because she started out as a child star and was always busy working and stuff, so I think that's one of the reason why Lindsay keeps getting in trouble. Drugs and alcohol are her way of coping with the stress of Hollywood as well as her past. Another reason why I think Lindsay keeps getting into trouble is simply for publicity. Since her acting and singing career is pretty much over (due to her drugs, alcohol, and legal problems) Lindsay Lohan needs some kind of way to keep herself in the spotlight, so she continues to get in trouble because she knows it will attract attention from the paparazzi as well as her fans. Well hope I answered your question. Have a nice day! Bye! :-)
  • Question:-Did anyone else think that Lindsey Lohan had a twin?
    When the Parent Trap came out, I always wondered why I only saw Lindsey Lohan without her twin.... Haha. Did anyone else think that she had a twin after the Parent Trap came out? Haha.

    Answer:-No, but i thought she was really british
  • Question:-What is your opinion about Lindsey Lohan trying to be part of Obama's campaign?
    Aparently she offered to be apart of his campaign by having "parties" to promote Obama.

    Obama's headquarters pretty much said "um thanks, but no thanks".

    Do you think Lindsey really cares about politics or just wants another reason to be in the spot light?

    Answer:-She cares about politics just as much as she cares about staying sober.

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