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  • Question:-How do I stop birds from building a nest on our front porch?
    Last year birds built a next on the arch on our front porch. It was fun to watch the baby birds hatch, but the bird droppings all over our entry way porch was a constant mess. We took the nest down after the birds flew out of the nest. Now they have returned a year later and are starting to build a nest in the same place. I have a green rubber snake and a plastic bobblehead owl on right under where the nest is being built. The birds are totally ignoring it. I've even moved them around daily. Any suggestions?

    Answer:-Dilligence is the key to success. Constantly removing the nest before it is complete will work. Also if you give them a good scare everytime they come back they will learn it's not safe there. You can blast them with the hose o a water gun too.
  • Question:-What do I do about a year old wasp nest in a bird house wrens are trying to nest in?
    The roof doesn't come off this birdhouse, the opening is about 3 inches by 2 inches. The wasp nest is about the size of a baseball. And a half built wren nest all crammed in there. What kind of tools will I need to safely remove the wasp nest? I don't believe the wasps are currently occupying the nest and I am not sure I want to find that out the hard way. Will the presence of the wrens keep the wasps from coming back?

    Answer:-wasps don`t come back to old nests, they are a one time thing.
    If the birds don`t like it they will get rid of it themselves.
    i would leave it alone as not to spook the birds.
  • Question:-What size does a nest box for pigeons need to be?
    I am going to be keeping pigeons soon for the purpose of dog training. I have already built the hutch, but now need to construct nest boxes for extra shelter and protection (and for use after mating). What are sufficient dimensions for one nest box, and does it matter if the next box is secured above the floor of the hutch or on the floor? Any advice will help. Thanks for your time.

    Answer:-My uncle keeps pigeons and his nest boxes are a little not much smaller than these http://www.bartcaldenteytur.com/palomar4.jpg

    remember to put the wooden block in for the birds to stand on, not sure about the nests on the floor bit!

    and try to use wood for the cage doors instead of metal or mesh i saves injury!
  • Question:-How can I remove a large wasp nest from a window while preserving the nest?
    I have a gigantic wasp nest on one of my windows that I'd like to take down and show to some of my science teachers. I was going to wait until winter, when the wasps are gone, but I have no idea how to safely remove the nest from the window without hurting either of them. How would I go about doing this?

    Answer:-The best thing to do is to consult a professional on the phone...
    Call a pest contol business and ask your questions over the phone, not yahoo answers.....

    We recently had a nest removed from a gap in one of our walls. Generally the idea is to break up the nest so the wasps disperse.. however clearly your intentions differ from the manual....

    Call a proffesional, or better yet,,, employ one...

    Good look
  • Question:-What happens to baby robins when they leave the nest?
    Do they return to the nest? Do they stick close by to stay near their parents? Or do they go off on their own once they leave the nest for the first time. I am asking because I have a nest with 3 baby robins outside my home and I enjoy watching them. Today two of the three babies left the nest and I am wondering if I can expect to see them around again.

    Answer:-I don't know but I think it is wonderful that somebody on this site has an interest in nature. I was just telling a friend today that the birds are really singing this Spring. When I have been under great stress, I often take " mini vacations." I sit on my front porch and listen to the birds. It settles my nerves and gets me to a calmer place in my mind and heart. Nature is unlike the day to day life of humans. Animals are so much more civilized than most people. Keep on watching and listening to your birds. I hope you never lose your curiousity.
  • Question:-How big does the bubble nest of the male betta need to be in order to release the female?
    My male betta has finally made a bubble nest and I am incredibly happy. I was hoping someone could tell me how big the bubble nest must be before I release the female.

    Thanks so much!

    Answer:-some bettas build a big nest and some build a small nest but it doesnt matter the male sometimes build on the nest after the females are there

    release the female and see how they do
  • Question:-How can I attract birds to nest in my garden?
    I have had nest boxes used in the past but since I installed a bird feeder I've had birds feeding but not nesting. How can I have both?

    Answer:-I have always had birds feeding but no nest too! Well last year we left a pile of brush in the garden and have had a banner year of nests! Even a nest in a tomato plant. Bluebirds had 2 hatchings in a gourd birdhouse! All winter we watched the birds at the brush pile and in the spring it was a baby bird paradise.
  • Question:-How long do baby barn swallows use the nest once they learn to fly?
    Right now they are at about 14 days old, they look like they are about to start flying any day. I want to make sure I get rid of the nest before they lay another clutch. Once the baby birds get out of the nest and are flying, when can I knock the nest down?

    Answer:-give it a couple of days after they leave... from what I have seen they may vacate the nest during the day but be back at night to roost.... if the old lady likes your place she'd will just build another nest if you knock it down, that's if she has any intention of a second brood----getting a bit late for that, but you never know.
  • Question:-How do I get a wasp nest out of a closed flowerbox?
    I have a flowerbox outside of my first floor window. It has been nailed closed since we moved in. It must have a HUGE wasp nest inside as they go in and out of it like crazy. How do I safely kill the wasps, open the flower box and get rid of the nest?? Thanks!

    Answer:-Put Wasp Spray on the outside around the whole flower box, because most brands kill even later when the wasps come in contact with it. You can spray them from far away with most brands also so you don't have to be worried about getting stung. After you notice that they have died you can remove the nest, if they don't die then you'll have to spray it one more time. This is the only way i know how without calling an exterminator.
  • Question:-How do we get birds to build their nest somewhere else?
    We have a window arch over our front door. Two birds are building a nest in the window arch. There are no eggs so far- just twigs, grass, & moss. My husband is afraid the nest will fall on our heads as we go out the door. He has knocked it down twice and put a fake rubber snake up there. The birds keep coming back. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the birds to build their nest somewhere else? We don't want to hurt them. We just want them to build somewhere else.

    Answer:-We have had this problem before. Tearing it down time and again does not seem to help. If there is a way you can attach a temporary screen up that will deter them and they will have to build somewhere else.

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