Thursday, October 20, 2011

ryan leaf

  • Question:-Is Cam Newton out to a worse start than Ryan Leaf?
    Ryan Leaf started his pro career with a 2-0 record.
    Cam Newton went 0-2 in his first two starts.

    Who will have a better career?

    Answer:-Cam newton had 422 and 437 passing yards in two first games has 3 Tds passing 1 rushing and 3 picks on a team that was 3-13 last year
  • Question:-Ryan Leaf is known as one of the greatest flops in draft history. What about Tim Couch and Courtney Brown?
    Couch and Brown were the #1 overall picks in 2000 and 1999 and never became much. They are both not in the league anymore. Why does Ryan Leaf get so much publicity for an NFL flop?

    Answer:-They are soon to be known by the same label.
    Leaf got so much press, because of the huge contract, and was considered to be a franchise player.
  • Question:-What should one do with a Ryan Leaf autographed football?
    I own an official NFL game ball with Ryan Leaf's autograph. (Seriously.)

    Is there any reason to keep it, even as a 'Hall of Shame' kind of collectible?

    Answer:-1. Get your friends together and play some football with it
    2. Throw it across the Canadian border and watch the mayhem unfold
    3. throw it across the Mexican border and watch them scatter like roaches
    4. sell it for 2 bucks
  • Question:-Whats the big deal about Ryan Leaf asking for a pain pill?
    I don't get it! Ryan Leaf resigns from the school all because he asked for a pain pill?!?!? Something is not adding up. Whats really going on and whats wrong here?

    Answer:-Because one he asked one of his players, and two, most pain killers are controlled substances...

    Valium, Codeine, Ultram, Somas, Tylenol #3, Vicodin if you are caught in possession with any of these without a RX you can be in serious legal trouble... Asking for any of these is basically like asking for street drugs...
  • Question:-What old Football game can I play with Ryan Leaf on?
    I'm a big Ryan Leaf fan (seriously) and I was wondering what Madden or Blitz I could play with Leaf on... Thanks!

    Answer:-i never knew Ryan Leaf fans exsist... its ok cuz guys like David Carr & Alex Smith are on his path for craptastic nes
  • Question:-Why is JaMarcus Russell a bigger bust than Ryan Leaf?
    I'll give you a reason why JaMarcus Russell is the biggest bust. Matter of fact, I'll give you 39 million reasons.

    JaMarcus Russell: $39 Million
    Ryan Leaf: $11 Million

    If my math is correct, JaMarcus Russell has 28 million more reasons why he is the biggest bust of all time.

    Agree or Disagree?

    Answer:-Agreed.On top of that, He's lazy,cocky, and big enough to be a fucking nose-gaurd!
  • Question:-Ryan Leaf??
    What does he do now? where is he? info on him today

    Answer:-I heard about him just recently. I heard he was teaching got at West texas A and M and also Quarterback coach there.
  • Question:-Why is Jamarcus Russel considered to be a bigger bust than Ryan Leaf?
    Ryan Leaf was crazy look were he is now. At least Russel lasted longer and didn't really get a team until last year by that point Russel was finished. Also Russel was lazy but his attitude wasn't that bad and he did a lot for Louisiana.
    I definitely agree Russel is #2 on the list but but not #1

    So is Russel really a bigger bust than Leaf?

    PS: Can you handle the hammer!
    @ purple girl my biggest fan.

    @ everybody so far good answers

    Answer:-No he is not, Leaf had worse stats, less wins, went to jail, insulted the media and did more damage to his team than Russell did. However some people get fooled by two facts which make them believe Russell is a bigger bust: (1) his bigger contract, and (2) being drafted #1 while Leaf was #2.

    Let's analyze them.

    (1) Contract.
    While it's true that Russell got $20 more million than Leaf, they Raiders didn't do or give anything extra to get him. On the other hand the Chargers gave two first round draft picks, a second round pick, Pro Bowler Eric Metcalf and another player that I don't remember just to move up in the draft and grab Leaf. In other words, the Raiders threw away $30 millions but the team didn't improve or worsen; the Chargers threw away their future and Leaf disgraced the franchise.

    Conclusion: The Chargers paid a higher price for Leaf than the Raiders for Russell.

    (2) Russell was drafted higher.
    In this case some people don't understand that talent levels differ year by year. We had QB classes like 1983 which produced three Hall of Famers and several quality signal callers, and 1990 whose best products were Jeff George, considered a bust, and Neil O'Donnell, the only Pro Bowler. It's not hard to see that 1998 QB class (Peyton Manning, Matt Hasselbeck and a serviceable Brian Griese) was miles better than 2007, probably the weakest class of the decade whose best QB is Kevin Kolb. Russell was a prospect similar to Daunte Culpepper, Byron Leftwich and Josh Freeman, none of them were the first QB taken, and was never considered a top 15 player. The Raiders desperate need for a QB made them choose Russell despite there was amazing talent at other positions (Calvin Johnson, Darrelle Revis, Joe Thomas, Patrick Willis, Adrian Peterson to name a few). Russell was expected to become a Daunte Culpepper type of QB, Leaf was expected to compete with Peyton Manning for awards and championships.

    Conclusion: Expectations on Ryan Leaf were higher.

    EDIT: @ Flip
    You are absolutely right, I didn't want to mention how salaries have changed because what the Chargers did to get Leaf was more costly.

    EDIT 2:
    "He got a bigger contract and was picked up higher". Some people below just proved exactly what I said.
  • Question:-Is JaMarcus Russell the biggest bust in NFL history? or does Ryan Leaf still hold that distinction?
    Is JaMarcus Russell a bigger bust than Ryan Leaf? Who is a worse QB? Russell or Leaf?
    overall, do you think sucks more, is worse, a bigger bust? JaMarcus Russell or Ryan Leaf?

    Answer:-Russell is a bigger bust. He was taken 1st overall as apposed to Leaf. Russell is also relatively quite. Leaf was a big mouth idiot and a poor player. However, I still think Russell is worse. I might have a bias opinion though...just to pass the torch to another team.
  • Question:-Why Ryan Leaf the most hated and bust guy in the NFL?
    It seem like their lot of anti Ryan Leaf why is that me I think he should never had been drafted that high.

    Answer:-He earned it... Simply was not a very likable person and his performance on the field was to say the least SAD! that combined with being the Number 1 Draft Pick and getting a huge contract... one of the reasons this contract negotiation right now is going on... to many No1 picks going bust and costing owners out the butt for someone that never plays or can't play. aka Ryan Leaf and who was that LB from Oklahoma with the hair cut... cant remember his name but he took his big contract and turned it into a crap acting career.

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