Wednesday, October 19, 2011

world series game 1

  • Question:-Does somebody know who will perform the USA Anthem tonight at the World Series Game 1 Game in Tampa Bay?
    Does somebody know who will perform the USA National Anthem tonight at the World Series Game 1: Phillies vs.Rays in Tampa Bay, FL?

    10 points!

    Answer:-It's on Fox, that means someone who was on American Idol. Fox is not aware that there are other singers outside of American Idol.
  • Question:-Does anybody know whee can I buy or obtain a copy of the 1988 World Series Game 1 Special made by ESPN Classic?
    I have looked in the web, but I have only found the full game DVD. I am looking for the 1-hour special made by ESPN Classic, which features interviews and covers a summary of the 1988 LA Dodgers title run. ESPN Classic does not list when they will air it again.


    Answer:-Yes, I do.

    Hope this helps.
  • Question:-Would you rather go to World Series game 1 or All Star game in Anaheim in 2010?
    I'm gonna save up some cash & go the the all star game in Anaheim in 2010.
    Which do you prefer to attend?

    Answer:-World series, not even close. They had to make the All Star game determine who gets home field advantage for the series, just to make people care about it. I hardly watch the All Star game on T.V. If you want to go, let me save you some money. American league wins.
  • Question:-Where can I watch a live stream of the World Series game 1 online ?
    Is there any website streaming the world series games online? Thank you

    Answer:-If you check out the plethora of other "live streaming" questions, I am sure you will find your answer.
  • Question:-What is your prediction for hero & goat of World Series Game 1?

    Actually, Phils are on the road, so Chase can't hit a "Walk off" HR.

    Answer:-The hero: Cole Hamels. A consistent ace-caliber performer this off season.

    The goat: Jason Bartlett. The weak spot in the Rays' great defense. I forsee and run-scoring error sometime during a close Game 1
  • Question:-When can i find baseball torrents for example yesterdays redsox rockies world series game 1.?
    is there anywhere i can download the game

    Answer:-u usually can but it at or record it next time
  • Question:-Who sang the national anthem before world series game 1 @ new york 2009?

    Answer:-Keni Thomas, a former member of the U.S. Army's Elite Task Force Ranger Unit
  • Question:-Create your own world series, 1 game takes all?
    Create your national league team, and your american league team. Which team will win and who gets the World Series MVP?

    Answer:-I'd choose the NL Allstars VS the Yankees as the AL representatives, and the Yankees win, Cano gets MVP!
  • Question:-Who will throw out the first pitch of the World Series Game 1?

    Answer:-IT is a local student, His name is Justin Martinez and he goes to Tampa Bay Technical High School. He is a drum major there.
  • Question:-World Series Game 1 Facts Of Recent...?
    Teams that have won the first game have won the last 6 World Series.
    Teams that have won the first game have won 10 of the last 11.

    Losing 6-1, when you have your ace going.
    Seeing your roided overpriced star go 0-4 with 3ks.
    Seeing Yankee fans leave for the stands after the 8th.
    The Big Apple, gone silent.


    BQ: How many innings will the overrated, inconsistent AJ Burnett last, if Sabathia only could go 6?

    Answer:-how many times have i mentioned CC's stats against the Phils?
    and NY fans say games 1,4 an 7...thanks for the wins

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