Wednesday, October 26, 2011

sister wives

  • Question:-Sister Wives!?!?!!?!?
    What is sister wives about? Isn't the show about a slut who sleeps with different girls every night? Its disgusting what do you think?

    Answer:-It's a show about a fundamentalist Mormon man and his family. He has one legal wife and several other "wives" who he married in a church ceremony, but are not recognized by the state as his wives. The women call each other sister-wives.
  • Question:-sister wives??????????
    i like the wives but not the husband what about you

    Answer:-Frankly the show is appalling. The husband? A pervert. The wives? Stupid and immoral to put their children in such a twisted lifestyle. What does he room-hop each night to sleep with a different "wife"? Whoever is in a good mood tonight he gets to sleep with? It's just gross and seems like something from the middle ages.

    I enjoy some shows on TLC but they are going way over the line with this one and nobody in my house will watch that filth.
  • Question:-What's the song on the Sister Wives premiere commercial on TLC?
    What's the song on the the TLC Sister Wives season premiere commercial currently airing on TV? I don't believe that the commercial is available on the website, just on TV.

    Answer:-The song is called "We Can" by The So Manys
  • Question:-How come SISTER wives family moved from UTAH to NEVADA?
    The polygamist family from Sister Wives is actually pretty cool and I felt bad for them that they had to move to another state because of the police.
    But because they aired the episode, don't the police still know where they are?
    They moved to NEVADA but how does that prevent them from being arrested for polygamy? Its still USA.

    Answer:-Police =/= Federal.

    State police can't do anything about it if they move, the Nevada police could, but not the Utah police. Each station has it's own jurisdiction. City, county, state, and then it goes to federal when it crosses state borders. But I don't think the feds are gonna do much for one family.
  • Question:-How do I contact the people from Sister Wives?
    How do I contact the people from Sister Wives? They had a hand crochet baby blanet in the babies crib and I want the pattern.

    Answer:-Go to the TLC website there will be a section for sister wives and email them. Who knows if you will get an email back but that's where i would go.
  • Question:-Would You Rather Have Multiple Husbands Or Multiple Sister Wives?
    I think I would rather have multiple sister wives. Having multiple Husbands would suck because I would have to sexually please all of those men. And it's hard enough to sexually please just one man.

    Answer:-None of the above: One wife is almost too much to deal with.
  • Question:-What happened to robyn brown from sister wives?
    I was watching Oprah today and they didnt have robyn in the interview thing and they were saying they had 13 kids but when i was watching sister wives last month they said 16 kids. Did she back out of the marriage???

    Answer:-IDK. Last I heard, she was expecting. ><
  • Question:-Are the woman on sister wives sisters before they married the guy?
    My husband and i are debating who is right.

    I already think the show is disgusting, so please dont comment on that.

    Are the 3 original wives of the man sisters?

    Answer:-Other people answered but I think they use the term the way you say sorority "sister" or you and your best friend are like "sisters." They are just extremely close and like family because they support each other and raise each other's children.
  • Question:-If polygamy is illegal, then how can there be shows like sister wives?
    Polygamy is illegal in Canada and the United States. So how can they make a tv show about sister wives. What's next, a tv show about the lives of drug dealers? Actually that might be more interesting. Illegal is illegal even if its something minor.

    Answer:-I agree with you 100000%

    the reason they can get away with it it because if you go to the mayer or whatever, you can ask him for a pice of paper that says you can do a sertain thing and get away with it...

    i think they should stop, because people are getting the wrong idea from these shows.. people are starting to think that its ok to do this stuff.... its really stupid
  • Question:-What questions should my husband and I ask when we interview potential sister wives?
    I work four days a week and I really hate doing laundry. We thought bringing a sister wife in to our family might help alleviate some of the work I have to do as a dutiful Christian wife...and cut down on our child care expenses.

    Other than basic questions about STDs, homemaker skills and else can we weed out the freaks and find a good quality woman like we are looking for?

    Answer:-Do you knit?

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