Sunday, October 23, 2011

carson palmer

  • Question:-Where will Carson Palmer start the 2011 NFL season?
    He has said he wants out of Cinci but the owner says there are no plan to trade Palmer.

    BQ: Would any trade of Carson Palmer also include his younger brother Jordan Palmer?

    Answer:-He will very likely end up with the Cardinals, they are thirsty from the super bowl two years ago and the dude they have now has done nothing.

    BQ: No they need clip board holders in cinci too.
  • Question:-Should I start Carson Palmer or Tony Romo this week for fantasy football?
    Carson Palmer is clearly a better QB, but the Bengals are playing the Ravens this week and the Cowboys are playing the Giants. I just don't know who would score more fantasy points.

    Answer:-PALMER. The ravens D took a big hit when thomas moved on. It will be easier for teams to block ray lewis now and the ravens secondary is getting old. Look for Johnson and Palmer to have a Big game.
  • Question:-Should I start Carson Palmer vs. Baltimore or Kyle Orton vs. a weakened New England secondary?
    I feel as if Carson Palmer will get shut down in Baltimore by Ed Reed and company. Whereas, Kyle Orton has two unbelievably strong Wide outs this year and appears to be doing well.

    Answer:-I would go with Kyle Orton. I feel he has a much better matchup and will be decent enough this week against the Patriots defense.

    Hope this helps.
  • Question:-Who should I start in fantasy football week two? I have Matt Schaub and Carson palmer?
    Last week carson had a great week and matt sat back and let arian foster do the damage. Matt schaub against washington? Or Carson Palmer against Baltimore.

    Answer:-Id go with Schuab, Foster was used in week 1 to keep manning off the field, thats the only reason they used him so much. Now in Week 2 he'll set up great play action now that foster is a big threat.

    Im watching the Ravens game now and the Jets arent having any type of passing game at all. Although Palmer does have Owens and Ochocinco, you do have to remember that the patriots arent a very good passing defence so he wont have nearly as many points this week.
  • Question:-Should I start Matt Cassel over Carson Palmer in week 2?
    Should I start Mass Cassel over Carson Palmer? Cassel is unproven, but Palmer is a shaky start against Texans defense. My gut says Palmer. What do you think?

    Answer:-Yes, start Cassel over Palmer. Palmer will continue to struggle this week. I think you mean Titans Defense. The Texans have a bye this week.
  • Question:-Do you think Carson Palmer would come out of retirement and accept a trade to the Raiders?
    With Campbell injured of course Raiders need a QB. Carson Palmer retired solely because he wanted a trade and didn't want to play for the Bengals anymore

    David Garrard revealed he needs back surgery so won't be an option and there isn't a ton of options unless Brett Favre comes out of retirement again lol

    Do you think Carson Palmer would come out of retirement to play for the Raiders if he could?

    Answer:-Technicly Palmer is on the Bengals roster.He never signed retirement papers.I am sure he would play for the Raiders but the Bengals would not entertain offers for him early in the year.Even though it was reported they were offered a 2nd round draft choice for him. It will be interesting to see who they get.I don't believe it will be Favre.despite what many believe I doubt if he is in football shape.Lets face it time caught up with him last year.I know nothing of the Raiders backups but they would almost seem to be a favorite to start no matter what for at least a couple weeks.Just because they know the system.Jeff George's name always pops up when these talks come up.LOL
  • Question:-Who should I start Carson Palmer at Dallas or Trent Edwards at Arizona?
    Who should I start Carson Palmer at Dallas or Trent Edwards at Arizona?

    Answer:-Brett Favre threw 6 TDs against Arizona last week. What was your question again?
  • Question:-Why does Carson Palmer make the Raiders a better team?
    I don't follow the Bengals & don't know much about Carson Palmer's game. Is this a good trade for the Raiders? What kind of a quarterback is he? How does he make the Raiders better?

  • Question:-What do you think of Carson Palmer this year?
    Im a Bengals fan, the Bengals are shocking people with 3-1 start to the season, Carson Palmer for the last two years has benn injured and not himself, now this year it apperars to many that hes regained his 2005-2006 form, before he blew his knee out against the Steeelers in the Playoffs. How would you rate him so far, and do you think hell improve as the season progresses.

    Answer:-I played him over Tom Brady,and he scored 1 more point then him,I think..
    Yhea,I really like Palmer this year (AND OCHOCINCO),and I wont hesitate to play him if I like his matchup better then Brady's..I WISH I COULD START THEM BOTH,but my league only starts 1 QB..

    It wasn't long ago PAlmer was being drafted in 1st rounds of fantasy drafts,and he STILL has the potential to produce like a top tier QB;
    so if you grabbed him after the 7th-8th rounds like I did,you got yourself a real bargain!

    ~g0()d LuCk~
  • Question:-Would it be a smart move for the Vikings to get Carson Palmer?
    Carson Palmer has put up great numbers on the Bengals, but they are one of the worst teams in the league. If Palmer was on a different team, he would be looked at as a future Hall of Famer, and he would have a better chance of winning a Super Bowl.

    Answer:-I think he would be a great fit on the Vikings. If the Vikings O-line improves on the pass blocking, I can see Palmer in the pro-bowl next season. (If he was to go to the Vikings). They have arguably the best running back in the NFL in Adrian Peterson, a good receiving core with the likes of Sidney Rice (as long as they re-sign him) and Percy Harvin, and a very underrated TE in Shianco (or how ever you spell his name).

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