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  • Question:-Can someone tell me what chapter of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle does the story start after tokyo revelations?
    I finished the tsubasa chronicle and tokyo revelations anime. I started watching a bit of Shunraiki when i noticed that the endings don't match. I was told that they skipped some of the story and started at least 2 arcs later. I'm confused and want to get the rest of the story. Please Help.

    Answer:-uh......ARE YOU JOKING?

    whatever, this story's original form is the manga and anime version is adapted

    you should pay attention to the relation between original manga and the adaption of anime from the beginning

    besides, many animes in Japan also adapted from original manga often breaks down, which leave no endings there

    in the aspect of releveant anime

    Bee Train company initially made Tsubasa TV anime
    (52ep, adapted from manga Tsubasa 1~14)

    but broke down owing to dub employment and other problems

    IG production ,the producer of the movie "The Midsummer Night's Dream and the Princess of the Birdcage Country"

    took the shambles and produced xxxHOLiC TV anime
    (37ep, adapted from manga xxxHOLiC 1~12)

    , OVA Tokyo Revelation (3ep, adapted from manga Tsubasa 15~17)

    , OVA Spring Thunder (4ep, adapted from manga xxxHOLiC 12,14, Tsubasa 22,23)

    just as thing above, there are two production in charge of different parts

    since this question only mentioned OVA, I don't think you even didn't know what was going on in the previous plot which isn't IG's charge?

    even more, the OVA series was combined with manga as limited edition and "not for sale"

    those consumers must be original manga reader at the same time

    please concern that you're very know with the original manga plot

    if you even never touched manga, you can only read from the beginning again

    original manga released to 14/27 volumes in Japan
  • Question:-Do the shows: Card Captor Sakura and Tsubasa Chronicle have anything to do with eachother?
    They both have the characters: Sakura and Syaoran in them except different ages and Card Captor Sakura has "clow cards" and Tsubasa Chronicle in in "clow country" (or something). I've watched Card Captor and just found out about Tsubasa Chronicle.

    Answer:-They actually have a lot do to with eachother, but if I explain it to will ruin the entire series.

    ****SPOILER ALERT***

    Sakura and Syaroan are the parents of the cloned Sakura and Syaoran(which are the main characters in Tsubasa). The cloned Syaoran and Sakura die, but their originals (which are never given any sure parents) were still alive. Once they find eachother, they find out that they have to die again and be reborn, but they are promised they will meet once again in their other life and be able to live happy. The next part of the series shows them finding each other again, then falling in love all over again and getting married. These Sakura and Syaorans had a kid(who looks exactly like Syaoran) and he is believed to be somewhat of a reincarnation of the first generation of Syaoran (in other words, Li from Cardcaptor Sakura).

    ......WOW. That is a lot of Sakura and Syoarans XD
    Sorry if it is really confusing, but that is the only way I am able to explain it. In other words, they have everything to do with each other. They are not just corresponding characters, they are both sister series, so you sort of need to see both sides of the story to understand it all.

    As you said, you just found out about Tsubasa, so none of this would make much sense to you anyways. So don't kill yourself over trying to understand it all yet.

    ~Hope this helps ^^
  • Question:-What is a good symbol for a chronicle?
    I am doing a project for school where I'm creating a political party. So i came up with The Chronicle Party because they focus on important issues (such as abortion, global warming, aiding undeveloped countries, health care, helping the homeless, etc) which will, in time, change the world.
    Well, I'm having a hard time thinking of a symbol for this party. Anyone have any good ideas?

    Answer:-Well I would say for a symbol the zodiac symbol ( which looks like a number 2 )
    i.e. II ( like capital roman number two )
  • Question:-How can i get the confirmation from Deccan Chronicle?
    Hi, i wrote a complaint in went your anger of Deccan Chronicle, so it was written that your comment will be published after moderation, so how can i know that when it will be published? Will it be published or not ? Does it take more time to publish?

    Answer:-ask them
  • Question:-How did the background of Gabriel Garcia Marquez influence Chronicle of a Death Foretold?
    Gabriel Garcia Marquez, author of Chronicle of a Death Foretold, is a Colombian Nobel Prize winner. His most famous novel is One Hundred Years of Solitude. I noticed that he uses the names of several people he knows as the names of characters. I want to know how his experiences and relationships shape the novel in plot development, characterization, theme, and other similar aspects.

    Answer:-this article should help you answer your question
  • Question:-When does the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle season 2 come out as an English boxset?
    Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle is an Anime series from Japan. All episodes of seasons 1 and 2 had been made in english and I've already obtained the season 1 boxset. Please answer about when the possible date of season 2 boxset will come out.

    Thanx! Much appreciated.

    Answer:-It shoud be out soon.

    * Have a Good Day *

    ~ Don ~
  • Question:-what value to place on comics houston chronicle?
    I have the comics from the houston chronicle dated march 29, 1950 with various comics kerry drake, mutt and jeff etc.It is in very good condition.

    Answer:-try this.
  • Question:-What is the relation between Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and Sakura card captor?
    when i was watching the first episode of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle i noticed there were some similarities between it and Sakura card captor. Is there any relation between those two anime?

    Answer:-Pretty much all of clamps anime/manga are interlocked somehow. If you watch/read one of them you'll find a reference to another one of them. Like Kobato it had Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and Wish in it. Also between Reservoir and XXXHolic.
  • Question:-What is the difference between a series and a chronicle, if there is any?
    How many books are series? A chronicle?

    Answer:-Yes, there is very much a difference.

    A chronicle is always arranged in chronological order. A series doesn't have to be. There can be prequels and parallel events with different characters in different stories.

    A series can also feature different characters in the same place at different times in history. For instance, Anne Geddes' Pern books are not chronicles -- they all take place on Pern, but she jumps back between turns and passes of thread to tell different people's stories. That is a series.

    Harry Potter is a chronicle - it follows one person's history chronologically.

    The number of books in a series or chronicle is unimportant. It all has to do with the time sequence. Pax - C
  • Question:-what is the name of the song in tsubasa chronicle ep 1 part 3 when Shaorin is fighting with his kudan?
    In Tsubasa Chronicle episode 1 part 3 on youtube when Shaorin is fighting with his kudan, there is a japanese song playing. I want to know the name of that song. Please help me!

    Answer:-You mean this part?

    ~If so, then that's called "The Song of Storm and Fire"

    You can listen to it here:

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