Thursday, October 20, 2011

jahvid best

  • Question:-What are the chances that Jahvid Best will win the Heisman this year?
    He's probably out for the rest of the season and the Golden Bears aren't going to the Rose Bowl this year - but Jahvid Best has performed better than any other RB in college football.

    What do you think?

    Answer:-Jahvid Best has no shot, unless McCoy and Tebow get hurt.............But he would still need to step it up.
  • Question:-Who would you start? Jahvid best vs tampa or miles Austin vs the nyj?
    I feel like the nyj d will be tough, but Austin will have something to prove? And who backs us jahvid best? Will they eat into his production?

    Answer:-best is better bet austin will be either screwed by the hamstring or revis island. Either way he is no bueno. I dont thing Best has much of a back up that will cut in his touches specially goal lines ones, I am starting him, only thing with Best is that even though the upside is fantasy gold, the injuries plague has affected him over the years so its risky.
  • Question:-Should I start Jahvid Best or Felix Jones in Week 6?
    Best plays @ NYG, Jones @ MIN. I'm not sure if Felix has the starting job in Dallas, but it sure looked like it in Week 5 when he got 19 touches, 109 yds. Wade Phillips says Marion Barber's still the guy (I sure hope not). Jahvid definitely has his job safe, but he does play for Detroit and playing on the road against a team that only gave up 24 yds on the ground to Arian Foster last week. Any thoughts?

    Answer:-The Vikings have only allowed 413 rushing yds, 132 receiving yds, and 2 TDs to RBs so far. Only 6 teams have allowed fewer fantasy points to opposing RBs. Further, the secondary has a lot of injuries and the Cowboys are likely to be attacking through the air. The Giants have allowed 465 rushing yds, 110 receiving yds and 4 TDs to opposing RBs. Best is currently among the top 8 fantasy RBs (standard Yahoo scoring; pts/game). Jones is #43. While the Cowboys should be working Jones more going forward, this is not the game to start him in.
  • Question:-What NFL team will most likely draft Jahvid Best out of Cal?
    Jahvid Best (running back from Cal University) is supposed to be drafted in this year's NFL draft somewhere between the middle 1st round and early 2nd round somewhere isn't he?

    Answer:-It's hard to say for sure but most of the mock drafts I have looked at say he is a great fit in seattle under Pete Carroll and have him projected to get picked up by them in the second round on the 38th pick.
  • Question:-Who do I start in fantasy football Daren Sproles vs. Jaguars or Jahvid Best vs. Cowboys?
    I have a delima, do I start Darren Sproles against JAX or Jahvid Best vs. Cowboys. Which would you do?

    Answer:-Best is your best bet. Sproles has been the most consistent RB for the Saints but thats not saying much either.
  • Question:-How many more games does Jahvid Best have left in his NFL career?
    Yes, he suffered yet another concussion.
    I don't report people. This place was out of control when all that stuff was going on. We don't want to see it come back.

    Answer:-He probably has no memory of his coach getting punked by Harbaugh now
  • Question:-Would you pick Ryan Grant or Jahvid Best to be your RB2 in non PPR Leauges?
    I have jahvid Best but im thinking of trading him to get Ryan grant? Good idea?

    Answer:-Im a big Jahvid Best fan, but I may go with Grant in a non PPR. A lot of Best's value comes by receiving yards and catches. I really hope he doesn't get any more concussions, he had one the other day, but should be fine to play. Grant will get more TD's which is what you want non PPR. Slight edge Grant.

    Edit: The problem with Christians statement is that Best was dealing with a major toe injury last season and on the turf, really hampered his explosive abilities (which are tremendous if you followed Cal 2 years ago.) Should be better now meaning big things for this speedy pass catching RB.
  • Question:-Should I trade Rashard Mendenhall for Jahvid Best?
    I was offered this trade in fantasy football. Jahvid Best has had a better season so far but I can't tell if he is going to be consistent. Thoughts and rationale?


    The other 2 answers made good points.

    Rashard is the #1 back on a good team which is getting better with Ben coming back

    Best is the #1 back on a bad team
  • Question:-Who should I start this week Ronnie Brown or Jahvid Best?
    Brown is very consistent and is playing an injury strucken Packers or Jahvid Best who is expected to do well against the Giants

    Answer:-sorry i couldnt help you on week six but as for week 7 go with ronnie brown jahvid best got a bye week and only go to brown if you got nobody else to put in hes facing the pit defence if your got questions add me so i can answer
  • Question:-Should I trade Maurice Jones-Drew for Mike Wallace and Jahvid Best?
    Do you think Jahvid's Best toe turf will effect him for a while?
    Bump* Anybody else think otherwise or does everybody agree with sticking with MJD?

    Answer:-Don't give up on MJD just yet, especially for a player that is hurt and may not even play this week. Turf toe can be quite a nagging injury. Be patient with MJD and hopefully it will pay off.

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