Sunday, October 23, 2011

demarco murray

  • Question:-Should I start Jackie Battle or DeMarco Murray in Week 7?
    Since Felix Jones is out and Cedric Benson is on a Bye and might even get suspened, should I pick up Jackie Battle or Demarco Murray? Who should I start and why? Thanks.

    My thoughts are Murray is facing the 30th Ranked Run D and Battle is facing the 29th Ranked run D
    Battle has more longterm upside if he starts the job, but Murray is on the better team. The cowboys dont run that much though. Whats your thoughts?

  • Question:-Were you impressed by Demarco Murray today?
    I was very impressed. I know, I know- The Rams have the worst rush defense in the league. But keep in mind, they are still an NFL defense, and Demarco Murray is still only a rookie. Not only that, he accomplished something that Tony Dorsett, Herschel Walker and even Emmitt Smith never could, and that is rush for over 250 yards in a single game.

  • Question:-Should I drop Ryan Torain and pick up DeMarco Murray?
    Felix Jones is supposed to be injured for awhile. Should I pick up DeMarco Murray and drop Ryan Torain?

  • Question:-Will Dez Bryant and Demarco Murray get along?
    The Dallas Cowboys now have two pretty big stars from Oklahoma. Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State and Demarco Murray, Oklahoma. Do you think they'll get along fine?

    Answer:-Of course, if anything it'll help them to become friends. Maybe they'll compete against each other and it'll make them both play better.
  • Question:-Should I start Jonathan Stewart or Demarco Murray?
    Felix Jones is out and Gore is on a bye. I'm starting Turner and Jackie Battle and thinking about putting stewart or murray in the flex.

  • Question:-should I pick up demarco murray or maurice morris?
    With news that Best is likely out for the remainder of the season, Morris could be a huge pickup. I'm currently in 2nd place and playing the #1 team this week. We both need a RB to replace bye week RB. Murray and Morris are stilll available. Who's got the better upside?

  • Question:-Why is Tashard Choice not starting over Demarco Murray?
    I thought Choice was the #2 back, but everything I see says Murray is starting. Is choice hurt or did he get moved down in the depth chart? Do you think he'll still see enough playing time to start in fantasy?

  • Question:-on my yahoo fantasy, should I drop Cedric Benson and add DeMarco Murray from the cowboys?
    Benson had a BYE week this week and is suspended next week. Murray put up 253 yards in the game today and one TD but who knows if he will do that next week. I have Chris Johnson and he is giving me like 4 points and other RBs are giving 12+ each game. WR are Sydney Rice and Eric Decker, they aren't helping.

  • Question:-Where will DeMarco Murray go in the draft?
    Murray was great as a Freshman, but injured a lot as a Soph. and Jr. He was healthy as a Sr, but no longer seems to have the great quickness and burst that he once had.

    He is one of the best receiving RB's we have seen come out in the last few years though.

    What round do you think he will go?

    Answer:-Round one, unless he becomes another Jason White with the injuries.
  • Question:-Should Demarco Murray stay the starting RB for the rest of the season?
    It may only be one game, but he was extremely productive


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