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  • Question:-How can I extract essential oils from a peppermint plant at home?
    Ive looked around on the internet and ive seen some pretty complicated methods of extracting essential oils from plants.I wanted to see if anyone has any simple methods where i could extract the oil from a peppermint plant in my kitchen.
    I saw on a movie they extracted poison from an Oleander flower by boiling it,and i wanted to know if i can boil the plant to extract the oil into liquid or if that was just for the movie.


    making essential oils by yourself is very easy. You can use this essential oils for scenting your room or make floral water. but I doubt about its therapeutic value.

    for instructions on making homemade essential oils, you can go to this site:
  • Question:-How to extract the Ps2 games that came from the internet which is in rar format?
    How to extract the Ps2 games that came from the internet which is in rar format? Should I only extract the 1st one or all the parts? Sometimes it has too many parts, But, what if there is only 4 parts, which one should I extract?

    Answer:-I answered your other question, you might want to check it out. Here is what I put.

    Search engine WinRar, download, and install. You can extract any of the parts and you'll get the same results if you were to extract part 1.
  • Question:-How is it possible to extract metal ions from aqueous samples, and how would the resultant extract b analysed?
    How is it possible to extract metal ions from aqueous samples, and how would the resultant extract be analyzed?

    Answer:-You have to see which metals you expect in the sample then you select specific and selective ions to precipitate them or to turn them to colorful complexes...

    Once you get color, you analyze the sample with a spectrophotometer... if you get a precipitate.. you get the weight of it...

    But it depends on what you have in sample... And of course... you will always prepare standards for comparison before you go for your real sample...

    Example: You get a MetalSulfate that is not soluble.. you precipitate it and weight and make the stechiometric calculations... You you get a MetalSaltComplex to b fluorescent for example.. you prepare a know concentration solution and build a calibration curve with Beers Law...
  • Question:-How do I extract phytochemicals from ethanolic extract of leaves?
    I will be putting ethanolic extract of leaves of the Moringa oleifera plant into a MS/GC which will identify them. How would I be able to isolate those phytochemicals to test them individually?

    Answer:-There are several options
    1) preparative thin-layer fairly large volumes ( up to 1/2 mL containing 10-20 mg of crude preparation onto a 2000 micron silica gel G preparative plate.....develop with the appropriate solvent ( derived from literature )..visualize by a general agent like iodine charring.....mark the bands ..then allow the I2 to sublime......scrape the bands off into separate tubes and solubilize the components in an organic solvent ..filter out the silica gel.....evaporate the organic solvent to yield the phytochemical.
    2) semi-preparative HPLC...use a reverse phase column C8 or C18 inject 200uL of samle containing 1 mg of crude elute with a gradient of 10-60% acetonitrile in water containing 0.1% FA.....monitor at appropriate UV wavelength ( 280 for aromatics ) collect fractions ...evapoate the acetonitrile under N2....freeze-dry remainder.

    3) Flash chromatography using a column of silica gel Act II or III, 2.5 cm x 60 cm with a positive N2 pressure. Elute with step -wise elution of increasing polarity ( Hexane, hexane 20% ethanol, hexane 50 % ethanol, 100% ethanol. The fractions can then be analyzed by TLC , LC/MS , etc . You can concentrate crude ioslates by using solid phase extraction with semi-prep minicolumns ( Baker or equivalent ).
  • Question:-How much vanilla extract do should I use to substitute for 1 whole vanilla bean?
    I'm making the custard for a boston cream pie and the recipe calls for 1 vanilla bean with the seeds scraped. I do not have the vanilla bean, but I do have a good-quality pure vanilla extract. Can I substitute the extract for the bean and how much should I use?

    Answer:-1 teaspoon
  • Question:-What software will extract high quality stills from video?
    Which windows-based video editing software has the ability to extract high quality images from video by allowing you to select a specific frame and then the software analyzes a few frames on either side of the selected frame to smooth out the inevitable video noise? I've seen an application called Video Enhancer do this for a full video but not for extracting just a single high quality frame from a video.

    Answer:-Hey Frank,

    Try out trakAxPC Pro. It's a new editing suite that allows you to edit and mix any combination of audio, video and photos. You can jpeg snapshots of video, do effects, text, split screen, reverse, slow-motion etc, plus upload your video directly to YouTube through the application. There is a free forever lite version and paid pro version available.

    You can check it out here:

    Here is a link to show you how to take a snapshot:

    Hope this helps
  • Question:-What exactly is the use of malt extract in bacterial growth medium?
    Hi there. I'm currently working on the nutrient requirements of bacteria and as for now, I'm really curious about the role of malt extract as one of the ingredients in one type of growth medium I'm studying. The truth is, we don't have malt extract broth at the lab, so I'm looking for other substitutes. So, what nutrient is really provided by malt extract? Because I am thinking of substituting malt extract with peptone.

    Thanks in advance.

    Answer:-Malt extract can be found at your local wine and beer brewing store.

    Substitute agars at the website listed below. I guess it would be sugars provided by malt.
  • Question:-How can I extract files from a zip file when Windows blocks it?
    When I try to extract files from a zip folder Windows blocks it. And I already unblocked it, but Windows still won't let me extract the files. What can I do?

    Answer:-What do you mean by windows blocking it? It just won't open it? Or does it say it contains a virus, etc.? If Windows just won't open the file, use WinRAR, downloadable from
  • Question:-How do I extract service pack files to a specific directory in Vista?
    It won't allow me to extract the service pack to a separate directory, it automatically extracts to a default location and I see no option to change this.

    Answer:-If you go to the microsoft website and specifically search for the SP you want, it doesn't provide you with a "download" button?


    This link will take you to the SP2 for Office 2007 (scroll down some to see it in the Popular Downloads section). If I click the download now, it will take me further to the SP page. Then I click the download button, and it prompts me to run or save. I could click save and then select the location I want to put it.
  • Question:-What can I use to substitute for strawberry extract?
    I'm making a strawberry chocolate chip cheesecake that calls for strawberry extract. It also calls for frozen strawberries, in syrup. I live in Germany, and the military commissaries don't carry strawberry extract. I haven't checked off post yet, since that's a little more difficult with my schedule. Is there anything I can use to substitute for the strawberry extract? I'm planning on garnishing it with fresh strawberries, so could I add a few extra (or mash up a few to add to the batter) to make up for not having the extract?

    Answer:-I'd say add an extra teaspoon of vanilla extract. It'll give it a richness, even without the strawberry extract.

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