Wednesday, October 26, 2011

garmin nuvi 1450

  • Question:-My Garmin Nuvi 1450 GPS has signal problems? What do I do?
    I just bought a Garmin Nuvi 1450 GPS and it has some problems detecting the signal.
    I'm in my car and it cannot detect my locations after I hit Tools > Where am I?
    I live in Northern Toronto, however, it only shows the location to be some random place on King Street in downtown Toronto. Can anyone help me troubleshoot/give help if you've had the same problem? 10pts up on the line.

    Answer:-Charge the unit completely, power it up and let it sit with a clear view of the sky for at least 15 minutes. This should allow it to get a solid fix on your location. When you go back it should have a good signal and has located where it is exactly, set this as your home location.

    When using it in the car or traveling make sure it has a clear view of the sky. I typically will power mine up prior to leaving to allow it time to set its coordinates.
  • Question:-Adding Chinese voice to my Garmin nuvi 1450?
    I tested the nuvi 1450 demo and it had Mandarin Chinese voice on it, but after buying the 1450 for myself it doesn't have it. Any way I can add the Chinese voice or where can I get it?

    Answer:-Yes, you can add the Mandarin Chinese voice to your nuvi 1450. Search online for "Garmin Webupdater" which is Garmin's desktop tool for nuvi updates. Download and run the updater, then when it's finished it will say "Check for additional updates such as voices?" Select 'Yes' or 'Next' and a list of languages will show up. Select Mandarin Chinese from this list and it will install!

    Also, if you are looking for funny or celebrity Garmin voices, check out NavTones - they are the best.
  • Question:-can i find a parked car with the garmin nuvi 1450 lmt?

    Answer:-Only if you saved the location of the car on the Nuvi & then took the Nuvi with you when you left the car. GPS map units receive signals from the GPS satellite array, they don't transmit.
  • Question:-Garmin Nuvi 1450 blank screen?
    I just got my GPS for Christmas. After I put my route in, the map appears and it works fine until I hit a particular highway. The screen goes black, the device restarts, then it resumes my trip. However, the map won't have any roads on it; it'll just have my car and my speed limit and the ETA. Then it'll do this again two more times. On the third restart, the map will reappear. (This usually happens about half a mile to one mile after it originally went blank.)

    Is the device just losing reception, or is there a defect?

    Answer:-I think it may be a corrupted map. It counts as a defect IMO.
  • Question:-Garmin vs TomTom GPS?
    Which GPS should I get? Anyone have one of these GPS's?……

    or have suggestion as to what other GPS there are that are good and cost about the same?

    Answer:-I cannot suggest to you which one but I can tell you .. from experience .. what is a good GPS.

    I have an iPhone that has a GPS application on it. About 3 months ago, my friends and I went to meet in Arkansas, northern part and it was a bit mountainous. There was one coming from Oklahoma. She was using a Garmin and I was coming from Kentucky and I was using the iPhone GPS application. On my way, my GPS worked perfectly, following every road it indicated, I reached my destination with no problems whatsoever. My lady friend coming from Oklahoma, encountered some dead spots along the way, the Garmin stopped working and she ended up in Little Rock, over a hundred miles off.

    I've used my iPhone GPS going to the west coast, up north in Ohio and down south Louisiana and it has YET to fail me. It takes me where I need to go.

    Hope this will help you out ..
  • Question:-People with Garmin GPS..... tracking question! (Easy points!)?
    I have the garmin Nuvi 1450-
    I am using it in a location where the maps are very poor (and i have the most recent ones), so there are a lot of places i can't get to. I would like to have someone drive to a specific location with the GPS and then mark and save their routes. That way, i can go there, following the GPS-
    how do you mark a path to a location on the GPS? is this possible?
    first one to answer well will receive 10 points!

    Answer:-Some GPS devices, like the garmin Map60,70 serries as well as newer oregon, and dakotas, have the ability to create "tracks" of where you have been. Those tracks can then be used to create a custom map that your Nuvi can read. I have made serval this way, It is a bit complicated however.
  • Question:-how do you change the voice on a gps?
    i got a garmin nuvi 1450 and i dont like the default voice. how do i change that???

    Answer:-Go to Tools-->Settings-->Language. Once you're in the Language menu, click "Voice Language". Here it'll give you the option for a variety of languages. Be sure to select one that says "Speaks Street Names" under the language itself.

    Good luck :-)
  • Question:-GPS Question????????????????
    Well we just bought a Garmin Nuvi 1450 LMT GPS from best buy. So when i tried to enter an address thats in Canada( i live in NY) it didnt come up. Yes I do have service in Canada and i changed the country to explore to Canada, but it still doesn't work. P.S: other addresses in Canada I can find.

    Answer:-It looks like it does not have all of canada.

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