Monday, October 24, 2011

harry connick jr

  • Question:-Has any one seen Harry Connick Jr's acting performance as a African American pastor from 12 years ago?
    I can't remember the title of the movie.
    Is he a hypocrite ?

    Answer:-Yes, he's a hypocrite. Here's the clip

    I saw that red Faces act the other night and those 5 dudes painted their faces black because the Jackson 5 were.......wait for it........shock horror........BLACK.

    There was no offence intended whatsoever.
  • Question:-Does anyone else think Harry Connick Jr should be the next Idol judge?
    He's amazing! He's been more helpful to the contestants than any mentors in the past. His personality is infectious. Idol was getting kinda dull this season except for this week.

    We need someone funny
    like simon but with more laughter
  • Question:-Can New Orleans find spokespeople other than Sandra Bullock or Harry Connick JR?

    Answer:-Anderson Cooper has been a real advocate for the city, too. Much of CNN's attention to New Orleans was because of him.
    And i agree with NOLA Guy about Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt and John Goodman.

    Ellen Degeneris is from here and has spoken well of the city- not sure what sort of contribution she's made though.

    Also Kermit Ruffins has become sort of "the face" of New Orleans. Especially if you look at "Treme" (or even The Real World: New Orleans) but he's done a lot of speaking about the city.
  • Question:-Are all Americans as pathetic as Harry Connick Jr?
    Harry "cry baby" Connick.

    Answer:-He is a loser in any country in any language.
  • Question:-Did you see Harry Connick Jr's Daughter Perform on The Early Show this morning?
    (Saturday Morning?) Did you think she could sing well? It sounded to me like I was listening to Kareoke! What did you think?

    Answer:-I know! I would be so embarrassed if I listened to that later on. I was actually asleep with the t.v on and it woke me up. That's what it sounded like. Straight out of a Karaoke bar. Terrible. It makes me sick that stars can use their influence to get their family these record deals. Look at all the housewife show. They have at least one housewife on each one of the shows that think they can sing. NOT!
  • Question:-What are you going to do to celebrate Harry Connick Jr.'s 44th birthday on September 11?

  • Question:-Why was Harry Connick Jr. acting so obnoxious on American Idol this week?
    If that's his way of being funny, I certainly didn't like it.

    Answer:-He does seem a little rough around the edges. Looks like he's the kind of guy who gets a kick out of making others uncomfortable. I'm not much of a fan of that either. Not only that, but his performance wasn't all that much. Lady GAGA looked like she was drunk or otherwise affected as she staggered around the stage. I liked her outfit, but didn't think it was appropriate for American Idol. What ever happened to all the really good musicians and singers? Some of this stuff that sells these days is junk. If I heard it on the radio I'd change to a talk show! I do love Adam Lambert, though.
  • Question:-When Harry Connick Jr records a Billy Joel song, how much does he have to pay Billy Joel?

    Answer:-When an artist or a band cover a published song there is a standard fee that goes to the composer and lyricist for each disc and each piece of sheet music sold . If the version becomes popular it could be very lucrative for the composer and lyricist .
  • Question:-Some one threatened me at knifepoint and requested me to say the best musician ever born is Harry Connick Jr. ?
    What should I do cause I do not agree, but I don't want stabbed. Michael McDonald is clearly a better talent and vocalist.

  • Question:-Did anybody else think it was Harry Connick Jr in Independence Day?
    When in fact it was Jeff Goldblum. Did anybody else think it was Harry Connick Jr? Or am I just stupid?

    Answer:-Noooooo....not even close in looks...... They were both in it, I had to check who he played. Connick was Capt. Jimmy Wilder, a minor part:

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