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go ask alice

  • Question:-What is a creative title for a persuasive essay on the book go ask alice?
    The point of the essay is to persuade people to not ban the book go ask alice. Besides the obvious titles like go ask alice, Don't ban go ask alice, etc, Any CREATIVE titles?
    What is a way to say

    the book is about a girl who gets mixed up in drugs...

    without using the word gets but keeping the rest of the sentence mostly the same?

    Answer:-Don't Ban Alice.

    How Can You Ban Reality? (then talk about how this really happens and we need to open our eyes to it.)

    Only Drugs Can Alter Reality (because if you're trying to ban it then you may want to act like things like these don't happend and alter reality.)
  • Question:-Evaluate how effectively the writer of the diary "Go Ask Alice" has communicated the theme to the reader?
    Evaluate how effectively the writer of the diary "Go Ask Alice" has communicated the theme to the reader?

    Answer:-The theme being how drugs adversely affect one's life, no?

    I think the author portrays the life of his protagonist very well. You really believe this is an actual diary. It shows you how drugs are introducted into a girl's life and how they ruin so much potential. Just when you think that she is free from its clutches, you are told that she is not. This shows the long lasting harmful effects that drugs can have on someone's life.

    It is very well communicated through the account of a bright young girl.
  • Question:-What drugs are mentioned in Go Ask Alice?
    In Go Ask Alice, I know there are a number of different drugs used such as pot, LSD, Speed and more. I was wondering if there was a list of all of the drugs mentioned in the book (not just those used by Alice) or any that you can just remember. Thank you!!!

    Answer:-All the drugs:

    LSD, marijuana, amphetamines, speed, pot, nicotine, ecstasy, PCP (Angel Dust), heroin, cannabis and of course alcohol.
  • Question:-Books like Go Ask Alice and The Lovely Bones?
    I love Go Ask Alice and The Lovely Bones. Are there any other books like those? I like sad books about teen drug addiction and stuff like that. (Yeah, I know it's weird lol) Preferably books told in first person or in a diary form?

    Answer:-Impulse, Crank, Identical or Burned all by Ellen Hopkins. She's amazing. She writes in prose and her books deal with teens coping with things like depression, suicidal feelings and drug addiction.

    Beatrice Sparks has some really good books too. They're told in diary form, similar to Go Ask Alice. Treacherous Love, Annie's Baby, Jay's Journal were all intriguing. I'd also recommend Cut by Patricia McCormick, I was really impressed with that one.
  • Question:-What are some good books if you like Go Ask Alice, The Hunger Games, The Outsiders?
    I also really like The Forest of Hands and Teeth. it's about these people who live in a little village surrounded by a forest filled with rabid/zombie like people. The people in the village think there is no one left alive in the world but them.
    I loved The Host by Stephenie Meyer.
    I like books like Go Ask Alice and The Lovely Bones.

    Answer:-"Crank" is a good book. I believe maybe its related to "Go ask Alice" or written by the same author.
  • Question:-what songs remind you of the book Go Ask Alice?
    i need books that remind me of the book go ask alice for a school project. it can be any genre.

    Answer:-White Rabbit-Jefferson Airplane
  • Question:-How to teach Go Ask Alice creatively?
    First time teaching Go Ask Alice Anonymous. I am looking for creative ideas to make lesson plans. Please let me know if you have taught it. The book touches upon important things, I want to make sure that my students understand it fully

    Answer:-I'm not exactly answering the question. I just wanted to say good for you. I'm glad to know that there are teacher's out there teaching books that are "banned" or questioned. I'm a teacher's aide and will be a teacher myself shortly. Good luck and I'll check back to see how your answers helped you out.
  • Question:-What kind of drug is "hearts" in go ask alice?
    I'm reading this book, go ask alice and it takes place in the 60's or 70's and some girl gave her "hearts" to make her feel better + have more energy. what are hearts?

    Answer:-Dextroamphetamine (trade name: Dexedrine).
  • Question:-What are the main points of Go Ask Alice?
    *Go Ask Alice* by Anonymous. main points: drugs can dictate one's life/ruin one's future....what else?

    Answer:-You can't always control what will happen when you take drugs, even after you have not taken them for a while.
    Also, others may not be safe around you if you have flashbacks and are high.
    I think this book was mainly about LSD and psychogenic drugs, but it was a long time ago when I read it. The part where she was babysitting really freaked me out.+++====
  • Question:-Does anyone know of any books like smack and go ask alice?
    Ecspecially like Smack, if anyone has read it. Its about a young girl who has moved out of her house to live with her boyfriend and she met these free spirited couple who were like anarchists and junkies and all that. But yeah does anyone have any books like that? Or Go Ask Alice ? I thought that book was very interesting ecspecially cause of her acid expierences. I already know of all of the Ellen Hopkins books and Tweak but yeah, thanks alot:)

    Answer:-*Disconnected by Sherry Ashworth
    *The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
    *Push by Sapphire
    *A Certain Age by Rebbecca Ray
    *Cut by Patricia McCormick
    *Story of a Girl by Sara Zarr
    *Once Was Lost by Sara Zarr
    *Candy by Luke Davies

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