Sunday, October 23, 2011

the haunting in connecticut

  • Question:-Whos the boy who plays the ghost boy in a haunting Connecticut?
    Sorry my other question must of got mistaken, i meant whos the boy who PLAYS the ghost boy?

    Answer:-imdb would tell you if you search for the movie online. i don't know his name.
  • Question:-Who was the ghost boy in a haunting Connecticut?
    the one where he was trying to save those people from those bad spirits.
    whats his real name?

    Answer:-All I could get was that the family's name which was Snedekers. Carmen Snedekers gave an interview to CNN to talk about the house. Reed is Carmen Snedeker’s maiden name. Reed said she wanted to protect the privacy of her family and grandchildren so she did not want to use their names
  • Question:-Where is the house and hospital in The Haunting in Connecticut?
    Supposedly the new film "The Haunting in Connecticut" is a true story about a family that moved from Southington, CT to a house closer to the hospital where one of the family members was receiving treatment. Does anyone know where the house and hospital are (were)? Which hospital was it?

    Answer:-I believe it was Bradley Hospital. The house is located in Southington even though it says northern connecticut. It is located at 208 meriden ave. The family actually moved TO Southington from a different area i believe. This house was once Aikman mortuary and funeral home. It is not a place you can visit, a family does live there today. I have lived in Southington my whole life and live just a few streets over from this house. There have been stories of paranormal activity in the house but nothing to the extent of the family who was supposedly haunted.
  • Question:-Is Haunting in Connecticut based on a true story?
    I know that The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Texas Chainsaw Massacre is based on a true story.
    But what I want to know is, is Haunting in Connecticut based on a true story?

    Answer:-Yes, I first heard about it on the Discovery channel, the have a daily show called A Haunting.
  • Question:-what do you think about a sequel to A Haunting in Connecticut coming out?
    it will be called the Haunting in Georgia. i really liked the haunting in connecticut, and i cant picture a haunting in georgia. do you think the movie will ruin a haunting in connecticut?

    Answer:-I, overall LOVED A Haunting in Connecticut.

    Actually I've been doing some researching about Haunting in Georgia and somewhere I had read that the people who produced the MOVIE A Haunting in Connecticut was actually based it on an episode in the series Haunting. I actually had also came across a dvd of the episode in the TV series a Haunting called The Haunting in Georgia, too, but I didn't rent it. (seeing that I was in a video rental store) But I think that the movie, A Haunting in Georgia will be similar, i not better than the episode. If it's the same producers of A Haunting in Connecticut, and since it has nothing in relation to the previous movie, I'm sure it will be good. :)
  • Question:-Is The Haunting in Connecticut worth watching?
    I am a scary-movie goer. But I don't like scary movies like Halloween or Friday 13th. In other words, I HATE slasher movies, they aren't really that scary to me.

    I like ones like the Unborn or the Amityville Horror. I saw The Haunting in Connecticut documentary and saw the trailer a couple days ago. It seems pretty good. Is it worth watching?

    Answer:-I liked it. It was especially interesting that the house it took place in (the one the film is based on) is in my hometown about 3 miles away.
  • Question:-Can anyone give me a short summary about the movie HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT?
    My daughter wanted to see the movie HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT, Shes 10 years old but i don't know if its such a good idea to let her see it. If someone could just give me a brief summary of the movie that would be great.

    Answer:-There is no sexuality or nudity in it. It is about a family that moves into a house to be closer to the hospital that is treating their son for cancer. The house turns out to be haunted. It is suppose to be based on a true story from the 70's. There's a few scenes that may be considered gory for a 10 year old, but as long as she knows it's not real I think it would be fine. I found it to be incredibly boring, but I'm 21.
  • Question:-What kind of movie do you think The Haunting In Connecticut will be after you saw the trailer on TV?
    I saw the trailer for the movie The Haunting In Connecticut last night on TV and I am looking forward to the movie,it is posed to be based on true events that have happened to people,I am going to get it on DVD when it comes out on DVD,I like to watch movies in my room.

    Answer:-Honestly i can't wait to see it i think i am going to watch it in the theaters when it comes out to release in theaters. I own amity ville horror the one made in 2005. I think it the movie kind of like it might relate a little bit or maybe a lot to the amity ville horror movie
  • Question:-What was the name of the boy who was burned in the furnace in The Haunting of Connecticut?
    It was the boy who Kyle Gallner would have flash backs about. He was burnt in some scenes of the movie. What was his name in the movie and his real name? Oh and also he's the guy on the cover of The Haunting of Connecticut.

  • Question:-How long will the Haunting in Connecticut be in theaters?
    me and my sister want to go on like a double date with our boyfriends to see the Haunting in Connecticut over spring break, like april 18th probably, and i'm starting to wonder if it will still be in theaters by then. google isn't helping me lol.

    Answer:-probably for a few more weeks
    I just saw it yesterday, and it sucked, it wasn't scary at all, there were a few jumpy parts, but other than that, some of the acting was pretty bad

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