Monday, October 24, 2011

jacksonville jaguars

  • Question:-jacksonville jaguars?
    Why do you think the Jacksonville jaguars cant make it over the hump?? Also what do you think about there draft?

    Answer:-The Jags gameplan is completely based on the run, last year they lost their entire interior line so that really screwed them over. Taylor is gone but MJD should be able to run a decent amount of carries for them, I don't think they can be as effective without a tandem at HB. They do have Torry Holt now but their WRs still aren't impressive at all. An overall sound defense but they could use some improvement at safety (hopefully for the Jags Nelson was just hit with the sophmore slump) and since they lost mike peterson their LBs could use some work too.

    I think this years FA has been more harmful to them then beneficial. Harvey might be able to step up this season (DEs usually erupt after their first season) and showed progress late last year. I really liked their draft, Monroe is a beast and will take over for the lost Barnes quite nicely. Britton is no chump either. Then they also got that guy whom I forget the name of at DT in the third round to solidify some much needed depth there and now theyve got a potential starter since beside Henderson is a gaping hole at DT.

    I think they have potential to go 8-8 with at best a wild card birth, minimal playoff experience will keep them from advancing though. However being in one of the toughest divisions I project them winning 6 this year.
  • Question:-Jacksonville Jaguars?
    What can the Jaguars do to win a Championship?

    Answer:-Already a good team. Good Running backs. Good QB. Maybe get some better wide receivers.
  • Question:-How Much Do The Jacksonville Jaguars and Their Fans Hate Indianapolis?
    For the longest time, Jacksonville has had an amazing football team (i say that not even being a Jaguars fan) but they never get top seed or even their division because of Indy. Good teams don't last forever and the Jaguar fans must foam at the mouth when they think how the Colts have held them back. Right?
    If anyone is wondering, i am not the one who gave everyone thumbs down. All of the answers, except one, is pretty good.

    Answer:-Is because Indy is full of gay bars, and stuff like that
  • Question:-How Badly Do Fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars Hate The Colts?
    I live in chicago, so i don't really have any feelings about the Jaguars or the AFC teams but for the last few years, Jacksonville has had a great team but they can never go any where because of the Colts. I would have to imagine the Jacksonville fans must hate the Colts more than any other group of people could hate an NFL team. Am i right?
    i get the feeling that mark didn't read the question
    To be honest, i don't know anything about the Jaguar's fan base but then i again, i live no where near florida.

    Answer:-oh yeah they hate the colts.
    the most under appreciated team in the nfl is showing what it takes and i think the colts have a good chance of losing this division and i cant wait til the colts lose it.
  • Question:-What are those Tattoos have on Jacksonville Jaguars Football Player Brad Meester?
    I just wanna know what are those tattoos on his both biceps on NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars Football Player Brad Meester, and why he decided to have tattoos in both arms, is there a story about his tattoos?
    I search everything on the Internet about Brad Meester tattoos, but nothing on it, is anyone out there about his tattoos?

    Answer:-Wait, I know this.........uuuummmm..........
  • Question:-Are the Jacksonville Jaguars the worst team in the NFL?
    Michael Vick threw three touchdown passes, ran for another score and the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 28-3 Sunday.

    Vick completed 17 of 31 passes for 291 yards, mostly staying in the pocket and picking apart Jacksonville's beleaguered secondary. One of the few times he did run, he broke a tackle, juked another defender and scored from 17 yards out.
    So are the Jacksonville Jaguars the worst team in the NFL?
    @ Dr Baltimore -- Very nice baby! Tampon Bay! Yeah baby!

    Answer:-Tampon Bay really is.
  • Question:-Are the Jacksonville Jaguars moving to Toronto rather than Los Angeles?
    The Jacksonville Jaguars are struggling this season and if they struggle not just next season but in the next two to three years, my suggestion they're not moving to L.A, it's Toronto instead of the Buffalo Bills they're moving to in 2 to 3 years, I hope the Jaguars would move out of Jacksonville to Toronto rather than Los Angeles in 3 years.

    Answer:-Anywhere is better than LA. They don't deserve a team.
  • Question:-Can the Jacksonville Jaguars win the Super Bowl?
    I am a die-hard Jacksonville Jaguars fan, and I feel this could be there year.

    Answer:-no way
  • Question:-can the Jacksonville Jaguars beat the New England Patriots and pull one the biggest upsets in NFL history?
    I'm a Jaguars fan, and I think that when Jacksonville brings their A game they can beat anybody.can they beat the Patriots on Saturday?, thanks for answering.

    Answer:-Ummmm no.... the Jags may bring their A game, but the Patriots will have their A game as well... They will adjust their defenses to stop the Jags, and there's little the Jags can do about Brady and his receivers... not to forget the fact that the Patriots have homefield advantage, and a wealth of winning playoff experience.

    Go Patriots 16-0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Question:-Where can I find Jacksonville Jaguars tickets?
    Where can I find Jacksonville Jaguars tickets?

    Answer:-there are quite a few sites you can buy them from. if the game isn't sold out, go to ticketmaster. if the game is sold out, or if you want really good seats, try some of the secondary ticket sites. go here and you will be able to compare prices at ALL the websites that sell sports tickets from one location:

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