Monday, October 24, 2011

blaine gabbert

  • Question:-how many times did Blaine Gabbert scramble in 2010 out of his 112 rush attempts?
    i would like to know if anyone can find this football stat. How many times in 2010 did Blaine Gabbert scramble (scramble meaning run during designed pass plays) out of the 112 rush attempts?

    Answer:-well that is an impossible statistic to discover because it is technically impossible to know if a play was an intended pass or rush. there are intended scrambles in the NCAA after all. Either way he plays in a mostly pro style offense so I'd assume 70% were not intended
  • Question:-Should I start Jason Campbell or Blaine Gabbert?
    2 QB league, My 3 QBs are Tarvaris Jackson, Jason Campbell and Blaine Gabbert

    I know they suck, but I missed the draft and I'm stuck with them. Anyway I'm starting Tarvaris since he plays arizona, but should I start Campbell against the Jets or Gabbert against the Panthers?
    Trust me I'm always all over the waivers but since it's a 2 qb league it's hard, luckily the rest of my team is solid.

    Answer:-Sounds like you need to take a chance. I would give Gabbert a shot, Campbell may not even last the entire game.
  • Question:-Why is Blaine Gabbert one of the top prospects in the 2011 NFL Draft?
    I'm a little unsure about this pick from Mel Kiper and Todd McShay. Gabbert had good stats, but they weren't amazing. He plays against suspect defenses in the Big 12. Also, Gabbert plays in the typical system spread offense at Mizzou. How do you think he will do in the NFL?

    Answer:-He is about the only QB that is worth a crap. RT
  • Question:-Kevin Kolb, Philadelphia Eagles VS Blaine Gabbert Missouri, Tigers?
    I am a AZ Cardinals fan and would like to see which option people think would be better for the Cardinals this upcoming season. Draft Blaine Gabbert, assuming he is still available or trade for Keven Kolb?

    Answer:-Gabbert's got several problems to work out. Kolb isn't available since he'll be starting for the Eagles.
    Tyler Cross -
    Vick was exposed in his last three games. On February 25 Vick will be given a transition tag, signed by the Eagles, then traded for a first round pick. There's NO way the Eagles are going to pay Vick in the $19,000,000 range on a franchise tag.
    Sorry to break THAT to you.
    A top five QB? LOL!
  • Question:-Is Blaine Gabbert worthy of being the first QB drafted?
    What are some of his pros and cons? What team do you think will take him?

    Answer:-No he will be a backup QB at best in the NFL. A system Qb in a spread offense and he can only throw 16 tds to 9 ints? Sounds like a bust to me. Seriously, idk why scouts are so high on him all of a sudden.
  • Question:-Do you think Blaine Gabbert will be a star QB?
    After a year or two being mentored, I think he has a great chance.

    BQ: What team wins the AFC South?

    Answer:-Not in the situation he's in now. Maybe one day he could be Top 10, but I don't see much more than that.

    BQ: Colts.
  • Question:-How do you make Blaine Gabbert in madden 11 stats and all?

    Answer:-First Name: Blaine
    Last Name: Gabbert
    Position: QB
    Team: ????????
    Number: 11
    Handedness: Right
    Birth Year:
    Birth Month:
    Birth Day:
    Years Pro: 0


    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 235lbs.
    Skin Tone:Skin 1
    Face: Head 7
    Arm Size:?
    Arm Definition:?
    Chest Size:?
    Belly Size:?
    Rear Size:?
    Thigh Size:?
    Calf Size:?
    Feet Size:?


    QB Style: A. Smith


    ***not that important***


    Tendency: Scrambling
    Overall: 80

    Throwing Power-94
    Short Throw Accuracy-87
    Medium Throw Accuracy-82
    Deep Throw Accuracy-74
    Throw On The Run-83
    Play Action-64
  • Question:-Nadamukong Suh vs Blaine Gabbert. Who would win in a fight?
    Nebraska's Suh vs Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert. Who would win in a fight? And how would they win the fight?

    Answer:-Suh won the fight already. the only way Gabbert has a shot is with a gun. Suh kicked that little boy all over the field.
  • Question:-Will the Buffalo Bills draft either Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert?
    If not who do you see them drafting third overall?

    Answer:-I am a very BIG Buffalo Bills fan, and as a fan I just wanna say that that would be stupid on Buffalo's part to get Gabbert or Newton that high. We have so many more important needs and Fitzpatrick played extremely well. It just didn't show because our defense was horrible especially when it came to stopping the run. We gave up 200 yards rushing in eight games this season, and raked dead last in the NFL for rush defense. Sure we ranked in the top ten maybe even in the top five when it came to pass defense but, that's only because teams were running the ball on us 70-80% of the time, teams were able to be one dimensional against us and still dominate or defense. We hardly got any picks and our ball hawk Byrd got one pick the entire season and that was the very last game of the season. Our pass defense is kinda over rated. So if it was up to me...I would 1 of these 3 things.

    1. Draft Marcell Dareus, Defensive Lineman, #57 Alabama. He can pass rush and get in the back field to stop the run. He could play the 4-3 or the 3-4 and since Chan Gailey said we would be playing both schemes, we need a guy who can do both. He's big, fast, and physical; and we need that on our team.

    2.Draft Patrick Peterson, Conerback, #7 LSU. He is a pure vision of a shut down corner. He would fill in for Terrence who has missed 12 games in the past two seasons due to injury so you can't really trust him. He would shut down one side of the field so that we could put more in the box to stop the run as well. He is 6'1, 222 pounds. Has a safety body frame and corner like abilities meaning he is strong and physical. Has great ball skills, everything you could ask in a corner. He's already been compared to Revis due to his play on the field. Plus with all the receivers in our division we need some one who can go heads up with them. Also making it a situation where you need to pick your poison for opposing teams. Do want to pass it to Byrd's side of the field or Peterson's side.

    3. Trade Down. We have so many holes to fill and not enough picks to fill them. Buffalo should trade down and get some more picks and get some players that can ball and hard working.
  • Question:-Do you think Blaine Gabbert will have good professional career?

    Answer:-yes, i do.

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