Wednesday, October 19, 2011

john beck

  • Question:-John Beck????????????
    What is John beck clear and free real estate system, is John beck really well known person for real estate, tax forclosures, property vaults As i seen on TV.

    Answer:-Go to a local Sheriff sale. Preview some of the sold homes.
    Go get next months Sheriff Sale list compare with what you just saw sold
    Go to the second Sheriff Sale bid on a home using the comparable from the first sale.
    Fix up only slightly if you going to resale. Fix up a little more if you’re going to occupy.

    Gazaaam you now know as much as any late night self help program.

    Good luck, and be honest.
  • Question:-Iam curious to know how John Beck trying to help people by buying his cd and charge usevery month?
    How is it that john beck charging us every month for a cd what is up with that.

    Answer:-It's a total scam! My dad tried it and it doesn't work. He gives you a bunch of complicated info that makes little sense, then he says you can have someone go over it with you for the monthly fee. We never really got the info we paid for.
  • Question:-How do you think John Beck will do this season?
    Incase you guys don't know who John Beck is (LOL) hes the qb of the redskins.

    Answer:-It's pretty obvious what the Skins are doing. He's gonna be the stepping stone on the path to Andrew Luck.
  • Question:-has anyone every had experience with the John Beck Free and clear Real Estate System?
    I see it on TV, info Mercial at night. I know that you can buy properties very tax sales, but has anyone had experience with john Beck, either good or bad?

    Answer:-John Beck makes a ton of money flogging his "system" to clueless rubes. If it was such a great way to make money, he'd be doing it himself (and keeping any "tricks of the trade" to himself) not selling a worthless "system" on how to do it.

    FYI, very few properties that go to tax auction are more than junkers that need to be pulled down. Read all of the small print disclaimers on the bottom of the screen. "Results not typical" means that most folks will NOT make any real money.

    Capture the infomercial on a DVR and step through frame-by-frame and read all of the fine print that flashes across the screen. Do that (I have) and you wouldn't want to give the jerkoff a DIME!
  • Question:-Can you make a profit by buying tax sales real estate properties? Such as John Beck's free and clear?
    I have seen several infomercials such as John Beck's system. I would love to have rental properties. It just seems to good to be true. It is something I have been wanting to do for awhile.

    Answer:-In general, yes, you can make a profit. Be aware, however, that reasonably desirable properties do NOT sell for 'cents on the dollar', as advertised. The properties which actually do sell for that tiny amount are worth about that amount.

    Before you make any moves to purchase properties, carefully investigate the laws in your state relating to tax lien sales. Depending on your location, if you purchase a $150K property for what seems like a real deal, the title may be encumbered by a mortgage. If your property title carries such liens and your state does not require them to be cleared prior to tax sale, you could end up also buying the mortgage along with the property.

    As an aside, don't bother to send any money to Mr. Beck, since the information he provides is readily available for free elsewhere. It just takes some legwork to gather all of it.

    Good luck !
  • Question:-What would be the best team for John Beck to go to?
    I think the 49ers because they are in desperate need of a qb.
    btw, beck's numbers are decent, he just has fumble issues, if he could get over that, he would be fine.

    Answer:-I think John Beck could go to any team that needs a QB or a good backup. Maybe the Vikings might want him? I think the Seahawks could use his since Hasslebeck is struggling and is injured.
  • Question:-Does anyone know about "John Beck" and buying tax-default homes?
    I saw the info-mercial for John Beck. Is there any thing to this buying "tax default" homes? I've heard mixed suggestions. How about government forclosures? Can it be done with out having to buy an instructional program? Any free details would help! ;)

    Answer:-I did my due dilligence and found out that the cost of the program is misleading. He claims that it only costs $39.95. What is not mentioned is that this $39.95 is charged every month. It's a credit card scam. If you wanted to get his materials, I would suggest going to ebay to buy the literature without having your credit card charged every month.
  • Question:-John Beck Free & Clear Real Estate System Can you really make money easily?
    John Beck's System is it trust worthy to get involved with


    He can tell you how to make 1 million a year. He does classes to explain it. Those classes might cost you 500 bucks. But ask a question, just one question.

    Is the person a snake oil saleman? Or do they want to have 1000 poeple in the room making a million dollars? If he was that good why doenst he just make a billion dollars. Is it out of the love of his heart he is telling you this?

    No its not. He made his million dollars a year becuase he told 1000 people this is how they make a million dollars a year. If he could actually do it, he would be making money. But he makes more money by selling something he doesnt do. Ask him.... How much have you actually made doing this?

    I can spin a web anyway you want.
  • Question:-If John Beck made millions on his Clear and Easy work at home plan, why must he sell it for so much?
    I mean really if he is so rich from this and if just wants to help everyone learn how to do it, why does it cost so much to get into? My personal hypotheses is that he actually made thousands, and he plans to make his millions of us (realizing he cant go any further with his home buying scheme). What do you think?

    Answer:-You are right---he made a little on a few properties and now is looking to cash in with his books. If I had the secret to make millions I sure wouldn't share it. The books only tell the basics---I myself made some money on properties but it was no-where a million bucks and now with the Economy and Credit Crisis the way it is --it has dried up.
  • Question:-There is an infomercial by John Beck advertising a system to buy homes for less than $1000, what is going on?
    The informercial is explaining that a home that sells for $189,000 sold for some amount under $1000, and the tv ad briefly discusses back taxes (i.e. liens on the property). If something is going for these prices, then how much of a lien is on the property, and is the buyer really able to resell it for its fair market value without the lien and without paying any taxes? How could the informercial be so misleading!

    Answer:- John Beck is a thief! I ordered his package and, never received it,
    Can anyone spell SCAM?
    I was unauthorizedly billed $120 towards my Credit Card so, I had to close it to avoid losing anymore of my hard earned money. Yeah, don't be his next victim, go to college and, get a good paying job or, you will suffer BIG TIME! I kinda like his hand gestures, when, lying about everything he saids :)

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